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I can watch UGA play and i see a team bursting with potential that is being held back by coley and smart. i dont like corch at all and i think he is a joke but uga does have a lot of talent on the team which he points out. although, i agree with you gator out west they are so undisciplined and uncohesive and something needs to be figured out. I'm just saying that off of talent alone UGA could be good. Heck this doesn't do them in either. If they beat UF in jax and auburn and beat the west, they still have a strong case at a playoff spot
not all of us blitzer btw i thought florida played pretty well yesterday but if mullen can fix their depth i think he can outcoach kirby eventually at the cocktail party and bring florida to atlanta. trask looks very solid and will be good for them.
You know ur team better than me, but wouldn't u say the same about today? I know that Hilinski and the defense got you the points today but what do u think?
Antediluvian i will give u a quick coaches pr 1. Saban (trending even) 2. Mullen (up) 3. Orgeron (up) 4. Malzhan (down?) 5. Odom (up) 6. Smart (down) 7. Fisher (down) 8. Muschamp (up) 9. Stoops (down) 10. Luke (up) 11. Pruitt (even) 12. Mason (even) 13. Morris (up) 14. Moorhead (down) If the UGA trolls show up they will point out that "Dan Mullet" is number 2. I'd like to say to them that Kirby got outcoached by a guy who tried a 57 yard FG. This was hard as I think theres a top 4, but i think smart and fisher have potential, they are just messing up repeatedly. JoMo hasn't gotten an identity ever since he got to state. he needs to figure something out quick
I thought Joyner played really well for someone who has not gotten that much playing time. Or has he gotten reps like this before? (sorry i dont watch sc that much)
SC's defense was fun to watch and although they gave up a lot of yards, their turnovers and red zone defense was really good. Hilinski was really good today and I hope for SC that he isn't that hurt. Even if it is serious, Joyner got a lot of good reps today to prepare him for the future. Problem is, SC still has a lot of really good teams left on that schedule, even if I think they can beat them. To be honest, I could see SC beating Florida and losing to Clemson to go 8-4. More realistically, I think 7-5. As for Georgia, Idk what to say. They flopped. Fromm was outplayed, Smart was somehow outcoached, and Blankenship missed a kick that he hasn't missed from beforehand. Kirby needs to get his team ready and he needs to toughen up. Georgia has breezed through all of their opponents thus far, and they got their wake-up call (or more like an alarm bell) today. I still think UGA is one of the best teams in the country but Kirby needs to coach better than he did through the first 7 weeks of the season for them to even get to Atlanta.
Bruh Ivens can get off the roof now, it would have been a long time if they hadn't won today
My takeaways: I thought Muschamp had a solid game but wasn't as good as everyone said he was. The reason SC won that game was because of how good the defense was in the red zone and were so effective forcing turnovers. They had to get takeaways and put pressure and they did just that. Great win for SC and props to Joyner for not letting the wheels fall off the offense. For BlackandGold, at the time of this writing, Vandy is LOSING 24-10 vs UNLV near the half. You can talk trash respectfully, but know that you're going to get roasted so hard. I'm going to add that it is also an empty stadium too. Mason probably will get fired if they lose. Tennessee looks so energized right now. Guarantano looked ok and the crowd was energized. Credit to Pruitt for getting his team to that SEC win.
This doesn't make sense. Ohio State has not played anyone this year, and while I know that the Tide have not played anyone, shouldn't Ohio State not be rewarded that much for beating a Michigan State team that is inconsistent and had lost its toughest game (AZ State) before today? I think Ohio St is really good but they should have held judgement until Ohio St plays someone who is putting in good performances week in and week out like a Wisconsin, Penn St or others? I could be wrong; only time will tell. Pumped about LSU vs UF this week! I'm pretty sure this will be a tough game for both squads, as I don't think the offenses match up well against the defenses.
i gotta say people in the SEC are so nice to each other everybody respects each other at football games
decent point some people (no names going to be said) have got serious hate for UF and USC. Strange how there hasn't been much hate for UGA though...
lsu would be a complete mess without Saban, he gave our name credibility that we've managed to keep so far
the way LSU's defense is playing it will be a big-12 style shootout in Tuscaloosa on November 9. If we can't cover 3 Northwestern State WR's we can't cover Ruggs, Smith, Jeudy, or Harris even. Stingley and Fulton need to step up, but we got time, Vandy and an early bye for the next weeks then Utah St
We went from stuggling SEC bottom feeder under Dinardo and then Saban came in and turned us into a really good team. He deserves it 100%
when i say our defense was better i mean our personnel was better than people thought and they put up 32 which was the most all year.
