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If he wasn't a former player/coach at Arky it wouldn't come up. But going home is always a big narrative for the media in the coaching carousel. There's a small possibility he would take it because he feels unappreciated at Auburn or whatnot. But even then probably not, he wants to win championships, if I was him I would be interviewing for FSU job if anything.
It's a good point. GA defensive stats are boosted by those factors. They're still very good though. AU may try some new things to get going on offense, which may or may not work .
Both teams have the defense to keep the game close. Statistically the teams are close as well. I could see GA shutting down the AU offense enough to win, but it is a tough road game.
Cube is correct, offensive line is not looking like a top 10 team so far. Haven't been terrible but not quite right on offense in general. Defensive secondary needs to get better also.
Assuming "more of that in the next week or so" is referring to CFB as a whole rather than just at AU. Players who feel overlooked transferring is happening more than ever right now.
I'm worried about State and A&M games in addition to the obviously very tough GA/AL games. 7-5 would be a monumental disappointment, 8-4 would really be a disappointment as well. There's a long way to go from here however things change.
The coach is basically saying he obviously sucks and they had to get rid of him. After wasting a 5th round pick based on 1 game it would be funny if Carlson someday kicks a game-winner against Zimmer.
I don't think the Auburn QB is up in the air at all. It's Sean White. He played fine for a first game, was 20 of 28 against an SEC defense, certainly a big improvement over what happened in first 3 games. He will be the guy from here on out.
Agreed. I like White he looks comfortable and like he will get better and have a good future (not that he was bad). I think they could win an SEC game or two as well with some more experience as they go for the young players.
That's gonna be an Auburn win+Alabama loss weekend coming up
Not necessarily. If Auburn offense improves, which is likely with a new qb, they could beat at least 1 or maybe couple of these teams. Ole Miss didn't look good against Vandy and A&M may or may not be really good. Probably lose to Bama but it isn't a guaranteed loss, rivalry game and a win would save the season in a sense.
I'm surprised they are favored home or not.
I expect State to be favored this week. Given how bad the bad the team has looked they should be. Could see some big changes this week, namely QB.
There are some strange similarities with 2012. That team was 2 years removed from a National title run, year before went 8-5. Same in 15. Although that team was not hyped in the preseason, they werent expected to be terrible. This team has performed shockingly bad to this point, although I think they still have a chance to improve some.
Awful news. You at least want to have your best players out there competing. Maybe he is back for the GA and AL games.
Team is not very good at this point. Need to get better to win some conference games.
He did make a couple good plays in the 2nd half. However it's time to work White into the offense and let him play some at least. See what he can do at least, go with 2 QBs until one starts playing well.
Bama fans are worse than Aub fans, probably bc there are more of them. Not always of course. I knew 1 who refused to take his animals to the vet because most vets in the state went to Auburn, and he didn't want to pay anyone that might support that school.
These 2 coaches are very similar to me. Both big mouth talkers that have had some success but haven't won the big one.
JJ did play much better at the very end of that game. That will need to carry over Saturday. Everybody is saying just keep giving it to Barber, reality is LSU will stack the box if that happens and Johnson will have to make Good throws. If he has a better game, it could be close. On Sat I didn't think AU had any chance at all, as days go by feeling like they have a little better chance.
Kinda like the Aggies QB last yr?
There is something to be said for the 11 am start, Auburn has historically played poorly in those games for some reason. With that said this team could be in big trouble and looking at several losses without a good deal of improvement. Carl Lawson is such a huge factor for the Tigers, it's almost like a completely different defense when he's not out there. If he and other key players can stay healthy, this team may improve a great deal. Obviously the QB play will need to be much better as well.