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The first year kid from Booneville sounds like an edge rush specialist. Young and old players make a good combo, yea let's hope maybe the Indiana line coach can rekindle a little of the old Dline Zou and get us back on the map as a pass rush team.
Looks like Drinks is figuring out where his weakness's are, that's a good sign. I just hope that Hamdan is a real QB whisperer, that's not a job just anyone can do.
Ummm Mizzou could use an experienced SEC QB... just sayin..
Smart move by Drink and his Oline coach to take this kid back after what looks like a mistake xfer portal jump by Spencer. The Oline is starting to look like some depth of talent may exist next year, will just need good coaching and hard work in practice.
I like what Drink is doing visa vie recruiting but the Aggies have 3 4-star TE's in one class, we don't even have one on the team. He's going to have figure out how to cover all his bases like finding a QB that has at least ran a D1 team in the portal as a backup plan. Being strong in one area and sketchy in another is no way to build a winning team.
should just add Notre Dame and Vanderbilt to the list.
So if you insulted Fl and Ak, you insulted "everybody" in your mind at least. lol maybe a little bhurt because your unlikeable coach got fired?
Maybe he needs to hire a retaining coach to go with the recruiting coach, I know Mizzou is far from the only school losing good players to the portal, and right now it looks like Drink might pull out as good as the players going in. An assist OC for sure and I'm nowhere sold on his DC hire yet either.
Incredibly even gumps can sometimes understand that the score matters, at some point you tard morons will start counting up to four, with the help of your thumbs of course.
Hello Capt Obvious, how are Major Pain and General Observation?
You should have watched the game, Mizzou had it all but won, when player-coach dumazzery lost it at the end.
"Just can’t imagine what he’s thinking.." something like "How can I be so good and suck so bad??"
"The SEC is now 0-3 in bowl games this year. " the SEC, where being overrated just means more..
You realize Army played 2 P-5 teams in their regular season (and lost to both), they beat no major D 1 teams the entire year, only Mizzou.
Sam Horn looks like a "project" QB, from what I have seen of him, certainly a lot of talent but also in need of a lot of refinement. Throwing him out in year 1 vs SEC defenses is almost certain to yield similar results as what we saw bringing out the boo birds w/ Bazelak. Maybe Drinkz had better consider the xfer portal for the number 1 position and find some "solid" if not great player, you know kind of like the one that just transferred out of the Mizzou offense.
"ESPN insider" the janitor? the guy responsible for turning those studio lights on and off,, (those union jobs), maybe the latest lgbtq announcer project? It's amazing how you simps, suck up to Espin.
Would have been nice to evaluate some young RB's instead of watching a full game of Dawson Downing who is clearly NOT the future of this team.
"The 3 option is tough to prepare for." Dave Steckel? Is that you?
Jersey Mike was a good one, may his path to success be smooth sailing here out.
Cook looked pretty decent vs what is essentially a juco level defense. He would have been absolutely destroyed vs nearly any SEC D.
" had to be thinking Cook is waaaaay better than me" only if he's actually retarded.
Agree, it seems he just got "off his game" a little in something of a sophomore jinx year, definitely didn't deserve the boo's and blame from the average fans who never played anything rougher than tiddly winks. Among the other positions Drinkz needs to shore up, QB and QB coaching is right there on the list.
Rountree in year one, Badie in year two, what will Drinkz do when he doesn't have a bonafide all SEC workhorse to hand the ball off too? It seems like Dawson Downing has been with the Tigers for 10 years, was nice to see him have a farewell appearance.
It was clear why Baz was the starter, Cook looked very lost at times, unable to see the field and unsure making split second decisions. Having the benefit of healthy legs against a defense most SEC offenses would absolutely shred made him look good, but he most certainly is no more than a place holder until Mizzou finds it's next big time starting QB.
Honeymoon officially over for Drinkwitz, yes he is a lights out recruiter, and yes that counts for a lot, but he must also be a top recruiter of assistant coaches, which he seems to struggle with.
Drink needs to hire a HC to take care of running the team so he can be the OC which is what he clearly prefers, then he needs to actually learn how to scheme some deep zone splits, and hire better assistants to set up those plays with more consistently performing players. AFTER hiring a competent DC he needs to get a top notch QB coach, something else he clearly is not at this point in his career.
It wasn't the five play playbook of Armies, it was the typical poor MU run defense and Drinkz bad play calling that undid the Tigers. Really it was a great microcosm of the season.