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Next stop for Martell: Auburn. If Bo Nix and/or Joey Gatewood don't work out he should transfer there to see if he could compete
they will sell those at LSU games and they will sell a lot of them
It's called Sandstorm, and yes it gets really loud at Williams Brice. One of the most underrated stadiums in CFB. The space theme is their entrance onto the field while the soundspeakers play 2001
I would have put neck for lsu on there but its vulgar and we cant do it anymore. Personally I would put these before Toomer's Corner: ARK Woo Pig Sooie ALA Rammer Jammer or Dixieland Delight UT Checkered Neyland or Rocky Top Although i have never been to Auburn so I dont know how beloved Toomers Corner is
I know Ke'Shawn Vaughn is very short but that guy is a sparkplug. He has potential in the NFL
I know Ohio State has Justin Fields but I just can't understand the hype for them and Michigan
TBH i dont really see a difference but im not an auburn fan. Shouldnt the university have better things to spend their money on instead of such a minor tweak of a logo?
I personally think it would take Bama losing key players for LSU and A&M to win. I think LSU is better than A&M but A&M has a better chance to win because they host Alabama. I could see 11-1 but a Nick Saban team going 9-3 is only in a dream
Florida St is a work in progress but may be ready by 2025. Props to Bama
with all the beef between the SEC and the ACC i would love to see an SEC/ACC challenge in football where every squad would play the team that is closest in skill to them (although I wouldn't schedule Alabama vs. Clemson). The only problem is that the SEC might go 13-1 this year. And they would do it every year. Personally I think: ACC drops Louisville and picks up Notre Dame Big 14 adds Houston, BYU, Louisville, Memphis Pac 12 becomes Pacific 14, adds Boise St., Fresno St. Each P5 team is required by NCAA to play one P5 team a year. Each P5 conference has 14 and each conference plays 9 conference games. 6 team playoff with ideally 1-2 filled by undefeated conference champs. although in reality this will never happen
Pretty remarkable that the whole SEC is over .500 in win percentage at home. I'd wish they'd do a best environments SEC list.
I think 8-4 is realistic or even 9-3 but no way in heck do they beat LSU and lose to Ole Miss. I personally think they have a shot at the Aggies I say they go 8-4, lose to LSU but beat Ole Miss, and pick up a bowl win to finish 9-4
What team could feasibly go toe-to-toe with Bama and then beat them? No one has the ability to do that. The only way thats possible is if they lose the entire starting lineup. They are too talented to lose to A&M or LSU in my opinion.
Its harder because u dont really know who is a true playoff contender outside of clemson and alabama. I think 12-1 UGA with a loss to Bama in CCG would be in. then i think its between big10 champ, big12 champ, and LSU/pac12 champ. And i included pac12 champ because i think Washington has a chance with Eason this year
and btw Mizzou's future nonconference foes are BYU, Kansas St., Boston College, Colorado (!), and Illinois. thats weak compared to LSU who has Texas, UCLA, Clemson, and Oklahoma.
good point I thought Franklin was a good hire from a football perspective. but I don't know if Bama would want that culture. Maybe Ryan Day?
how many years in a row did u lose to UF? not trying to be mean but florida is a tough place to play, they hate LSU there, and last but not least, they are and were a good football team. We were 3 point favorites. People predicted close games. Now I think we didn't play that well there but we still lost by only 8
if the SEC played 9 games i would be willing to bet that we could get 12 teams in the top 25 for strength of schedule. And everyone would still have a decent nonconference foe every year. that would be too much i think
My goodness sec schools make up 40 percent of the top 25, 45 percent of the top 20, about 54 percent of the top 13, and 60(!) percent of the top 10. Im shook. that is insane
I don't really know where Finebaum is going here. Dabo didn't attack Bama in any way, he mostly spoke the truth. He has a weak argument for his conference, but Swinney spoke truth: Bama dominated everyone, and then Clemson dominated Bama. Honestly tho, can't both sides drop it and get on with the actual season that starts really soon? Shouldn't they have better things to do than discuss last year when this year is right around the corner. And that's just me but drop it. no one will question that clemson won and thats that.
Man i didnt realize it was that bad, not once in this decade has LSU averaged two or more passing td's a game. I think u will see the RB's get lots of screens and passing oppourtunity.
i agree it would be wild and unlikely but this is the chance for the people who support expanded playoffs to support their case the best. personally i think 6, 8 will be too much
What about the 6 team playoff? top 2 would ideally be unbeaten and they get a bye. This way ur not forsaking the conference champ games but u are letting more teams into the playoff and more games which means more money for the producers. there would be 5 games instead of 3 1-2 get byes 3-6, 4-5 round 1 1-lowest remaining team, 2-other winner, winners in the title game. Negatives are that 3 more games would be taxing on a team but maybe then thats when u use the two bye weeks again. also if a 6 seed is not as deserving as a one seed then they should have to work harder to make the title game, thats just my opinion.
the ACC network launches a week before this event... How is this the launch when programming will already have been running for a week?