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I don't know if LSU wins by a TD (probably less or maybe not at all) but it's crazy how similar these teams were. Talent all over the field and the stars on one side matched almost evenly by the stars on the other side. In terms of the greatest teams of all time, I do think that recency bias sets in with these two, and that 2001 Miami and 1995 Nebraska deserve their due. Between these 4, I'd lean 2001 Miami, but it's tight...
LSU's looking really good right now. Can't wait for the SEC-Big 12 Challenge when we draw Texas Tech, think that's gonna be a great game. They could challenge for the SEC title I believe
I do agree that LSU should be a little lower to start. I do think that we have the talent and hopefully the DC can get improvement on that side of the ball to get us towards the top-10 at the end of the year (schedule also isn't too bad) but we did just go 5-5 with just about the worst pass defense in the country, so we shouldn't be top-10. I don't trust OU and won't until they win a playoff game. We put them near the top every year but they always lose to a team they shouldn't lose to and get smoked in the playoffs. Northwestern could be pretty good but I don't know enough about the Big 10 West landscape next yr. Miami will be in the mix with the Heels for the ACC Coastal crown, hopefully they stay healthy. UF seems right to me though. New QB, they lose a lot of weapons outside, the defense wasn't very good and I don't know how they improve. It's UGA's crown for the taking in the East next year.
Corral is probably the more talented player, but he's more aggressive and more boom-or-bust. JT can't run it as well as Corral and doesn't throw a better deep ball but is very good from 0-20 yards and is a good passer. Georgia's WR core is better than OM's (I think UGA also gets Dominick Blaylock back too) but Corral can throw to anyone... Corral will put up stats but JT will have more impact on winning, also since Georgia's D is much better than Ole Miss'.
Bama beat 4 teams who finished top-10 at the end of the year (AP)(Notre Dame, Ohio St, UGA, A&M), and Bama also beat UF, who finished 13th. LSU beat 5 (Clemson, Oklahoma, UGA, UF, and Bama, who finished 8th in the AP) in addition to beating Auburn who finished 14, and Texas, who finished 25th. The AP is the better poll between the Coaches imo, and the CFP doesn't make a new ranking after bowl season, so I used the AP
3 TD's is too much imo. Way too much. I could see Bama winning a close game (I am a homer so overall I think LSU was better) but 3 TD's? LSU was better than 2020 UF easily imo and 2020 UF held them to within 6. Also don't understand why you need to take shots at LSU's fan base. We get Bama had an unbelieveable year and we congratulated them for it...
I've done this three times already and I'll do it once more: Bama opponents win percentage this year (end of season): .578 (Bama opponents this year went 78-57) LSU opponents win percentage last year (end of season): .600 (LSU's opponents last year went 117-78) Bama opponents this year that were ranked (at the time of the game - end of season): 6-5, or percentages: .461 - .385 (Auburn didn't finish ranked) LSU opponents last year that were ranked (at the time of the game - end of season): 7-7, or percentages: .467 - .467 (all 7 were ranked in the top 10 at the time of the game and all 7 finished ranked) So, while it isn't a large gap, LSU played a harder schedule than Bama.
personally think the winner of that game will go to the CFP. Clemson's schedule is Charmin-soft (their toughest game outside of UGA is at NC State, as they draw BC and GT from the Coastal) and if they lose two it's a massive disappointment. UGA after that has UF as their toughest, but draw Auburn like always and Arkansas again. So if UGA can get to Atlanta 12-0 then a loss to Bama shouldn't hurt them that bad.
CBS Sports' way-too-early has Bama at 4. That is absolutely ludicrous. moving on, I personally think Clemson could be due for a little regression. They were exposed by Ohio State and lose some good pieces, similar to OU this past year, where OU lost Jalen Hurts (a Heisman finalist like Lawrence) and got beat a couple times early. Clemson's schedule is weaker than OU's but I could see DJ have a rough go with UGA's D. excited for LSU though. I think Atlanta is probably out of the question but I think we can contend with A&M for 2nd in the West. Brennan/Max Johnson with Emery at HB and Boutte at WR is the beginning of a good core, and hopefully the DC can take advantage of the talent we have on D to change what went wrong last year.
congratulations to Devonta and Bama Nation from a Tiger. I'm gutted we let him get away from the Boot. A fantastic player who deserves this award fully.
I think the Aggies could be really good. If Mond stays (for what seems like his millionth year) the offensive core will be really good. The Maroon Goons may have to be replaced but if A&M is truly a top-tier program they will be able to replace them with solid pieces. I don't know though, replacing that good of an offensive line is really hard, and A&M's offensive identity at the moment relies on those guys to incredibly effective against opposing front sevens so the RB's can get lanes and get upfield. We'll see on them next year; the schedule is manageable and while Bama is still king of the West, they have some reloading to do up there. I don't know where I stand on my Tigers + Arkansas + Mississippi schools + Auburn quite yet. 2021 could be A&M's year. But I'd still be a little cautious
what a great dude to work so hard to get back onto the field for your team. And this dude will make millions on Sundays very soon. What a player and what a weapon he will be if he can play for Bama in the natty
my only question is who are the clear cut contenders in 2021? Bama's got an OC to fill, new QB's coming in, and some top quality players leaving... UF loses a ton of offensive production, needs a new QB, and they've got to figure out what to do with Grantham and possibly Mullen... the Aggies lose Mond (I swear he's been there since the 1980's) and a large chunk of their O-Line (I think)... LSU has a lot to do still to get back on the right path... UGA seems like it might have an edge given returning production, but I'm not sold yet on them... and who else could step up? Ole Miss? maybe, the offense is as good as any in the conference but the D is atrocious... Year 1 under Harsin seems like a retool/rebuild year... IMO the conference is wide open. Even nationally too, Clemson has got to reload (and OSU exposed some cracks in their team that need to be addressed), OSU loses some really quality players, Notre Dame does too. So who steps up?
wow. just realized that. the Rakim Jarrett story seems like it was ages ago... although I like Boutte better he would be nice to have
good W for the Aggies. Great year for y'all. Usually cheer for the Heels (they are the local team) but the ACC going winless in bowl season is nice. Carolina's pretty good, and Howell and the weapons they have offensively will continue to grow in the ACC. But Jimbo's boys won and they deserved it in the end. SEC is now 6-2 in bowl season with the chip to go, and will have played and won the most bowl games when all is said and done.
