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Joe Brady didn’t have much of a career before he came here. Young and inexperienced isn’t always bad, just like old and experienced isn’t always good.
18 was the number of Matt Mauck, the QB on the 03 team, and it became a captains number in recent years. 7 has been a number always worn by stud playmakers since Patrick Peterson’s time with the team. LSU ended up making it an honor number for top playmakers
Novel Idea, but maybe he was hired to add not change. His resume aligns with a lot of great WR and QBs so his role favors aiding player development, not changing an offense.
Given he was covered by Fulton and Stingley covered Landers, I’m gonna lean you are incorrect.
I wouldn’t call it a bad look. Both guys were lower down in the recruiting class, and given they had 25 commitments, it only makes since some will get cycled out if bigger recruits are knocking at the door.
That’s on purpose I’d guess. Why make Burrow take unnecessary hits in out of conference games early in the season. By the time they play Florida and Auburn the RPO should fully open up. I think the same is happening with the defense in regards to blitzing.
He is the better QB but he just needs to put on weight. If you aren't mobile, weighing 190 is not gonna keep you durable.
He is. The issue with him to me is that he is beating up really bad teams which is the one thing Odom has done well. It’s not a bad thought, but I’m not sure how well he will do long term. Still, can’t be worse.
I wish I would say wait, but the last two years have shown that Odom just doesn’t have the chops for an SEC HC job.
He is a great recruiter and was good in his time. The Miles Power I could not be relevant in the current landscape of football and I still couldn’t envision him changing his offense. Les miles will les miles, and that probably wouldn’t change at Mizzou
I’m as big of an LSU fan as they come. But neither should be targeting. Targeting needs to be for egregious hits and while both were huge hits, neither was deliberate or malicious. Get rid of the next half suspension part of the rule and this argument doesn’t matter.
I have to agree. The collusion arguement is asinine. It is just a great example of why the suspension for the next game is easily the most absurd rule in sports.
That is my thought exactly. I know our offense is an annual guessing game, but this will be the first year Aranda gets to run his true defense, which turned a bunch of 2-star athletes at Wisconsin into All-Americans. People don't focus on that enough.
Can’t it be possible that Brennan put work in and developed? You know, like most athletes do
Put down the pitch fork man. It’s just talking season and one guys opinion. Worse case scenario he is right and we are still good or best case he is wrong and we are better.
I think so too. LSU only needs a competent QB that can force people to respect the pass to be competitive, we just haven't had that since 2013, which was one of our worse defensive years. go figure
We were numbnuts. Just hop back on that bandwagon because clearly numbers aren't your friend.
12th in total defense and 14th in scoring defense to percise
So a top 20 defense each of the last 3 years isn’t elite?
We have one low level transfer coming in, a walk-on, and most likely I think McMillan will transfer. 4 QBs, 2 of which are last resort options, isnt alot. It is only smart to like for a viable transfer QB to add useful depth
The allure for LSU is immediate playing time, as well as him being a fan, but it is hard to count Nick Saban out on any player he wants
Ensminger wouldn't be the long term hire. Orgeron just stated if Canada left then Ensminger would act as Interim OC for just the bowl game.
At the same time, its easier to recruit with a 10-3 record than a 7-6 record. I personally agree that the experience for Brennan is valuable for next year and if Etling struggles he should be pulled, but a record speaks volumes when trying to recruit top tier prospects, and LSU should be aimed at finishing this year, not necessarily preparing for next.
Lock is great QB prospect, but inconsistency and a niche style of offense would make me think one more year would do him better in the long run. He is still on the lighter side weight wise, and stronger SEC play next year start to finish could make him a top 10 pick. Even though he has outperformed the big 3 prospects, the NFL tends to lend more weight to Physical stature and offense style than purely stats, so one more year of development could greatly increase his draft position, and in turn net him a good bit more money.
I wouldn't say Etling is that bad. The issue is and has always been his deep ball, and that's the difference maker in the passing game Saturday. He is a game manager, and that simply does't cut it against BAMA.