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Keep living in the past. Mizzou has been better than Tennessee since joining the SEC and that's a fact. I don't care if we haven't been to the top. Our fans aren't delusional like Tennessee. We know we're not an elite program, but we outperform our recruiting class rankings every year and we string together a 9+ win season every 3-4 years. Mizzou hasn't had a single recruiting class in the top 25 in the last 10 years. Tennessee hasn't had one outside of the top 25, and look who's been more successful...Take a seat bud.
Vols have been a couple years away for about 10 years now...
There's no such thing as a rebuilding year at Alabama...
I think the volunteer state actually belongs to Mizzou: Vandy: W Tennessee: W Memphis: W UT Martin: W
I'm tired of your comments on all Mizzou related posts. I have never seen you post anything positive on this site. We get it, Mizzou is a frustrating team this season. We have played well below our potential. To make it worse, you rag on the program as a whole whenever you get a chance. Mizzou might get lucky every 5-10 years and get in the playoff conversation. We will never be an Alabama, UGA, LSU who are perennial playoff contenders with top recruiting classes every year. That said, Pinkel brought our program back to relevance. Our new average is a 7-8 win season. Mizzou fans from 1980-2000 would've killed to have that. We just demolished the 11th ranked team in the country, show some gd respect!
I'll be there Saturday, and I fully expect Missouri to win... then in a few weeks we are gonna roll into Tuscaloosa and claim that #1 spot. . . Just kidding (kinda sounded like a Florida fan though right?)
Only been to Ole Miss, Florida, LSU, GA, and Tenn, so I cant speak on the rest. Out of those 5, Neyland was the best stadium by far. Not a bad seat in the place.
And the vols should be thrilled to get a conference win this year...
Oh good, we're back to doubting Missouri. I was starting to worry Mizzou was getting too much hype. Now they can go out and win some games!