Good for the Cats. Stoops has done a marvelous job at Kentucky. by the way, the ACC is 0-5 in bowl games this year. Ls for Wake Forest, Notre Dame, Clemson, NC State, and Miami. North Carolina seems likely to join them given the amount of opt-outs they have for tonight. Now which conference is overrated?
with Hines back and Makaneole on board hopefully the depth on the OL is better. Tristan Leigh picks between UF, LSU, Clemson, and OU today. Odds not in our favor right now but hopefully we can get him. Foreman too, although he looks like a USC guy
Big loss. hope we can convince him to stay in BR but he seems like he'll go back to Georgia. Like our depth at WR for next year but TE will be thin. Fortunately we have Kole Taylor (Freshman this past year) who was a 4 star, number 10 TE in the class from Colorado, he looked good towards the end of the year, so we'll have a starter set. The thing is with Gilbert he's such a unique talent at TE that he will be able to singlehandedly change the playcalling (similar to what Kyle Pitts did this year). Him and Daniels will be really good.
that was weird. IMO JT is much better than Bennett. Also gwhite713 saying they would lose to LSU with JT at QB is asinine. The Dawgs defense would manhandle the offense and our defense could probably make y'alls offense look like Bama. Congrat Dawgs on the win
was impressed with them. Still don't think the AAC is quite on the level that the Pac 12 is (overall talent disparity) but at this rate its getting close. There's usually at least 1 truly quality top 15 (maybe even top 10) team from there every year. Cincinnati, Central Florida, Houston, Memphis, and even Navy have all had some sustained success each year it seems. We should give them more consideration if they produce a playoff contender than a different Go5 conference; I think we can all agree that the AAC is a notch above the MW and a couple notches above the Sun Belt, MAC, and CUSA...
stay classy OSU but what a win for them... Dabo and Clemson didn't have the grit and toughness when it got rough. The Notre Dame game showed that Clemson wasn't as strong this year (you can talk about TL missing that game but DJ Uiagalelei threw for like 400 yards and 2 TD's). OSU may have only played 6 games but it doesn't mean they aren't bad. The talent level there is just as high as it is at Clemson, and they came out with passion. Good for them
well I actually guessed this right... Bama wins. They were easily better than Notre Dame today and they are better than Ohio State. Kudos to Ryan Day. He clearly got his team up and ready to go. Unfortunately they will not be getting any bulletin board material from Saban like they did with Dabo...
this is ugly. both teams need accountability and some action to be taken place. It doesn't really matter in my book who started it. Although the game was really chippy and I didn't understand why, it shouldn't have boiled over like this. I have no worries Leach will fix it. Don't just call out Mississippi State though here. Tulsa is equally at fault
you're correct. 4 talented Carolina players (both RB's, top WR, and best defensive player; Williams and Carter, Brown, and Surratt) will opt out. More will come. It's pretty sad here in Charlotte; a lot of Carolina fans here wanted the opportunity to play a big-time school like A&M after a really good year for the Heels. Now most fans think A&M will win it.
I personally would want this 6 team method as shown here: Bama and Clemson would get byes 3 Ohio St hosts 6 Cincinnati (ik OU finished here but they shouldn't be in with 2 losses) 4 Notre Dame hosts 5 Texas A&M Pros to this system: 3-6 teams get to show what they're made of (since they generate the most controversy over who gets in), Go5 teams have more of a shot since generally there's usually a good Go5 team near this range Cons: more games for 3-6, of course there will be debate over who finishes 6-7 What the 6 team system would've looked like last year: 1 LSU, 2 Ohio St. with byes. 3 Clemson plays 6 Oregon, and 4 Oklahoma plays 5 Georgia. What it would've looked like in 2018: 1 Alabama and 2 Clemson get byes. 3 Notre Dame plays 6 Ohio St., and 4 Oklahoma plays Georgia.
probably fair, although I would switch pass defense to an F. Ole Miss was the *only* team below LSU in pass yards given up, and opponents passed for 9.73 yards per attempt. we were able to get takeaways (13 picks, tied for second highest in FBS) but simply let people past us in man coverage.
I think they can beat them. It'll show how the SEC plays better than their record this year. At this rate LSU could've played in Orlando or Tampa if we didn't have the bowl ban...
yep... we play a ton of man and there is always a RB or TE or whoever waiting in the flats if something isn't open downfield. I'd like to see Stingley Ricks Ward and Flott play more zone next year. Having some safeties coming through like Sage Ryan and Derrick Davis Jr will help a lot.
actually pretty good idea... let Cincinnati play against Bama... I'd say they'll get pretty good rest for Mac, Najee, Devonta, and the rest... Bama wins by 45+
congrats to both sides on a great game. UF played really well, Bama's offense came through. Bama's D was a little suspect but that's a topic for another day. It likely helps A&M's case that the best team they beat gave Bama a fight... For all the other LSU fans I could only remember last year's SEC chip when Joey B evaded the two Georgia lineman and chucked it downfield to Jefferson... good times. Hopefully we can get there again...