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This article is a joke. Auburn hasn't consistently played Defense?
Seriously WTF! Ole miss put up 31 on Bama.
Florida is only ranked 3 spots above Oregon lol. Also, Florida's stats are inflated by the terrible opponents they've beat. Florida and Trask will be exposed. Auburn 42-10.
Cam was there at least 2 semesters before declaring for the draft, then he came back in the springs to finish his degree. Cam was such a great leader that he brought a team to a national championship in 1 season. I can't wait for the road name change.
Haha if anyone is acting like a child its you. You are making yourself look ignorant. And unless you are autistic(or an arky grad), you can ABSOLUTELY tell what happened in that video.
No, we absolutely know what he did. It was completely obvious. He made himself look like a damn fool. As always.
Wouldn't Kirby Smart be the new HC? That would make much more sense.
Who cares what he says. His team will be out of the playoff conversation after week 1. He is irrelevant.
Ugh, yet another year where the west will shoot itself in the foot. Probably no undefeated seasons for us SEC westers.
Haha mustard buzzards. Never heard that one before!
Don't be hatin on Mace Windu!!
Haha I don't think we need to be firing on all cylinders to beat Louisville, we just have to play ALRIGHT.
And yeah I don't know if any team could match the hype that the media has for some reason bestowed on auburn. Kind of irritating.
Can't deny that Arkansas got a hell of a lot better last year. But, Muschamps defense shut out Gus's offense in scrimmages, which at least to me (I know I'm biased) shows that he has been able to take auburns defense a long way. If we had any defense at all last season our only losses would have probably been to georgia and msu.
I think we are dealing with a 12 year old here. I feel sorry for the more sensible bama fans here that have to deal with this kid representing their fan base.
@terravista welp there you go again spewing incorrect information right out of your ass.
Hmm tell me what were the last 5 ranked teams auburn played that they lost? Oh yeah thats righttt idiot, we lost the last three and we beat arkansas last year and we beat 3 teams in the top 20 last year. Sucks when you talk out of your ass so much doesn't it?
Hey Terra Vista. Before you keep talking out of your ass, Auburn didn't lose their last 5 ranked games. Go look at the schedule you uninformed idiot.
I agree that he absolutely should not be compared to newton (hallowed be his name) but I think you are way underestimating auburns current running game right now, and also underestimating our receiving crew. I don't know how problematic our defense will be but its safe to say we have some work to do there from last year, but come on man with gus at the head our offense has more potential than ever.
Oh cool at least they'll be losing in style.. *cough*Oregon
If anyone thinks that alabama will lose to somebody, alabama fans automatically write it off as biased nonsense because such a thing could never happen under father saban (hallowed be his name).
Texas definitely southern, arkansas pretty southern, missou no lol.
lol you are the most arrogant prick to think that msu has even the slightest chance against auburn. Have fun at the bottom of the barrel again. Your one decent year is gone.