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It may have been left guard not right that is gone but looks like Cook is one of the co-starters on the line this year in early depth chart news.. the potential for the O-line turns out to be good news for Mizzou this season.
"Most Mizzou and Kansas fans would love to see the Border War rivalry return," fake news 101, repeat the lie often enough and it becomes the truth.
The west side will always be an issue but now 3 of 4 sides of the stadium have been partly or totally remodeled since the SEC. Mizzou's practice facility has been ok, with the short indoor field and out door space. With these new locker room and training facilities there really isn't much left now to "catch up" with, the inferior program digs will no longer be an excuse.
You named a few D-linemen but what about Antar Thompson? Did he make the squad? Seems like he was a highly regarded recruit long ago.
Fair points, you and Mountain Dog are correct about O-line. Right tackle and guard are where Mizzou graduated starters. Center and left side are returning. My info says Mizzou is actually pretty deep in talent on the line right now and may not really skip a beat regarding line play on offense. Adams and Pendleton were both good college players and multi-year starters but neither were drafted by the NFL. Some good young guys who are already big enough to step in have been recruited lately, one possibility for right guard is a kid from Georgia, (Case Cook) who I think the Dogs seriously looked at recruiting. If Mizzou has a problem on offense this year, I don't really expect it to be on the line, assuming these guys can adapt to whatever Dooley wants to do visa vie a scheme change for Bryant.
so the SEC network is hiring anal-ists eh.. well isn't that special.
The Mizzou fan children were rolling in their own fluids the day DGB said "it's Mizzou", the good and bad come hand in hand.
It's almost to the point where it would have been better for DGB to have gone to another school, he can't get out of his own way and apparently never will.
Dooley is still learning to be an OC, just like Odom is learning to be a HC, neither have yet completely turned the corner, thought they have shown signs of figuring it out. Lock was a special kind of QB, a Jimmy Chitwood, Mizzou hasn't had a QB that good maybe ever and it could be a long time before another comes along. The talent elsewhere on the field isn't much different. Bryant can be very good just as he has shown at Clemson, it's really up to him and Dooley to bust their azz-s and get it done. If the D is just a little better there is no reason Mizzou can't win 10 games with the offense they should be able to produce, it will come down to x-factors, ball bounces, referees and the ever possible bone headed coaching call.
No I'm not wrong about Pinkel, he had no championships because he was not a champion caliber coach. Kul didn't learn how to coach D-lineman from Pinks, but you believe what you want lil fella.
I think Eberflus left because he knew Pinkels defensive game plan would always give up lots of yardage and what DC coach wants to be known for giving up a ton of yardage. Was anyone burning up the road to COMO to hire Steckel? nope
yes, Mizzou's tackling was atrocious a couple of years ago which is why they worked on that rugby style donut tackling which at least saw some improvement in technique. But first you have to be in position to make the tackle, a swarming D has a better chance at turnovers because the first man up can stop the ball carrier's momentum and the next defender to arrive can think about stripping the ball. It's another reason swarming defenses have always been effective and also a reason offenses have gone to spread looks to try and counter the D's ability to swarm.
Actually Eberflus had one of the best 3 and out D's Mizzou has ever put on the field, but when they lost a game due to a big play Pinkel scrapped it for the safety net of the umbrella D and it was never much of anything since until Kul got the D-line Zou going. Eberflus left a couple of seasons later, but hey, we can pretend Mizzou has had competent coaching, why not.
"Ryan Walters is a 3rd year DC. From this point on his coaching success will only improve in small steps." well that's a pretty depressing thought for Tiger fans, though it probably is close to the truth. I guess we can look at the good news... .. .. ok, but at least we have TT's philosophy coach on D now, actually on the bright side it looks like Mizzou may have a RB whisperer in Ford..
I'm glad to hear Gary is fighting I don't doubt he will recover, much like Mizzou is recovering from his horrible final season and terrible leadership.
Pink didnt mold anyone it was his D line coach that did that, but it isn't about talent it's a change in the defensive philosophy, Pinkel let Kuligowski run the D up front, Odom want's to put his stamp on the D now and so far his stamp isn't all they great looking.
"Also, the best “takeaway” for a defense is sometimes a three-and-out." careful, careful, that's not how Gary Pinkel plays football, it's play it safe, play back don't give up the big play. It's always nice to see "journalists" pretending to know something about sports.
The one thing that could make a big difference is if MU finds a pass rush, especially from the Ends position, I say "finds" because there is no reason to believe at this point that it is going to happen. For better or worse Odom completely changed the D-line theory that Pinkel used to keep QB pass pressure up and of course the rest of the D suffers when the QB has more time. Perhaps Brick Halley needs to up his "musical chairs" at DE until something clicks, regardless, we will see if the Tigers can manage a pass D this season.
From his film I see quickness and smart use of hands to beat blockers, this is a good commit for Mizzou(or anyone), also he moves well for such a big kid. Mizzou continues an "essential piece" type of class building process that allows us to compete with those 4 star loaded Tenner clubs.
"Lock is tough but the writer feels the need to cry for him. " The fact that the Bronco's have not already erected a Drew Lock statue and the NFL has not already created a Trophy Award named after Drew is nothing but a travesty, why it's downright diabolical! ... and I thought I WAS a Drew Lock fanboi,, sheesh
"Starting QBs are employed to play, not coach, and ones who have lost their jobs in the past have even less time to worry about coaching others." well said sir! (or maam) My GREATEST FEAR is that Drew Lock will fall out of "potential starting QB" status into the roll of "backup QB" status, and we ALL KNOW that Chase McDanielsons ALREADY OWNS that job.
well done secer, nice parody melt! I'm sure the SDS staffers appreciate it as well!
"It’s so funny to me when people call my generation the “participation trophy” generation" yes, Drama Queen generation would be more fitting, after going into a hysterical fit over the lack of bubbling enthusiasm and QB controversy Drew Lock SHOULD be creating, you acknowledge Lock is probably in a good place where he will have a season to just adjust to the NFL and how the pro's do it, in other words, Lock is just fine in spite of your insipid theatrics.
@zoucat you may be right about Morse and Britt, but starting O-linemen who settle in tend to have long careers, both are deserving of course. Big Shel was a bit like Aldon, the celebrity and fame are a lot to handle. I don't believe any of the Smiths are still in the league now. I think Spoons knee's finally couldn't go, we know it was not for a lack of heart to play. Like Ray and Ealy, Brothers might find a landing spot before it's said and done.
btw, the S is possessive, as in Daniels career, you wouldn't say Daniel career now would you? Well you might, j-school genius.
fyi I don't really care if he has an "S" or not, because he is a backup clipboard warrior, and nothing more.
Glad Beckner was selected in the draft, and yes he will probably do more than Chase Daniel in the NFL. (hope that makes you feel better)
This list seems odd to me, the absence of Sean Weatherspoon and Kentrel Brothers, I know William Moore retired years ago but Hansborough and Murphy are still in it I think. Chase Daniels great career as a bench warming clip board stand continues! Hurrah for Chase and his long career as a never starter, but that just doesn't seem worthy of a top NFL player spot. Richardson and Britt, yes, Hall as a FA signee? Terry Beckner has as good a shot also as a FA signee. Your list just seems weird.
Mizzou has had some good NFL centers recently like Colin Brown and Tim Barnes, I guess both finally retired but they had pretty good, long careers as NFL centers. Odd how many of MU's non-center lineman now are finding jobs at center, (Boehm,Britt,Morse) it beats getting sent home of course.