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if you counted Bevo and Boomer, a full 1/3 of the top 25 is SEC.
Nice job by Mizzou recruiting, getting Williams along with Nwaneri to help offset the loss of DRob to the NFL.
The way Norfleet has played the writing is kind of on the wall. Good luck to Max.
IF Cody had 4.3 speed he would be one of if not the top RB selected, as it is he has all the tools to be one of the most complete utility backs ever. Would love to see him in a Chiefs uniform.
Sabans defense has not seemed very special of late and UGA's offense is like a slow moving steam roller, that doesn't get in a hurry but doesn't stop for anything and simply flattens whatever gets in the way. After what seems like an entire season of "tune up" games for UGA, what kind of tricks can Nick pull out of his hat to change this trend?
I know it wont happen but I would love to see Bama vs Bevo in a Bowl.. would be for both clubs, a) to prove the early game was a fluke or b) to prove it wasn't.
"..it’s still a very Mizzou season to have." no doubt my pal Adam wrote this after some heavy celebration of the Bline rivalry game results, completely understandable, big props for using "Mizzou" as an adjective in a sentence though.. :D
Nothing against Alabama's kicker but the guy that set the SEC record for longest 3 pointer isn't on the list? Mevis missed a couple of midling kicks early in the year and has been lights out since..
Grats to oftenwrong Herbie for grasping one nugget of obviousness.
Remember when a bunch of you SDS Websight EXPERTS picked Mizzou to finish next to last(just ahead of Vandy and behind SC),, remember that? Pepperidge Tigers remembers.
Isn't it time to go back and check the SDS "Experts" prediction for this season? I seem to recall quite a few predictions that Mizzou would finish just ahead of Vandy..
"team of destiny" lol, what's hard to deny is that Ogara is a BS spewer...
"He will become known as the Dream Destroyer" he's made some really good play so far..
tough way to go Aubs, you guys almost had it, better luck next time.
Luther should buy that idiots sponsors off and send him to walmart to man a broom.
No comment on the rumors is not a denial. "... a “name to watch”" sounds like fishing
first take away, not that big of an upset as Lewvull was vastly over rated.. second take away, Kentucky, not exactly a high powered offense put on a show to steel the limelight from over rated rival.. 3rd take away, Kentucky finishes strong to go out a winner and uphold SEC honor.. now go win your bowl..
"fuzzyvol0 Drink sounding a lot like Beamer these days." really, Drink taking up for his team that's finishing w/ double digit wins, while Beamer,, well he's just there because of his name.. vol fans continue to be the dregs of the SEC..
"Swedenscove Drinkwitch is a PUNK" and you got witchslapped,, so there hahaha.. (punk)
the Heisman, what is that? At the end of the day it’s just a label, a tag put on a player by contingent of “writers” that are all attempting to be respected among piers while claiming they know who the best, at something, is. Cody Schrader is so much more than that krappola. He's not just the leading rusher in the conference or D1 football, he's the heart and soul of a team that's just figuring out how good they actually are. He's Captain Cody, he's a champion and an SEC and Mizzou legend.
"Booches94 Yes, very chippy." fortunate not to lose Armond for the first half of the bowl game, did you see what the hogger did though? using a cheap leg buckle/trip on his teammate and Armand went whole HOG on his azz, then hogger grabbed Armands grill and yanked is hat off... that's the kind of thing that makes every player on the team give a bow to the Big Membou ...
"gary420 Dude," really? you have to spoil the moment for us? You don't see us throwing shade on your "Urbans choir boys and criminals" do ya? I mean Florida is a team that's gonna rebound someday,, well assuming we don't add FSU/Miami to the conference.. Go knock FSU out of the playoffs and we'll all celebrate "that one thing" Florida did right this year..
"Mizzou needs to stay on its toes." Arky always shows up to play vs us, it's almost like they want to be our rival.. but we all know that's Kentucky.
"The Milkman kU will always be our main rival" so long beaker simp,, was not nice knowing you...
Hayes has no clue about Mizzou but that's to be expected, most media fanbois don't.
Napier should have given up the OC chair, which is the same mistake Drinkwitz was making, next year he'll be in the same position as Drink is this year, ie win or pack your bags.
Yea Mertz was a gamer for your team, same thing could happen to Cook who also likes to take off into the heart of the defense. Good luck vs FSU.
Player of the Week: Thicker kicker... fixed it for ya.