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Recent Comments
Bringing full pressure to the QB consistently is an extremely effective tactic, esp in college where many QBs simply can't deal with the harassment well. This was a proven component and gave Mizzou a defense that kept it in and even put it in games it would have otherwise been unable to compete. Yes better linebacking is required in the SEC, we already know this, along with better safety and corners as well. Pinkel knew he didn't have the talent to stop a lot of teams but that keeping the other QB off balance was an equalizer vs his lack of talent in the defensive backfield. I don't give Gary credit for a lot, but I do give him credit for this much, even though he far over estimated the ability of his other coaches, which is another reason he has zero conference championships at P5 level.
Dooley was handed a gift horse w/ Lock and CO, while he hasn't completely blown it as an OC his work has(often) been less than stellar. He looks nothing like a "natural" even though Odom will gushingly say otherwise, this is yet another game Mizzou should be in it at the 4th quarter, and may lose due to bad refs, a bad HC or a bad OC or any number of issues that could have been prevented. If Pruitt is the answer for Tenner then he can easily out maneuver Odom but that still doesn't account for all the players on the field.
That goal line stand last game was worthy of a video, and not just because it saved the game, Vandy knows how to run the ball.
Replacing one of the clearly best Dline coaches (of course I mean Kuligowski) in college football is no small task, but Brick Haley has been one the best hires Odom has made. By design or beginners luck, hard to tell at this point.
5 points for the adults on the field margin, so Mizzou by .1 seems right
"should be to fire Derek Dooley PRONTO" The guy that hired Dooley thinks he's doing a bang up job though so maybe it's him should be fired?
Coaching is definitely the equalizer for the Vols, the Mizzou run game really should not be better than the pass game just because of one TE being out though, it is up to Dooley to avoid one of those run 5x pass 5x habits and kill the offense like he did vs UK. This another game the Mizzou players CAN win if the adults on the field(coaches and refs) don't take it away from them.
Bama would dust off Clemson and UGA can take either of the other 2 that would get in, so just a repeat of last years SEC football championship. We already know the SEC Championship is THE REAL championship of college football, don't we?
Lets say UGA wins the SEC, how can the committee not repeat last year? There is no way you can have 2 teams from the same conference play each other in the first round. You just can't do, and oh by the way, now we know what every UGA fan is asking Santa for early Christmas.
Once quality win vs SEC opponents in 3 years, this seems like Odoms high water mark might not be getting much more than our feet wet.
Sounds like Spurrior and Les Miles will both be coaching in other leagues soon, odder things have happened.
Is Blanton coming back this year? If he is back with Parker Jr, I can't see Mizzou is going to be that down at TE. Would be nice to see all these kids get well though, I do agree.
and btw, it just snowed in Texas last night... "Bloomberg) -- Houston reported its earliest snowfall ever, beating places like New York City and Boston as a cold snap descended over Texas." lol
Yes it snows in Georgia all the time, I'm sorry for you being so uninformed, but snow is extremely common in much of the SEC footprint.
Dear Wall of Text, you didn't ruin Auburns season, there was nothing there to ruin. lol
Adjusting for SEC refs (+6) and MU coaching staff (+4.5) Mizzou +4.5 fify
So then Florida is twice as good as Mizzou then? Interesting, if only they played.
"Someone needs to script his comments for him." My bet would be that someone DOES script his comments for him, maybe Pinkel himself, but Barry simply can't context down well enough to make it sound intelligent.
The saddest part for me is when Drew Lock is struggling like in the 2nd half of UK he really doesn't have anyone on the sideline to help him out, it's like he's just standing there in his own world trying to make sense of what's going on out there. I played OLB-Safety and TE, over 40 years ago now, and reading coverage and splitting zones was pretty simple in those days by comparison to todays game. One thing I know is QB is pretty much a position you can't coach unless you've played it and it's by far the most important position on the team thus needing a full time coach. Odom doesn't even seem to realize how much incompetence he exposes in himself when he gives these interviews, unfortunately for me I probably won't be alive to see the day that Mizzou hires a competent football HC.
The way to sell tickets is to stomp the slobber-nocker out of sub .500 teams and at least be close vs the good ones, this, by necessity means you won't be struggling to keep a lead in the 4th quarter vs a number of teams, not just the Wyoming and Memphis's. What Odom is doing is trying to make any game some near insurmountable object and thus his job a near impossibility which is of course not true at all, but as long as he can convince the fans he is "coachin up a storm" to win these close ones, he has a big paycheck coming in. This is highly reminiscent of Pinkel/Alden convincing the audience that making a 6 win, swamp water toilet bowl game was a "mark of excellence". Managing fan-crowd expectations is now part of the business of college sports, this is what the expert consulting advisers have brought to Mizzou sports.
Vandy executed better, because they are Vandy about the only team that executes better is Sabans, because Saban demands excellence. Vandy trying to run on Mizzou is what cost them, our defense up front is stout and proved it time and time again, esp on 4th down. Crockett and Rountree were both nearly unstoppable for large segments and while Lock was not 100%, he showed that a 90% Lock is still better than most teams can do at QB. This week Drew decided to tote the rock a bit with pretty good results. The MU lines were again the best on the field. Sadly this game was still one score and could have been blown by either refs or coaching, but that did not happen. Noting again that the 2 years of Heupel are the only two years Drew Lock has had a true position coach at Mizzou. The lack of extra coaching in Missouri players can be notable at times, as they don't play spring ball in the state. Unfortunately Odom/staff seem oblivious to such subtlety. If Lock had a real QB coach for 4 years, McCann had a real kicking coach for 4 years, etc, but Odom seems to want to take the Pinkel "loyalty" approach and retain bad coaches no matter what and for long as possible. Just goes to show, two million dollars a year doesn't buy much in the way of college coaches these days.
Let's just be happy the kids efforts paid off on the score board finally and they didn't have the W pulled out from under them by bone headed coaching or some of the worst refs in the history of sports.
Adam, is Odom really trying to say that as long as you have a rookie newb like himself at the helm as HC, the other team ALWAYS has a chance to get back in it? It would seem so.
Notre dame is way over rated, something UGA fans know a lot about... lol.
Are you an NC fan? If so better hope you don't run into any SEC teams in your bowl game, will be a bad day for you.
LOL.. DUDE... Mizzou could have easily beaten you on your home field, weather and bad coaching is all that saved you that day. Live it, learn it, know it.