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Looking forward to this game, Georgia and Clemson should be motivated. May the best team win. Go Tigers!!!
I think it depends on who you ask. Younger fans that have only known Clemson winning might be upset. Older fans like myself remember 3-9 Tommy West and are just glad now to be in the conversation.
Clemson tested player on Friday. Got on the plane and flew to Tallahassee got word that X player tested positive for covid-19. FSU is scared, teams with less talent play better teams all the time and they do not forfeit. Hell anyone that plays Bama or Ohio St usual takes a beat down but at least they have the guts to play the game. I remember some of our 3-9 teams that took some A$$ whoopings to FSU but we showed up and give it our best.
This is why he is the best. Holds all players accountable no matter the score.
Rest in peace coach. Great coach and even better man.
Congrats, he was a hell of a player. That play against South Carolina in the end zone is one of the greats plays of all time.
I think if UGA can get over the Alabama mental hurdle the rest of the country better look out. Clemson did it now LSU. The talent is there, once they clear that hurddle they may become the next Alabama.