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To be fair, Burrow wasn’t a lock for the starting job at LSU when he transferred. Reportedly more players wanted Justin McMillan in 2018. Thankfully Coach O made the right move, though McMillan had talent too and might have done well with that 2019 team.
On the money. This is Joe. This is the kid who broke his cell phone and didn’t bother to get a new one because he was focused on preparing for the next game. If he says all he’s focused on is training, then all he’s focused on is training.
Absurd isn’t the word. He really is physically smaller.
He didn’t say the greatest team; he said the greatest season. 2019 LSU had a better season than 95 Nebraska and 01 Miami, and it’s not even close. As far as objectively comparing team talent across decades, generations, with different styles of play, rules, etc., good luck with that.
It’s not so much about blaming them as just acknowledging the reality of college football. With 100+ teams and only 13-ish weeks in a season, it’s complicated to judge how good anyone is. The quality of your opponent has to be considered. Clemson shouldn’t be blamed for the rest of the ACC being weak but they also can’t complain that they aren’t getting respect. But of course there are trolls that just want to take cheap shots at Clemson, so that happens too. Nobody serious is acting like Clem is ducking good opponents.
Yeah sorry Finebaum was talking out his ass. Mid-season Auburn @ Mid-season Clemson would have been a very competitive game. I tend to think Auburn’s D would have smothered Clem’s O, even more than they did LSU’s, and would have won the game. Lawrence had thrown 8 INT’s by that point in the season. He was not looking good and would have struggled under the pressure from Aub’s elite D line.
Nobody knows, just like nobody knows who lil ol Clempson is making offers to. This is just cliche at this point. The schedule looks fine. They got ND in there. Don’t know when that was agreed to but they’ve been ok on and off for the last decade. GT has had some decent years. What’s Clemson supposed to do, eliminate conference games to schedule powerhouse OOC schools?
FSU guy at the end... youjustplayedyourself.meme
That’s not Neck. Band was adhering to the ban, but at the end of the day, much like the football team, you just can’t stop the LSU student section! Way to adapt & overcome, LSU student section! I couldn’t be more proud......
Saltiest comment I’ve read in a while. Hard to put myself in a UGA fan’s shoes though. Consistently 1 of 2 competitive teams in the East, and consistently demolished by whatever team survives the gauntlet of the West.
Easy relative to what, if not your own expectations? 2 touchdowns can disappear quickly with over a quarter to play. I know Bama fans like to deny there could be any chink in the armor (right up until someone hits it), but I promise the great and mighty Saban isn’t saying that was “relatively easy.”
I said it because they seem to have more talent, more depth, a better O and D line which they showed throughout the game, and I felt their record so far showed them to be a better team. Not by much, but better. I think if we had to play a series of 3 games, there’s a good chance FU would come out on top.
Am I the only one who thinks neither last year nor this year classifies as an “impressive road win.” Last year LSU was the better team but played like caca and lost at the goal line on a broken play that was otherwise perfect. This year FU was the better team but - well I can’t really explain what happened, they just couldn’t make it happen in the end. When FU pulled within 1 I would have bet money it was about to get ugly. I guess that evens things out then.
Pretty weak stuff man. Aside from the fact that rivalry has nothing to do with how even the series is, in this century, LSU has beaten Alabama more than Florida has beaten LSU. So by your logic, LSU-Alabama is a bigger rivalry than LSU-Florida over that period.
Well, it comes down to more than just rushing yards, but if you wanna compare, Williams only has 77 more yards on 76 more carries.
If LSU wants to get Herman, it's not a question of whether they can outbid U of H. I mean, that's silly. It's whether they can outbid Texas.
Yes, fair enough, of course you earned it. I'm not here to say you didn't. I'm commenting on these videos. I'm sure it's mostly SDS perpetuating whatever will get them hits, but still think I've never seen anything like it after a game. "opened running lanes against the LSU defense to the tune of more yards than Guice and Fornette combined (and that’s accounting for -20 yds on our QB getting sacked)" That's a creative stat line, really only reflective of a single drive where we had lost our star LB (if you wanna talk about backups). Sure, it was a big statement, very timely, and Scarlett is a helluva RB. We had more rushing than just Fournette and Guice contributed, and your total team yardage was closer to our rushing yardage than to our total team yardage.
Not trash talking, just an observation. Never seen so many post-game "statements" or "taunts" or whatever - the song, the tiger skeleton, the flag in the end zone , this video. If y'all came in and dominated, fine, fair play, but you have to admit that's not the case. Like ol Nick says, "act like you've been there before." I have no problem saying the better team won, fair and square.
Second best division? Oh ok, I see what you did there. Second best division in the SEC. Wink wink nudge nudge say no more.
You backed in by getting in ahead of a team that beat you, and by playing not-very-good football in doing so.
Florida really working to stir the pot after this one. You'd think they came in and beat us by two scores, not held on to the win with less than a yard to spare. Really not remarkable football at all. And based on this game, they think they are ready for Bama? LSU won't be waiting until 2019. I think they will be happy to get their revenge in the Swamp.
Glad they're so pumped for winning, good for them, really. But uh... I don't get it.
Man, the comments sections on these Saban Bowl aftermath posts have been pretty friendly until this one. Now all the Bama fans showed up to defend their team. Just remember, this is SDS we're talking about here. This isn't an LSU fan posting this on his blog to whine about officiating. This is SDS doing what they do best, post articles to stir up drama. Yes, I can confirm there were missed calls for both teams. How do I know that? Illuminati.
The title literally says these are things he is "absolutely overreacting" to.
Bragging about 3 wins in 9 years? Oh yeah, clearly Saban's arch nemesis. LSU has 2 wins in Tusca compared to Aubie's 1. AL is 131 points up on AU since 2007. Despite playing 2 extra games against LSU (the NC game they backed into and this year's game), both admittedly being shutouts, Bama is only up 79 in that series. Auburn has also been shut out twice by Saban's Tide, so don't get too cocky. 3 OT decisions in the Saban Bowl, none in the Saban-era Iron Bowl. LSU has scored more points, allowed fewer points, and has kept a closer margin, with more games decided on the last play or in overtime. Ok Auburn, you are the in state rival, always have been, always will be, and you want credit for that. Fair enough. But Saban's number one rival, you are not. I'm not saying the only SEC team to face Saban in a (forgettable) NC game IS, but many would argue they have more claim to that title than you.
Punch? More like excellent stiff arm. Probably learned that one from watching film of Mark Ingram.