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You don't need to be a "giant killer" to beat Wyoming, Vandy and UK.
Unless two SEC teams make it, you won't be in the picture this year.
Disagree all you want, but the only reason Mizzou has 5 wins is because of the D and it's taken the idiot "D master mind" Odom 5 years to finally put a decent defense on the field and half of that is due to luck of having some good players finally showing up. But no, your D isn't that good wich is why you are looking at at a third or fourth place finish in the west. Otoh, your offense is worlds better than Mizzou's.
UGADAWG78, you lost what, 3 starters tonight, in a game that could have been won by the second team. Keep loling as you watch LSU kick Kirby to the curb.
FalconUGAFan, you and I agree, you're coaching staff, not your players, will have to step it up, if you are to win the SEC.
Aubie's D is not much better than Mizzou's however their offense will be a good bit better than Mizzou's, if your team has their A game face one, you win, just not by all that much. UGA in Atlanta. But LSU.
I agree, Kirby is anything but smart. UGA recruiting can only carry him and you so far. Unless the other upper tier teams self destruct, he has little chance of getting UGA to a championship. Today's game was a case in point, he should have taken the easy victory and gotten your important starters out of the game.
I'm just saying, with a competent OC, we would have scored 1 maybe two TD's. The shutout was partly gifted by Mizzou incompetence. Class of 94, I'm on your side when you play the West. Kirby doesn't look like a championship coach from what I'm seeing. You have a lot of player talent but you need the coaching to match. We'll see, good luck, I'm for UGA to win out but right now my money would have to go on the west.
If smart was actually smart he wouldnt have had starters in that late in the game.
Yep good job, even though you were up against an incompetent Mizzou coaching staff. Doolee needs to a new gig but Odom is the one that must go. Tonight we saw Mizzou's best QB, the baselisk, who has played third fiddle to the deer in the headlights Pal and Kolby Briant. You guys know you will have to play better to beat Aubie much less LSU. Right?
Its almost like there's a race to the bottom, so far you're winning but don't look back, ... footsteps.
Powell has never been anything other than a deer in the headlights. This game is of course, no different. Mizzou should seriously consider forfeiting the remainder of the season, before we wind up WORSE than Arky.
The SEC supposedly has the most money yet has the worst conference network and the worst refs. Money can't buy everything I guess, but it doesn't even look like the SEC is trying.
Missouri borders 3 SEC states and another "south" state that isn't an SEC state. Let's face it you didn't learn any geography or history at UCF, assuming you actually passed a class.
Odom was a hard nose player but isn't a hard nose coach. He's kind of the anti-Saban. Pretty sure we can all guess which one wins more games.
So the NCAA is going to disband? This is no longer amateur athletics, one of the foundational lynch pins of what the NCAA stands for and reasons it exists. Yet one more massive failure by them and one more reason conferences might as well throw the NCAA out and start their own compliance orgs.
"Odom and OC Derek Dooley were simply overmatched by the Kentucky coaching staff." #100%true of course no need to mention the DC, another "Odom project". The truth is these 3 are over matched more often than not. They've been lucky to have some talent on the team that can beat the cupcakes down, if actual strategy is needed, forget about it. What we do know is that Odom, who seems like a good guy, was never ready to take over a P5 HC job, let alone one in the SEC.
"traitor Devine" ... lol, you are a joke. Pinkel isn't half the coach of Devine or Faurot. Pinkel went out reeking of the embarrassment of the idiot protest nonsense he so unwisely supported. Of course you want to keep the entire staff. Losing is in your blood.
Bad coaching in the SEC is certainly an eye sore, "Oh I don't want to coach against Saban, Gus and now Ed O." ok fine, ANY coaches out there with the least bit of resume success AND the guts to go up against the best. Please put your names in the hat. We'll pass it around to the various MSU's, Arkys, MU's etc.
Mike you are correct, anyone looking to deflect responsibility from HC Odom are only hurting the advancement of Tiger football. "Fans of Odom say Mizzou can’t do any better," ..and this is EXACTLY why Mizzou fans cannot and SHOULD not have nice things. Of course many of the "fans of Odom/Pinkel" are simply the children/employees working within "the program". The fans who allow themselves to get sucked into the defense of the very average results we have seen from these coaches are the real reason such low standards exist for Missouri football.
"Candy corn tastes like mildly sweetened wax" I always assumed that's exactly what it was. I mean what else could it be?
.. but but,, CUTE DOG in a Taco blanket.. no seriously that is a cute dog in a taco blanky.
How about the 1 place that would be best. Any place in the SEC that is not UGA-Fla-Bama-LSU The SEC is woefully short on championship caliber coaching. For example Meyer is the one coach that could turn Mizzou into the Woke Giant that it is been so often described as, the SEC needs Urban Meyer to shake up the so called blue bloods. Why do we care about your Big ten here? Or the PAC or midwest 12 or aCC? WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM! Get over yourself mister big tenner, WE DON'T CARE about your ex-conference or you media types belief in the other conferences. This is the SEC.
Because "hype" is surely what Mizzou needs more of, agree w/ bootheelhog, we need less excuses and hype and more positive results. Let's go look at Bama/Saban's "hype video", oh wait..,
If anything has ruined sports, it's crappy sports networks, I can think of one specific one, owned by the Mouse.
Drew Lock doesn't come off as being mentally tough, but he actually is.
Moneypenny, and here's my cat,,, "Q". Some of Mizzou's uni's would be good costumes.