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i knew it was coming but still sucks to see him go. dont know how much hell play with spencer rattler being there
hopefully finley or johnson can step up in the backup role. i thought parrish would have been the backup to brennan
No surprise from Arizona's president. Cases are skyrocketing out there. with the CA schools not opening, and Arizona schools reconsidering, and Oregon's governor not letting schools open yet, thats 2/3 of the league not opening. My best guess is they don't play this year. it sucks for all those kids
Drake Maye was a Bama commit for a time. Mack Brown is doing a really good job at UNC
ehh, id want to agree with you, but trying to stay neutral, if they were number 1 in the AP Poll and won the Rose Bowl, they have a case.
i agree, but maybe I'm a homer :) In all seriousness i do think that Oklahoma should have possibly been taken out after that beatdown, and in today's CFB they probably would. Just goes to show the flaws of the BCS system.
Nebraska's makes since because they haven't seen the same problems that other states have had with this virus. Might as well put the Pac 12 at 0 if the California schools won't play. I'd take the under on all of these.
i couldn't do that. hopefully he'll be able to see his family at some point.
efftheleft come on man have some accountability look at your recent history. Haven't seen a post from you either. call me a stalker or whatever you want but that argument doesn't fly for you.
hmm... i can agree with part of this. maybe i just liked SC in 2012 more than most. I still think LSU loses but UF should get it done...
I mostly agree. It wasn't until 2013 when LSU's offense got better and Mettenberger got over 3k yards on the year. The Chick-Fl-A Bowl against Clemson was hard to watch. But I think you could argue that SC may have been able to pull it off. Even without Lattimore, the offense had enough playmakers like Bruce Ellington to put up some points. There were excellent defensive players not named Clowney like DJ Swearinger, Victor Hampton, and Corey Robinson. I'd take SC to win, albeit in a close game
hey man its ok to get your point across without insulting people. I may not agree with a lot of people here on SDS ideologically but you must treat them with respect. That's the best way to solve this issue: listening to each other respectfully. i do agree with you on the part of the flag but again treat them with respect even if you don't agree with them. don't make assumptions about others
well LSU from what I know the past couple years has had not a true #1 at RB, and both years they worked out well. Brosette in 18, CEH in 19. I guess it will be Davis-Price or Emery who steps up. LSU will always have a good RB
easily the longest comments section i've seen on SDS in my year here...people just give it a break. people are gonna disagree with u and that's ok. you're not gonna change someone's opinion by yelling at them and discrediting them. you're gonna change someone's opinion by stating reputable facts and sharing respectful opinions to let them draw their conclusions. And if they're close minded then oh well, ya tried.
i cannot type, SDS PLEASE get an edit button!!!!!! as i was going to say, sorry for my earlier statement where I said cases in Mississippi were on the upswing, that was wrong after some quick research
agreed, there may be a bit too much going on for football, hopefully im wrong. to the best of my (limited) knowledge cases are decreasing in Mississippi and one other (KY?). corona starting to take a toll in the South
edwards and okoro top 10 for sure, but I could easily see the other 4 go lower especially Maxey and Woodard
they are kicking up all over the south recently. ik off the top of my head Alabama Mississippi Florida South Carolina and Georgia are all on the upswing. could be other states but I don't know yet. It is concerning
uf's biggest issue outside of UGA is LSU in the Swamp. I still think unless Guarantano takes a huge step forward UT is a year away. that said i agree with SMC that UF could make the champ game in ATL but losing to UGA and I assume Bama woudl not be very constructive for UF
yeah I think the fact that they play Clemson every year is enough to put them with the big boys
I'm guessing here, but UF loses the WLOCP, it's cuz UGA's D forced UF to be one dimensional and UGA's secondary will be able to force a couple key turnovers. If UGA loses, it's probably Kyle Trask beat them with Pitts and those playmakers, or Jamie Newman was pressured by a good D-line into some costly mistakes. It's a must win for UGA, but not as much so for UF. I'm assuming UGA loses in T-town, which means one loss to anyone could be enough to get UF to Atlanta with an L in WLOCP.
we appreciate the support :) in all seriousness nah i dont think he can pull of a calipari. that audio recording of him and a guy who has already been convicted is very concerning for him. He may cooperate and not face too severe stuff but idk, im not the NCAA. We know how weird they are with punishments. My 2 cents, i guess the NCAA lays down the hammer at some point but i wouldnt be suprised if they dont, given its the NCAA
hmm i thought drake maye was a Bama commit... he plays up here in Charlotte. good to see Garrett Nussmeier up there. He may be the guy sooner or later
man i wish SDS had an edit button... I just saw the FSU situation with the stadium naming and it furthers my point. You see these athletes like Chuba Hubbard, the 30 UCLA players above, Marvin Wilson, the guy who wants to change Doak Campbell, these players have increased power and it is a little shocking to see how quickly we've gotten here. not saying its good or bad but wow.
oh man. thats a bombshell... I'm not saying that it's a good or a bad thing, but we are increasingly watching all sports evolve into the era of player empowerment. It will be interesting to see how it goes when the NIL bills in California and Florida come into effect.
enjoy another 40 years in the desert without a natty
Neck was banned by LSU in 2010 but it has been played a few times since, recently at the natty in NOLA. I suspect Gator Bait will probably have the same fate at UF events.