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he should be giving intel on who he thinks would be the best lineman pairing for him. Cincy has improved his weapons but you can't use those weapons when you're running for your life or on the ground every other play
I've seen his highlights, he's a baller, but you're right, I don't really think he's quite as good as some. He and Quinn Ewers ('22 commit to Ohio St, has a perfect 1.000 composite score) seem a bit overhyped to me... Good luck to Arch though, we're loaded at QB but I like the kid...
correct. Guice was on the call apparently, I think Segar (suspended assistant AD in charge of Title IX issues) was as well. If Coach O was on the call is the big question.
Yes, Bama won. But that wasn't elite defense on that play. Hyatt got about as good of a look following the Watford miss as he could've gotten. If that ball takes a couple of bounces the right way then yea LSU could've won. I dunno if yall had timeouts at that point where you could advance the ball and get a better look than a half-court heave.
looks like it's gonna be an us-against-the-world mentality for LSU this tournament. If they don't bring it against the Bonnies, then we're gonna lose. But if we bring out our best against them, I think LSU could ride that to the Elite Eight maybe the Final Four. Hot take: the winner of Tigers/Bonnies will be in the Elite Eight with the Bama/UCONN second round winner.
ehhh, UT got treated pretty well. Oregon St is playing solid rn, but it's reasonable for Tennessee. UF on the 7 line is pretty good for them as well.
that's probably true. Michigan is the worst #1 seed and will be a bit shorthanded. The rest of the region is really tough, however; Bama, FSU, Texas, UConn, St. Bonnie's are all good clubs.
LSU at an 8 seed is pretty poor... thought wins against Ole Miss and a top-10 Arkansas would propel us higher. Jerry Palm at CBS had us at a 5 seed where Tennessee ended up... And now we get a hot St. Bonnie's team in the first round. Michigan awaits. Must just be an f you from the NCAA committee to Will Wade...
I don't really want to go up, because the first round opponents are pretty solid regardless if you are a 6 or 5 seed. Second round is a little more meaningful as there is a drop-off between 3 and 4. But I don't want any part of Gonzaga Baylor or Illinois. I'd be ok if we get drawn with Michigan, they aren't like the other 3. But the other 2 seeds are pretty good too. Either way, we're in for a tough draw
good win. Hope we can get up to the 6 line, as Arkansas is a great win... 7 seed is ok, but the 2's are really good, and the 8 seed would be even worse...
bigger issue is what happens if it's the Final Four or Elite Eight and this happens to a team? They won't be able to play for anything. Centralizing the location to Indiana for the tournament was a good start but cases can still happen for sure.
Is that just an SEC ban? Because some transitional schools in the Atlantic Sun (Bellarmine and North Alabama) played in the ASUN tourney, in fact North Alabama made it all the way to the final. And these schools aren't allowed into March Madness. I guess it must be a conference thing...
expecting this for LSU hoops as well. Sean Miller's and Will Wade's days are numbered. With the problems football will face as well, we're going to be in the NCAA's doghouse for the next half-decade...
previously 2-6 Oral Roberts as well... what a mess...
for the record, A&M had 4 home games, with 99,500 fans total, so about 24,875 fans per game, or 24.21% capacity of Kyle Field, which seats 102,733. A&M said seating capacity would be limited to 25%, so they were actually under their metric there. Try again.
Stafford I think will be the next, because LA is so much better than Detroit. He'll have talent and a good offensive line, and Stafford was already a good QB anyway. Tua's situation is a wild-card, and Burrow needs a functioning o-line for the Bengals to go anywhere. Dallas has the weakest division but the rest of the NFC is tough.
yep. Madden devs at EA just need to stay away from the game. They have already ruined Madden
conference as a whole has gotten a lot better this year. 5 teams should get in to March Madness, maybe another if you think highly of Arkansas. But really upset we blew that lead to Tech. Would've been a signature win in non-conference play and would give this team a boost. LSU hasn't really beaten anyone good.
that's what I was thinking. Heck, Von Rosenberg is almost as old as Mangus. But hopefully these new guys can relate more and buy in to what they're talking about here.
That's great and all but we'll see how the NIL rules shake out. One thing leads to another, and at this point I think college athletes will get paid in the future.
Florida going 8-4 would be a major dissappointment with the schedule they have. It is not the best thing in the world but its not that bad. I'd say maybe 10-2 with either a win over LSU or UGA and losses to Bama and one of LSU/UGA. That would require them losing all their big games and losing to Kentucky/Mizzou/UT/SC/FSU, which I simply don't see happening
All year 1 and 2 head coaches are unfireable unless a massive investigation happens. Saban, Fisher, Smart, and Stoops (the latter is extremely underrated and KY shouldn't let him leave unless they fall off big time) are all safe. Coach O I could see get the boot if we have another near .500 year or something like 7-5 and we're uncompetitive. Maybe if the investigation is as bad as feared (I hope not) he could go as well. Mullen it would seem unlikely but he says things that puts his university in a bad light and his university might get tired of it.
wouldn't the players be happy that Trump supported bringing football back and thus would be fine with their coach supporting that specific part of policy? I digress. I don't know O's political leanings but I don't think his politics is what caused Gilbert to leave. I think he was alone in BR hundreds of miles away from home and that scared him, and maybe got tired of losing as much as we did this past year.
Coach O was neutral this past cycle I thought. He did endorse John Bel Edwards in 2019. And Senator Kennedy and Rep Abraham got mad about it. It's not uncommon for sports and politics to intertwine; heck, Nick Saban appeared in ads for Joe Manchin in WV; Les Miles supported Bobby Jindal, it happens more than you think
well who would read all that? This is a comments section, not a library for essays.
imagine doing nothing else on this website except for badmouthing LSU over and over (I can't use a stronger word or it will get moderated). For someone who hates LSU as much as you claim to, they live in your head rent-free for such an "irrelevant program." Get a grip.
schedule looks somewhat manageable for us. UCLA in California is interesting. We also draw Kentucky which I guess is solid. @Alabama is really the only game I'd pencil in for an L right now, and after that the toughest game might be in Oxford.
absolutely. great to see Fournette get his TD yesterday, and obviously CEH as well. should be 4 starters from LSU (Fournette and White for TB and Mathieu and CEH for KC, IDK if Minter starts).
man that was insane. Nothing we could do. Congrats to yall Bammers, looks like yall gonna run the conference again in basketball.
Vandy had numerous issues during the football season as well. Was wondering whether either they aren't taking the protocols seriously enough or whether they are more stringent than other schools. Either way, they have definitely had the most Covid issues than any other SEC school.