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I believe in Kelly. IF the roster gets needed depth (we need more signees in this class) and we get some pieces in the transfer portal (Frazier from FIU is a good start) I think the coaching staff is better than the last one and will build this talent up. Will be a multi-year process, but the D returns enough of a core and the QB-WR connections are promising enough, so I think 8-4 could be feasible. Schedule isn't too hard (@Arkansas and @A&M are the hardest road trips, we get Bama, Ole Miss, and UT at home with Florida State at a neutral site) so I think a little bit of optimism would be adequate
true, he's from Napa, CA, which still means that in theory schools like UGA shouldn't be competing to win talent. If the Pac ever wants to be relevant, the Oregons, USCs, UCLAs, etc of the world have to keep the West Coast talent on the West Coast
it's kind of volatile to be honest, bowl game attendances. When you can get a regional program(s) like the Music City and Duke's Mayo, you can have a good crowd. The Music City was pretty much sold out, and the Duke's Mayo was well attended considering they didn't sell tickets for the upper bowl until like 4 days before the game. the Gasparilla Bowl was also a well attended game, as was the Birmingham and Liberty Bowls. If you get a team from the area to the game, chances are they're gonna have a good crowd. Unfortunately for a lot of these teams, that's not the case
people are saying that the side judge had ruled that forward progress had been stopped and that's why the whistle didn't matter, but from what I could tell, the side judge specifically pointed to his hip and moved his arms that way, which seems like he thought Wright was down, which was obviously wrong. Tough for UT to get over but nothing they can do now
nice win. good win for SC, should help in the recruiting battles in the Carolinas. could never have thought that SC would get to this point in Beamer's first year, they could be dangerous with Rattler at QB next year
Honestly, NC State didn't really get hit that hard. 1 year of probation, a couple lost scholarships, and $5K in fines. Considering their actions, that isn't bad. Oklahoma State's punishment was tough, for sure, but they still got to play in March Madness last year, and the decision hadn't been made by the IARP, which is the new board that designates punishments for this stuff. NC State's was the first decision made by them.
there's 83 bowl teams this year but only 82 slots, so the NCAA created the Frisco Classic Bowl, moved two teams in there, took the one remaining team left, Memphis, and paired them with Hawaii, who got in because they had the most wins of anybody left
Leghumper I would say that people understand it's always a great game and entertaining but in the realignment talk it's kind of been lost. People are afraid of losing Auburn-Georgia and Bama-Tennessee (for good reason, that's tradition), but LSU-Florida hasn't been mentioned much in that discussion for some reason, even though recently it's been one of the most important games in the SEC...
if he can eat some crawfish like Joey B did he'll be just fine
i think it's a great hire. he's a great coach with an established track record at a big name and he's a great recruiter. now he gets to work at a school with more opportunities and better talent. if he immerses himself in Louisiana culture like Joe Burrow did he'll do great things here.
yeah the Independence Bowl is weird with the affiliations now BYU goes there in odd-years if it's non-NY6 and then in even years they will have Army. the CUSA will go there in '21 and '25, the AAC in '22, and the Pac 12 in '23 and '24
he's scared of the SEC. unreal hire from USC. In a twist of irony, the next team USC plays from the SEC is... LSU
yeah this team is super young but they are talented. If they stay with the program they could have bright futures
so proud of the fight shown this past month. Close against Bama and the Hogs, but we got it done today against the Aggies. happy for Coach O I do think it's time to move on for both parties but he cares so much its awesome to see.
i've seen him use UCLA's, Kentucky's, Bama's, Arkansas' logo just this season and this man thinks he's a legit poster lmao
they are a really good team but haven't really played anybody decent outside of Liberty. If they can manage to go unbeaten this week vs Belmont, Penn St, and either Wake/Oregon St, all KenPom top 100 teams, they'll move up
Will Anderson's a beast. I think we win with an average Bama player in his place tonight. Otherwise, it's just a weird year. Georgia is dominant and then after them it's just 2007 again. I think this Bama team is worse than the 2019 version and they might still make the playoffs.
the boys were undermanned tonight but they came out ready to play and proud of the jerseys they were wearing. If we can string together some performances like that we could have a go at Arkansas or maybe A/M. TDP was great and the D was very good, just needed some more plays from Max that he couldn't make.
