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the NCAA must love this guy, getting his masters while leading the tigers to a dream season? ok...apparently Joe took that "Prioritizing Academics" message serious!
@MattyJ that last paragraph is golden, Preach... UGA has to score quick to have a chance cuz i think coach o is going to have the tigers disciplined...
HotRod is great for UGA but Cade York has had himself a very good freshman season
@Brandeaux if LSU really has issues on wet rainy muddy fields then at least we've got the rest of the slate in a covered field for the rest of the way (unless we lose the CFP and get sent to South Beach...)
with the recruiting classes we're having and the momentum that's going its not like LSU will fade away completely...
trust me not everyone thinks it will be a blowout, it's just strength on strength in this game and lsu fans naturally think lsu will win that...with that said its basically a road game for lsu and we wil have to play our best, i personally don't think the committee is impressed enough to keep us in over a 1 loss utah/oklahoma, so we better come to play. Its always good to make a last impression because thats what people remember first, and a bad one is never good
um Coach O has more top 10 wins in his tenure than Saban and Dabo combined...He's got 9 while Kirby has 6...i think when you go 37-9 in the SEC as a new coach over 4 years thats really good...your question may/may not be answered this saturday but I for one am much happier with orgeron as my coach than i would be with anyone else
what about luke fickell at cincinnati or sonny dykes at smu(he wasn't good at cal but has "resurrected" at SMU? i think bill clark would be a perfect hire by the rebels. norvell will probably get a higher rated job than Ole Miss if one is offered, and why would he want to go to Ole Miss, a team that he beat this year? hate to say it but he's probably better off at memphis...
based on this uf has the sugar bowl bama would likely get orange or citrus out of this...big 12 and acc have 2 teams, pac 12 3, big 10 with 6. OSU gets CFP wisconsin gets rose penn state gets orange or citrus minnesota goes to citrus or outback...wouldnt mind seeing penn st and minnesota vs ua and auburn...
what about pitt? same record as the cyclones
ok but the mid tier teams can beat the top teams in the conference (iowa over minn) showing depth and parity...would love to see marquee games OOC in the Big 10
we will see he is dynamic. one back at u can they stop Jamaar Chase?
yea but u scored 40+ vs Murray St Arkansas St and Tennessee... in its 3 best wins UGA has averaged 22.6 ppg. gave up 275 passing yards to Kellen Mond...had 260 yards of offense...not trying to nitpick UGA is a really good team but it seems that they have (frequent) lapses where they don't look like a top-4 team. The last 5 quarters of UGA football is a good point
probably not even though the Big 10 can feast on teams like NW rutgers and maryland it has a lot of good teams that the committee likes most importantly...they are still wary on michigan but they love penn state...controversial but i would say the Big 10 is the best conference this year
what about tommy hodson? i get it tho Bert is a legend
trust me i live in NC and every time it seems like unc has turned a corner they fall over...much improved since last year and has played close games but not most improved...they put up fights against some solid teams last year as well...most improved in the country is either Oregon st Illinois or baylor
all this means that the committee will have to choose from Uga utah ou/baylor and bama...quite a headache to do
in terms of games what a slate this week tho... #8 Minnesota vs 12 Wisconsin OSU vs Mich OkSt vs OU UA vs Aub memphis vs cincy lot of statements this week and next...
exactly i think ugas defense is good enough to hold us to under 30 like auburn's question is can our d beat jake fromm
i could see ohio st stumbling in Ann Arbor but not to wisconsin or the gophers. bama needs to crush auburn with a vengeance this week to have a prayer at #4
I think it was Herbstreit that said that they have a lot of respect for Penn St and thats why they did not move down too much, Baylor got that jump because of them beating Texas (which isn't a trophy win) and the committee still respecting the horns. I see his logic and im ok with it. the real issue is will they value a Utah team with a win over the Ducks over OU/baylor winner over the other? I think this is for the 4th spot as i see lsu beating uga (i am a homer tho :) and bama probably wont make it over a conference champ. in terms of drama they are setting themselves up for a lot of arguing when the playoff rolls around. i dont have too much of an issue with OSU over LSU, it gives us more motivation (u win by 36 and thats not enough) and we need that one spot to get away from Clemson (although someone said if u want to be #1 u shouldn't be scared of anyone which i 100% agree)
brilliant...someone has figured out how to win off of bad coaches, so its a win-win...you win either when SC wins or you win money off of their blowouts!
he's right Arkansas has always played us close just like they have with A&M
absolutely take clemson with that line that is generous toward SC... In terms of the Egg Bowl ole miss might want to spoil a bowl bid vs a rival AND they have the better offense, i would take the rebels Louisville vs Kentucky is a secretly entertaining game to me... Louisville looked pretty good until Clemson dominated them and has since beaten Virginia and NC State... good 7 win team about to roll into Lexington vs a 6 win cats squad, should be a good game
if i was arky id start kj jefferson if i was miss state i would start shrader and if i was tennessee i would want to start Maurer as he is the future just like all of these guys
Excuse my first sentence, WS Palo Alto and North Chicago are NOT trendy places like Nashville is
its also that Winston Salem Palo Alto and North Chicago are true and trendy destination places like Nashville is. there is simply better things to do in Nashville than go to a Vandy football game. In Winston Salem Wake Forest athletics is a good option for fun up there. The fanbase is small and would rather go to a bar or club in Nashville than go watch the Dores.
there are 9 teams in this projection and usually the sec gets one team to the Belk Texas Independence and Birmingham Bowl. i guess this year they are giving some of those slots to the Big 10 and/or AAC/Group of 5
exactly what I thought, we gave up 37 points, 614 YARDS of offense, and over 400!!! of them were RUSHING. that was supposed to be the best part of this defense. Granted, Plumlee is a GREAT runner and I will give him credit where its due, but we got gashed in Oxford. The good news is that we get Arkansas next week.