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The thing is... The fans know those Tigers know that this team has a chance! A pretty good chance. A better chance than anyone has had yet! The fans are coming and they ain’t backing down! Geaux Tigers!
You ask “the offense hasn’t peaked?” You seem to misunderstand the statement by bayoumatch... I will clarify. The Tiger offense has not yet reached their maximum potential. Yes, I do believe bayoumatch does realize the QBs recent statistics. Burrow has continued to improve. He tossed 2 picks late in the loss to Fla. Otherwise, he’s been just what LSU needs....A winner!
I saw the two games against LSU(UFvLSU&GAvLSU)...I feel the dawgs gonna be inspired but the gators win
Delpit was a firecracker tonight. He matured immensely in this game. I hope to see him make improvements as the season continues!