Bama is right now the only team in CFB that could maybe beat Georgia. Cincinnati is so overrated, and they will get crushed in the CFP when they make it
to be fair I wouldn't call beating us a great win because we aren't good at all but your point stands that Tennessee hasn't beaten anyone. When the best part of your resume is playing Alabama tight for 3 quarters then bottoming out, you don't have an impressive resume
if the AAC tries to keep their standard of trying to stay a step above the rest of the GO5 then they wont consider FCS schools or the MAC which lowers their options... I would've considered schools like FAU, UAB, maybe Charlotte or UTSA, App State etc
forgot SC and Vandy... SC 48, Eastern Illinois 3 - Zeb Noland for Heisman Vandy 28, ETSU 13 - solid start for Lea
first of all, good luck to everybody... may we go 14-0 Predictions... UK 41, ULM 10 - ULM will be overmatched Arkansas 34, Rice 10 - Rice isn't as bad as ULM Alabama 42, Miami 20 - King might be able to put up some points but the Tide will roll Missouri 34, CMU 17 - CMU is solid and well-coached but Mizzou should win comfortably Florida 45, FAU 7 - Gators won't have an issue Clemson 35, UGA 31 - Would love to see UGA win but I think they falter late A/M 52, KSU 10 - Kent St. isn't bad but won't be near A/M Ole Miss 41, Louisville 24 - not as down on L'ville but OM should pull away MSU 42, LA Tech 10 - MSU shouldn't have issues here Auburn 55, Akron 3 - Confidence building game for Bo Nix LSU 31, UCLA 24 - UCLA will be a test, I think (and hope) we pass
excited about the UCLA game. LSU hasn't played on the West Coast in a long time, and has never played in the Rose Bowl. Should be a great experience for the guys. Rather excited to see we will continue the trend of playing West Coast teams in the future (Arizona St and Utah are in the lineups a few years down the road), mostly just for the travel experiences.
they still have a chance if the Pac-12 allows them in. They're usually good enough to where they could compete there. Texas Tech looks more likely to get the invite there though...
UsmcDawg, if Bama, Auburn, and Miss St moved to the East, then another team would have to join Mizzou coming over here in addition to TX and Oklahoma joining... why not just move Bama and Auburn over and slide Mizzou to the West if you want to keep divisions. I get Bama wants to play Miss St but unfortunately a lot of teams are gonna lose rivalry games here. LSU-Florida will probably die, Auburn-LSU could die, and other schools have rivalries that would die as well. unfortunate but thats how it will be
consider this as well... LSU and Kentucky (using these two schools because it was on my mind at the time, but im sure other examples like this exist) played each other every year from 1952 to 2002. Since then, they've played on average once every 4.5 years.
my idea going forward would be 4 team pods that look like this SEC East: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky SEC Central: Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Vanderbilt SEC South: LSU, Texas A/M, Mississippi St, Ole Miss SEC West: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri 3 against the teams in your pod, 6 against the other pods. if you make 1 of those games against each of the other pods, you could preserve most rivalries (I think LSU v Auburn was the most notable one that wouldn't be played every year, or if Bama would rather play a Mississippi school or A/M over LSU that would be more notable i suppose. I also think depending on who Tennessee draws from the East, that the other 3 would lose a somewhat compelling rivalry, especially UF and UGA). If you do 1 team from each pod as permanent, then you play every team at least once every 3 years... Compared to our current system which enhances rivalries but also limits cross-play between teams (before this coming season, LSU hasn't played at Kentucky since 2007), it's not a bad system...
i think pods work better than larger divisions because that way you can play more teams more often, but if you add Clemson and UCF the SEC becomes 18 teams and you would need to split into 3 or 6 (unlikely) pods. What that could look like... SEC East: UF, SC, UGA, UCF/FSU/MIA (personally think FSU and MIA would be more preferred than UCF), Clemson, Kentucky SEC Central: Alabama, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi St SEC West: Missouri, Arkansas, LSU, Texas A/M, Texas, Oklahoma 5 SEC games vs 2 from each other pod (one permanent) to make 9 conference games, best two from the conference makes it to the chip... Now hypothetically, three team pods could be fun... SEC Southwest: LSU, Texas, Texas A/M SEC Northwest: Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas SEC North: Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee SEC Central: Mississippi St, Ole Miss, Alabama SEC Southeast: Florida, Auburn, UCF/UM/FSU SEC East: Georgia, SC, Clemson scheduling gets murkier there though...