Idk if anyone will respond but just a few thoughts... UCF should take actions of some kind because we've seen what has happened to them in the past years and that's what they are on track to do this year... First off, they should try to join the ACC. Notre Dame could join the ACC and that would solve another issue in CFB with the ACC at 16, or if they want to stay at 14 kick out the two worst performing teams (i would assume this is Pitt, BC or Syr no ties to the conference). this helps all parties because UCF joins a power 5, notre dame (finally) joins a power 5, the ACC get better and gets more revenue, and the 2 bad teams could possibly stay or rejoin the AAC. I firmly believe that UCF won't have a true shot at the playoff in the AAC unless all hell breaks loose in CFB, so joining the ACC would help them. Prediction-If in Coastal, win the division, in Atlantic, 2nd to Clemson. 2. In the meantime, start scheduling with teams around Orlando. If they want UF (and im sure they do) see if they can get with them soon! UF plays 3 cupcakes and FSU in both '20 and'21, so see if they could pull some strings. Do a true home and home, and appease UF by giving them like 10k seats or something like that. If u want a 3 game series, do a UF home game again or maybe play in Jacksonville, which is a UF majority, and play the game in '22. UF has only FSU and USF scheduled for now, and UCF has Louisville and GA Tech in '22. What a way to prove themselves with 3 Power 5 teams in a year! They could also schedule with FSU (who hasn't scheduled much at all), Miami, or even teams like Auburn or UGA. If they win some of those matchups, there will be more support for idea #1 above. 3. On the playoff: Promote the playoff to 8. Guarantee power 5 a slot each and group of 5 a slot. Have two at larges. You don't have to make the bowl games go away, just use all the big 6 names for the playoff games, and say the final is just the national championship. you could play it in cities that don't have a big 6. Take out some of the bowls, and make ones that don't mean as much now (ie. Belk, Holiday, Music City, Taxslayer, Alamo, Citrus, Outback etc.) those next big things for big games. I personally love the bowls but I think there are way too many. A team that goes 5-7 should not make a bowl regardless. 4. With thoughts to UCF: the biggest school in the nation should be enough of a draw for the ACC right? Finally, as an LSU fan, I saw what UCF could do last year. A lot of people are right. Our defense was better than people said it was in that final game. I think they deserve some credibility for what they've pulled off the last few years. And right now, they are neck and neck with Florida for best team in one of the best states for football.
a good video on youtube would be top punt returns of all time
army's loss yesterday should have them move up in the polls. michigan is ranked too high
idk what you guys think but if michigan loses at wisconsin in 2 weeks i would think his seat gets a lot warmer. they are as disappointing as LSU's "new offense" prior to this year
you right... god forbid something happen to joe but he refuses to slide as we all know
never mind im not sold on usc wtf
tell me if im wrong but this looks like a decent poll
I would say 1 Clemson 2 Alabama 3 Georgia 4 LSU 5 Oklahoma 6 Ohio State you can insert a team for 7/8. These above are the clear 6 best teams. I wanted to give LSU some love for a great victory in Austin but a)the defense wasn't convincing and b)everybody above them won convincingly and i don't want to punish teams for doing what they are supposed to do. i believe that these 6 will make up the 4 in the playoffs. after the top 6 there are a bunch of teams trying to take the next step. texas, michigan, auburn, florida, washington, utah, notre dame are all trying to differentiate themselves from each other. some of these games will decide if these teams can step up Auburn vs Florida Oct.5 (if both teams remain unscathed) Texas vs Oklahoma Oct. 12 Michigan vs Wisconsin Sept. 21 Utah vs Washington Nov. 2 I think other teams like Wisconsin, winner of the Cy-Hawk game next week, and maybe Oregon or A&M have an oppourtunity to make some noise as well
We will get better I hope, they cramped up really bad. Luckily i would take ehlinger and his receivers over most of the schedule this year (Bama and maybe aub/tex a&m if they can figure out their offense issues could challenge that) so the secondary won't be dealing with qb's like ehlinger. I know chaisson had no respect for ehlinger before the game but that kid balled last night he was really good and would be one of the top 3 in the sec
no brainer he was so good i haven't seen this kind of offense in, well, almost never
we got gashed but it was a big-12 offense, hopefully we can get better
Hmm... These are pretty good, I think. We will find out what LSU is made of when they have a 3 game slate in October of UF, @MSST, AUB. After the emotional Florida game, they have to go to Starkville in a tough place for a potential trap
Next stop for Martell: Auburn. If Bo Nix and/or Joey Gatewood don't work out he should transfer there to see if he could compete
they will sell those at LSU games and they will sell a lot of them