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I know im biased but Marlon Taylor and Emmitt Williams have some bounce
i agree with you but we get south carolina and they get tennessee which is the real breaker. however, playing the gators in the swamp is harder than the dawgs in t-town. i think the schedules are about the same difficulty
some thoughts on lsu... The team is starting to win in close games, we had 3 of our 4 loses come by a combined 6 points, and wade saw that and he fixed it so far... the squad cannot shoot at all, which needs to be improved. we have guys who can shoot the three but are missing which needs to change
I thought he looked alright vs UF, although the O-line in that game was terrible.
Just cause Joe Brady's gone doesn't mean LSU is going back to smashmouth football. Brennan won't be anywhere near as good as Joe Burrow but he won't be bad by any means I don't think. Keep in mind that because of the often blowout wins that LSU enjoyed this year, Brennan got plenty of in-game reps. His stats: -10 games -24/40 for 353 yards and a TD He also tore it up in HS in Long Beach, MS, set state records for total yards, passing yards, and td's. I think he'll be fine.
when ESPN put Clemson vs NC State on ABC primetime the day of the Bama-LSU game i laughed so hard, like they really couldn't find a better game? most if not all of these games will be blowouts. Clemson fans shouldn't be worried.
trust me Notre Dame will join a conference soon, and the ACC should jump all over it. kick out someone because 15 is not a good number.
Bama vs Duke was scheduled while Duke was the coastal champ and putting up 10-3 seasons...Now we all know that kind of success is unattainable at Duke, but shows the point that these "big" games are scheduled years in advance when no one knows how good the team may be
it does seem like Clemson doesn't really struggle with injuries like SEC and Big 10 squads do... Here's hoping someone can rise out of the ACC soon to challenge Dabo, UNC looks like they are going somewhere under Mack Brown...
i agree, Swinney could help Clemson out big time if he would stop talking about SEC bias. The schedule isn't his fault.
yep, although as much as it pains me to say, Mike thomas worked out pretty well. Saints have a lot to think about this offseason. figure out the qb future, more receivers, cornerback, paydays for thomas and kamara...
I thought he would go to an SEC school, but he wants Miami. Strange decision to me, but he's a good quarterback for the Canes to pick up. Miami's program is a mess, however and I don't think they will turn around this year. Hope it doesn't end up like Tate Martell's transfer mess. Good luck.
The only conferences that they could join would be the Big 12 and Pac 12. I would honestly hope to see them in the Pac 12, join the North, and BYU(?) in the south. Or they could go independent.
also doesn't help that we've got to go to the swamp, jordan hare, and kyle field too. you know A&M is gonna want revenge for 50-7.
I think Coach O has proved enough wouldn't you say? While I don't think he's Saban or Swinney those two are in a tier by themselves. And I think Coach O is in the very next tier with guys like Riley, Day, Smart, Mullen, etc.
why is he complaining? its predetermined like 6 years in advance? he might as well go lobby for it to be played in charlotte soon
@the tax man bruh go find an acc football site where you can find people who think just like you. your opinion while i will respect it will be outnumbered heavily on an sec site. with that being said i think that the tigers will win :) (the ones from BR!)
i think that's it, hurts is looking like a 3rd rounder, ehlingers going back to UT, fromm is still unsure, as of right now i cant think of many good qb's going, much less first rds
I know and as a fan of a team in the West A&M gotta pick it up, same with MSU OM and Arky, otherwise the East teams gonna win every time
He got them to 8 wins this year, and it could have been 10 if not for the first two weeks, which they should have won. very impressed with the job Pruitt did
Really bad timing. Cohen just dug a hole for himself. They're not gonna be able to get anyone truly good at this time of year. MSU if they really wanted him to go should've done it before the Music City Bowl. Now will they promote someone in-house, or what? Who are they going to get? No good GO5 coach will really want to go there because of the timing. They might be able to get a coordinator but they would be lucky. MSU is inflicting damage on themselves with this. I didn't think Moorhead would work, but he lost control of the program. Coming from Penn St. and watching that team contend with OSU for Big 10 supremacy, no wonder he thought he could do it all. Definitely did not know enough about the SEC. Expectations at MSU are different than they are at Bama or UGA. He somehow did not know that. And I know that you want your guys to believe in the culture and program, but you need to have success to build from first. He didn't have that. I think every SEC hire so far this cycle has been at least OK, but Moorhead was probably the best MSU could get.
@kodyaufan2 that's a good point and one that we saw play out against Texas earlier this year. We scored so quick the defense was gassed and was on the field for a long time
Such a disappointing season for MSU. I'm not a fan of them but they looked unmotivated and lackluster for much of the game. Improvement with Shrader is expected but i don't think that JoMo should be the one improving him, total lack of control with this team. I thought the matchup was winnable but i guess not
Good writing in my opinion. CEH will gladly take 16 days, and he looked fine in his 2 carries. I know its OU but that passing game looked unstoppable against any team. Good RB room for next year too with Curry Emery and Davis-Price
the key is that Clemson gets a fast start, if they don't it will be tough. LSU needs to not let Lawrence get free. it is a toss-up in my mind and the semifinal that I personally wanted. the gap between the Top 3 and the rest of College Football is as wide as the Grand Canyon. I still think Joe Burrow will throw at will, they've played great secondaries and Joe still torched them
I dont think they will try to bully Clemson, follow the gameplan that OSU had in the first half, that worked
@Bcreek back it up please I want to hear your reasoning
TBH for the first time in a long time it seems I want Bama to throttle Michigan just so Coach Khakis can go back to the NFL, then maybe Michigan can beat OSU...