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I think we needed a reality check after last year. It was almost too good to be true for a lot of these guys. Hopefully coach O and Pelini can fix this; If we give up more than 24 to Vandy next week then I say we're in big trouble.
i would mostly agree, and i don't think he was that bad. Definitely wasn't the issue. His issue was that he didn't have the confidence to throw in the windows, and overall it seemed he was a bit timid, especially in the first half. Not his fault, as its his first start, and the o-line as you noted was horrid. He'll get better
honestly i thought the D-Line wasn't too bad. Ali Gaye and some other guys showed some promise. It was simple man coverage and bump-and-run that sold us. There was no one over the middle or out in the flats. I'd be interested in seeing what Costello's aerial yards thrown is and what was YAC, because Flott, Ricks, and Ward got beat over and over at the line of scrimmage.
i dont know where to start... incredible result for yall Hail State fans. Impressive indeed, for sure. I still don't think they have enough this year to truly contend, but that offense will give everyone fits, and the defensive pass rush is good enough to come up with some stops. 7 sacks against a somewhat leaky o-line is still really impressive. Also have some questions about limiting the turnovers, but the fumbles can be improved, and when you pass that much, even against a mediocre or worse secondary, there's bound to be some miscues. Still, hell of a job, and I personally liked the way Leach used Kylin Hill coming out of the backfield to give Costello plenty of space to throw to. Great win for y'all. As for us, that championship high lasted pretty quick, huh? Ugh... Brennan was too scared early on, the O-line was atrocious, the RB's were meh, the WR's dropped plenty of passes and looked out of sync, and then the D. My god was that embarassing. Leach called a simple mesh route like a thousand times and it worked every time. Pelini sold out on a blitz, Costello saw and simply tossed it to whoever over the middle. Cox wasn't there, Stevens (who played well) was tied up downfield, and the corners got beat at the line in simple bump-and-run coverage. Stingley would have really helped, but you're given the cards you have, and you have to play them well, and they didn't. Coach O has a lot of issues to fix, and I saw enough potential in the O that I think they can be OK (second half was solid enough), but the D has a lot to fix if they can't diagnose a simple mesh route over and over and not do anything about it... how embarassing
tough loss. if only we could have had him and farrell come back for what would be a great d-line, with the other guys we had, would be an elite defense.
Billy Napier has the boys in Cajun Country cooking but beating a team that made a ton of mistakes that isn't that great (wtf was he thinking putting them at 6) doesn't justify a top 10 team. would have them in the high-teens low 20's range
Bama for sure is an L this yr, and I do think LSU drops one of UF/AUB/A&M, but i think losing to OM is a bit far-fetched. Im thinking 8-2 with a NY6. It could be 7-3 too for sure, either one is more likely to me. however if we lose a few key guys then 6-4 is possible too.
he should be happy, but I think a good Fournette is a really good player. I mean, he had over 1600 yards rushing and receiving and though he could not get in the end zone that much, his averages werent terrible and he isnt nearly as bad as people think he is. Its just that McCaffrey and Cook who were taken after him have been better
Auburn needs to be a lot higher. I think they are a credible team who is better than that. and to think that the top 25 is so watered down that 7 ACC teams can make the Top 25 (8 if u count ND). What a strange year...
good for him but with Arik Gilbert you wonder how much PT he'll have early in his career...
LSU has talent at WR (like we always have) but this is a big lump to take. Jamarr was a top-10 player in CFB this yr, and is a big loss to take. Terrace Marshall will be WR1 this yr I presume, and hopefully guys like McMath, Boutte, and Palmer step up, but its tough replacing a Biletnikoff winner no matter how much talent there is... I wonder if this means he's not confident in Myles (that would be a worse-case scenario)
this would truly only work in California Utah and Arizona I guess because of the climate, but if teams are willing to put up with snow in Colorado and a drizzle in Oregon and Washington, then the Pac's climate helps it. But in reality, this won't work. Seems that the Pac 12 and Big 10 are set on spring, although I think it'll be 2021 fall when they get back up.
