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ETA- Thanks for changing the title to correlate with the article
Go to heck? Get a job? Your definition of swearing is a joke as is your journalism
As much as I like him, I'd prefer Tampa Jesuits RB Malik Davis (UF commit) a little more
"Tigers — winners of three-in-a-row" LSU-LA Monroe- Miss State - Arkansas You guys are clowns
Your logic is biased. All penalties/no-calls/phantom calls go UATs way; you mention that stat like it's your shield yet you never mention all opponents flags happen in the redzone or during time possession drives (Ark 2nd TD drive, UT 1st quarter/ TAMU, etc). I noticed you didn't mention that block in the back on the TAMU punt. yezus, watching games with fans of the red-tide is the equivalent to dealing with liberals. You can't have a real conversation with them
The defense was gassed after playing 40 + minutes of the game. Glad the O & Rhett are clicking (finally)
why would a visitor cause problems when attending the game with colleagues and friends? Take out your own trash "mullen-gan"
If he wants to have any credibility left in his tenure, he & the conference NEEDS to pay for everything (rescheduling, logistics, personnel, & venue location ). Guys a clown sucking on that vans teet
He's such a weakling and puppet. Conference games are, without question, the most important thing for the SEC and de facto the commish. The fact that the SEC office did no research into the potential landfall and impact in Gainesville (& took Foley on his word while 1/2 way out the door) is disturbing beyond reason or logic. TAMPA/OCALA/ORLANDO/S. FL/ East Coast were @ a bigger risk than Gville or the panhandle. Makes UF & SEC HQ look pathetically filled with chagrin.
greg sankey looks like a clown and jeremy foley looks like a pansy. fsu/uf football is on the decline & the commish is a weakling
Class post. Wasn't as bad with some AU Alumni & MSU Fisheries Alumni. Saw the facility and throughly impressed with MSU Ag
No, sorry. I'll keep beating this dead dog till next year. It felt great being verbally abused before and during the game for this result by their fans.
I'm waiting to leave Starkville but your right. We lost to 2 top 10 teams (TAMU & CU) by less than 20 points. FSU lost by 45 combined yet are still ranked in the top 25. It's a joke. Rankings should come out 1/2 through the season
Auburn just turned the corner on this season. Hated Starkvegas (in stadium now) and hated your disgusting fans. Coozie & every other MSU fan, enjoy missing the bowl season. Welcome back to the Dark Ages & being BOTTOM FEEDER U
Just b/c ur team gives up 20 + pts leads doesn't allow you to critique others. The grove is a joke and your UM girls swallow
UAT or nothing, you have nothing. No accolades, no love, no stability. It's ok, sports aren't everything
Honestly, without sports or UAT FB, you have nothing. It's ok, I know ppl like you around the world
Your team sucked. You got 4/6 plays over 25 yards to cushion your staff. You program can't afford another coach ( Herman to PSU or ND) and the officiating crews followed the rules on the biggest Jumbotron on CFB/SEC league play. Take it as it is, your team is soft and moist
You are hurting. It's ok, I'm here for you. This isn't UF/ Muchamp 2013 vs UK where they warp the clock for you. We had a good officiating crew and your team lost due to clock management (& you should have had an ejection for targeting on Sean BLACK*). Eat this up. You deserve it
"Why not just get every coach dismissed for cocaine/alcohol abuse and give them a job at UAT". FIFY - Bo Pelini's brother needs a job too, btw
Clemson "outlasts" Auburn. Gus & Lashee are to blame. (Art Briles, see you soon with all the coke heads UAT has over there now). Dabo literally almost shot himself in the foot with his play calling if not for his play makers bailing him out. Saw shades of Arkansas 2015 in the last 40 seconds with White driving down the field like that. Not upset at all. Glad the seniors put in the effort. Coaching (offensively) let this one get away. Now to get ready for the Sunbelt Conference Champions next week
Classless & distasteful. Happy I saw the rest of the LSU team shake hands after the loss. True sportsmanship.
You and the fans should've looked @ that gift horse in the mouth. You got what you paid for with dameyune craig.
Still crying? Don't worry, we'll redeem the SEC when we play the SUNBELT CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS next week. You Miss State fans are such pansies, it's hilarious
Hot garbage and overhyped expectations, this cheesy-melt is glorious. SW for heisman