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All due respect, it should be a big game for the Hogs. We play every year, we border one another, lots of fans of both teams in Springfield area ~450,000 people. Decent number of alumni in both states. We own the rivalry 7-3, so you guys have a shot to even that series out within a lifetime. Owning you at 40-22, you guys would need a half-century of sustained success to make that series competitive. Why do I keep hearing Hogs fans blather on about this so-called competitive series with LSU?
I don't get why you think this.UNC has dominated the series against you. And is better rated in all (but one) categories. winsipedia.com/north-carolina/vs/south-carolina
He should stress the importance of their own contributions to going out winners, or risk giving the wrong impression.
What about the Clemson transfer on your own team, weirdo?
Now I scarcely even care if the ban gets overturned. And there Barry almost had us all caring for a minute. Why bother going to a bowl to get clowned by another middling big 12 team?
8 teams is probably too many. This is a no-brainer -- expand to 6 teams, with the play-in games for the 3rd and 4th seeds. This allows each champion from the P5 conferences and one of the non-P5 schools to be represented. Easy. Done.
Riots? This SEMO coach is an ignorant bootheel bumpkin. I was right there, in grad school. Campus was peaceful AF, other than some people sitting around by a Tiger statue with a couple of tents. You had to go out of your way to see them. Seemed kinda lame, riot is a laughable description.