I agree but OBJ shouldn't have been doing it. Glad its only a level 3, as LSU athletics may get a few more on the books
Man I don't know about yall but its nice being able to talk about a BIG 10 less playoff, mind you they usually aren't in it... We know Clemson and Bama are absolute locks... unless Bama gets taken down and can't win the division (LSU or Auburn here, I don't think A&M is quite there yet). Clemson has no excuse to miss the playoff given how weak their schedule is, even in the ACC. I'm not quite sold on OU given they've got a new QB and I'm higher on some of the other teams in the Big 12 (Texas, OK State, maybe one more). But for that lets get the P5 champs in (Clemson, Bama, OU). I don't know about you, but I think as of right now the 4 spot comes to whoever's 2nd in the West, the AAC champ, the SEC runner up, and maybe the ACC and Big 12 runner ups. If say LSU goes 9-1 with a L to Bama, and UGA wins the East but loses to Bama twice, would they take LSU? Auburn is a bit more varied because they play UGA, but still, the question begs. I also wouldn't mind a Central FL or Memphis in the playoff, although they'd be killed by Clemson or Bama.
The Curse of Buford is dangerous. We should be extra careful considering the baggage that he brings. Hopefully he doesn't flood us with his enlightened ideas. We don't need Bayou Buford on a roof preaching his s*** to people again.
two big L's in Farrell and Vincent. I want Ricks to start against stingley but now it looks like Cordale Flott may be getting starts too
people it doesn't matter that its cold there, the team plays in a dome called the Fargodome, so they'll be inside. The real question is what Trey Lance does.
yeah technically football guys can do both football and track here but most people are going to lose at least one sport if they're a 3 or 2 sport athlete
like you expect us to trust russia's vaccine? It looks like Russian scientists have not done conclusive testing and have not published their data. I'm not an anti-vax guy but I don't buy it. You can believe Putin however much you want, though.
not surprised. Commish Scott might have gotten cold feet over the Pac-12 player movement and said you know what let's try the spring. I get you want to keep people safe but this is going to open up a huge talent gap between the 4 and the Pac 12, and for a conference that is already struggling, this is a tough one. Makes more sense out there than here though, as a few Pac 12 schools have not opened their campuses, so their presidents probably said no CFB
i agree with you, maybe a union isn't good but hopefully the presidents hear what these kids say and take feedback from that
and we wonder why SDS shuts down comments on stuff like this... nothing like political polarization to fire someone up
that's only if they can get the player's union together. Maybe they can but I could see issues. 1) continuity: players are going to be around maybe 3-4 years, very low compared to the NBPA or NFLPA or even the MLBPA. Second people may just not want the idea of the player's having too much power.
plus the talent gap that will grow if people transfer in so they can play... the SEC will continue to grow its lead over the others, especially if they can do it safely
and the vice versa applies to me. I totally get it if you don't want to hear my beliefs if you think I'm stuck up and not willing to have a solid convo about it. Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you want to treat others with hate and sh*t on their beliefs then you should expect nothing else than hate back.
have you ever thought about the fact that maybe some people don't want newcomers onto their website and having to scroll through a comment section and see people giving each other sh*t about their beliefs? see buddy I don't mind hearing the other side as long as they're respectful and can have open conversation without turning to hateful speech. It appears by your username that you can't do that.
to be honest if we made it back to back I wouldn't care about it either lol
W&G I completely agree, with the environment that we are currently it just (to me) makes sense to go a little out of the way to be safe to my family and others. I'd be pretty sad if CFB was cancelled but you're right
ok Booches some players won't play but its not even close to 50%, and its in 1 conference that already won't play its season anyway. trust me I'd bet most players would want to play if they feel they can be kept safe, and a lot of them think they will
what if we did our own SEC playoff? 1 seed in the W plays the 2 in the E and vice versa, winners in ATL for the chip? UGA might be able to break a 40 year drought...