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This reminds me of the story about the bobcat trying to take down the full grown elephant. Not only is it a waste of time, you might actually get hurt in the process.
If Hyrin White returns early, and it sounds like he might, then the Oline will be returning 4 of the late season starters. Case Cook and Maieti will be the one's gone but the team already had good depth at that position including Ndoma Ogar and Tollison among others who should be ready to compete as starters. The idea Polgar was actually needed for anything other than depth is pretty much absurd.
That's some good sarcasm, Mizzou is stacked in the Oline position.
Here who goes? Where are you going? No don't answer, no need. If you think this is some "major setback" then you clearly have no understanding of the MU roster.
Mizzou has a number of good receivers, Burden is certainly one of them.
Back in the day, we played offense AND defense... AND WE LIKE IT.
Abraham, lead us to the promised pay dirt. Just hope Hamdan is a real deal QB coach, Drinkz can't afford another WILKS hire.
I think you more or less understand the situation, in the very near future Mizzou's ATHLETIC membership in the SEC will be worth something in the area of 70 to 80 million(post expansion restructuring). Some of the eggheads will see this as more money for conferences on reading tea leaves and teaching CRT along with madonna studies. The saner adults in charge will need to understand it as a simple business arrangement. That big SEC lotto cash will now have to be used on actually improving sports(particularly football)facilities, paying coaches etc, as that's what's earning it in the first place. The big donor money will have to go to the NIL, again it's just simple economics.
I'm amused by the fact that the "average 3 star" is no longer acceptable for Mizzou, it shows what Drinkz recruiting has done for Mizzou in just 2 short years. Also shows Mizzou fans being bizarrely fickle considering the recruiting before that time.
For Mizzou the real standard for this season is Defense, consider that with just an AVERAGE run D, last season Mizzou would have won 9 games. The back breaker for 3 of the MU losses was simply watching the other team(none of them great offenses) run at will vs the D. Mizzou returns enough at EVERY position and improves enough at most of them to simply need the defense to be at least average, and with the same SOS, the same 9 wins are not out of the question at all.
Not really like that, not yet anyway. The donors just chipped in another 40 million to build the indoor facility just over a year ago. From now forward the University will have to pony up that big SEC for such projects. The donor money will needed to go to recruiting.
OZARKIAN the only talent Pinkel really ever developed was at DE and that's only because he had a great D line coach. Pinkel knew next to nothing about Dline, Pink was a OC, thought he was a genius at running spread offense even though it was one of the most boring predictable spreads ever. Thanks for playing piggy, you will make great bbq.
For you the glass is half empty, for me it's half full. The average 3 star as you put it, that the Pinkel/Odom days saw was typically 5, 10 or 11, 165 lb project. This dude has SEC height and body, I'll take Drinkz recruiting over your "good ole days" of project that need 2-5 years to develop, but hey, to each their own.
Limited schollies mean a smaller recruiting class for MU this year, but for those thought/hoped Drinkz would be a "flash in the pan" recruiter, looks his demise has been greatly exagerated.
I almost wish this would reach Fisher/Saban levels of animosity, I have more faith in Drinkz upside potential than Heupel, who reminds me a lot of Odom's shortcomings.
Drink has reserved (considerable) space in your noggin, it seems, keep waitin.. lol
he's beaten Florida and LSU so far, if you're thinking his seat might be getting hot, I can assure you that's FAR from the case. He needs 2 SEC wins/ a bowl appearance to make his seat completely cool, the bar at MU just isn't all that high, regardless of what you might read on the interwebs.
Strength, coaching, experience with SEC speed, etc, Horn needs plenty to be ready to start in the SEC. My prediction, if things go well for Mizzou, Abraham wins the starting job, both Cook and Horn get limited time in mop up like situations.
Mizzou is still stacked at receiver, this year and beyond, including a couple of real veterans in Bannister and Dove.
That actually sounds like a good plan. Mizzou getting some combo of UK, Tn, SC and Vandy. Of course the pod that will get all the ink will be Ga/Tn,Al,Fl, and Auburn.
I can believe rules regarding the portal will work, eventually. As far as NIL, not so much, it's not that any school can't compete IF enough of their big money alum step up with 7 figure donations to a collective, but most schools simply don't have those alums willing to throw money at college sports. The schools already on the big stage recruiting will not have any problems.
Conference alignment/rivalries are small potatoes compared to the problems NIL/portal are creating. Even the dude that started SDS has that one figured out.
Unless Horn has improved substantially since playing his last HS game, Abraham will easily beat him out. The good news is Horn will have a year to get ready, for when he will certainly be needed to step in and start.
After watching Sabans little into speech about college football(the state of), I realize Drinkz said everything Saban said, only better.
Brady is capable, capable of being a good backup plan.
"So our QB lineup is Abraham QB1 then Horn QB2 then Cook QB3 right?" That's the way I see it ending up, or Horn/Cook flip or tie, but that's nothing.
Oh and I would take a loss to Vandy EVERY year to win those 6 games.
While these aren’t rivalries, the teams I most want to beat every year are: 0: Georgia 1: Kentucky 2: Florida 3: Tennessee 4: South Carolina 5: Arkansas fify
@mizzoufan I'm pretty sure this ronmexico is one of the Mizzou Tigerboard posters.