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so then you two enjoy the same safe space board for idiots,, ok got it..
Even Vandy and Tenn. will put up good fights, certainly SC and FL will, the idea of easily coming in 2nd in the East is fools gold.
lol, you mad because Lock on an off day is still as good as Fromm? ok, and yes Fromm's average looking #s came against a very weak secondary, but we'll just over look that one. UGA homers are among the most irrational of all homers, Mizzou homers got nothing on you there.
No idea what you idiots are talking about. Mizzou boards are all polluted with koolaid gulping safe space idiots though.
Dear Adam, don't kid yourself, the secondary that leaks like a sieve has always been there, if the opponent exploits it, is another question.
He ran middle 5 times and followed with a fake hand off flanker sweep, so at least he showed he was thinking about the run placement, while Dooley isn't a rank amateur he certainly doesn't have the proven cred that Heupel brought. Of course learning on the job seems to be par for the course for top level staff at Mizzou, at least Odom made one top hire that worked out, he will have a coaching tree someday, even if it looks like Charlie Browns Christmas tree.
"There were ridiculous calls against UGA" You mean like the jumping offsides? The massive holding which never got called btw. Or the shoving our QB five seconds after the ball was thrown? The officials were completely in the tank for the "old SEC", any question of that is completely delusional.
"Does anyone teach safeties and corners how to tackle anymore?" fear of injury has reduced the amount of actual tackle practice, generally if you need a lot of practice in basics at college level, you don't really belong on an SEC team, in most cases. "This was a game that was winnable." Possibly, but factors making it a Mizzou win are not that simple. "Surprisingly our offense outscored their offense. Throw in a few tackles and some better coaching and this was a “W” 1 TD in the first half was from Offense, and it was UGA. The early 10 point swing on bad officiating was a setback that you don't typically recover from vs a top 10 opponent. The Mizzou players certainly deserve some credit for staying in the game and not quitting but one of the factors would have been creating your own breaks and not relying on good or even fair officiating. When push came to shove, UGA ran the ball down our throats, then they passed it (for 3 TDs vs the weak Mizzou secondary), the better team clearly won the game, and what is unquestionable is the more talented and better coached team won, though the way it happened was far less than picturesque. It is a shame our boys had that 10 point deficit spotted so early, and that is on the refs who are a sad pathetic joke of an excuse for "professionals". Yes UGA should have won, and did, but the challenge Mizzou was able to mount would have made the score much closer in a well played and adjudicated game.
Those refs are among the most garbage refs in college football today, sadly the SEC has little interest in improvement in officiating. The money wasted partnering with ESPN could have been spent far more wisely with quality improvements in areas like this, but suits are easily bribed, we know that from the horrid government we have today.
Andy Hill doesn't coach TE's or receivers nor is he strength coach. The sideline bubble screens are happily not needed but Dooley seems to believe running means between tackles only. By the end of the season he MIGHT have the OC thing mostly figured out, but then of course is too late, once again Odom will have fallen short. It's all too predictable.
By the end of his career Pinkel specialized in placing the blame for each loss on the players and not himself or his coaching staff. He made a lot of money, far more than he should have, doing exactly that. Of course nobody really believes Mizzou fans are actually interested in a having winning program, that test has been failed far too often and Mizzou is happy to "do what we do".
Odom is speed dialing gary pinkles to ask "how do we say we didn't play very good without admitting it's not my fault, again?".
Mizzou trusts its safe space masters at nikey to make them look ridiculous. Apparently at MU part of the protest training includes brainwashing the kiddies into thinking yellow is actually gold.
"whole bunch of things to happen to get the win. " thing 1: Mizzou scoring TD's in droves... thing 2: get a few turn overs bounce our way thing 3: get a few actual stops on D See it's not "bunchs" just a few things.
"Lock was good but not as good as Fromm that day." True enough, Cclau, but the opposing D quality may have had something to do with that..
You aren't wrong, both went down not knowing who was supposed to take a dive then both got up with minor limping, the way they looked at each other confused was the give away. Yes this isn't new at all and happens in the vaunted SEC West all the time, at some point extended sit-outs will have to be imposed to stop this nonsense, way too many free time outs going on now.
Pinks is 0 for 4 in conference champ games or is that 0 for 5 (according to you),, but he'll always have that little league trophy from ledo.. lol
One thing I like about Dooley's offense is the absence of those stupid sideways passes for 0 to 1 yards that previous MU OC's thought were indispensable. While the criticisms of Lock are at least fair, it's also true that Bama and UGA have only 1 real win on their 2018 resume so far as well. The next 4 games will tell us a great deal about Drew Lock facing adversity. I just hope Drew Lock doesn't miss out on the kudos he deserves because of Barry Odoms defense.
No mention of Tenner and SC barely gets a nod from the guy who knows the least.
Why not start your own website and write your own articles. It's not like anybody would miss you here.
"I have withheld comment until now" you should have kept going skeet, your comments are crap like you.
The Uga Offensive unit may need extra oxygen bottles, because of HOW FAST they will be moving up and down the field on MU. The only question is if Lock and Co can put up enough yards to make this a SEC record setting game.
nope, only 4 div wins for Pinkel, though he would love you to believe it is five, just like he wants you to believe his toilet bowl appearances are some level of great success.
"examples of coaches who cannot recognize what is taking place and make adjustments." well said, Mizzou coaching is amateur hour at best.
"What is Georgia under Smart." a team that is far FAR superior to anything Mizzou will ever have under Odom.
"Pass defense, anyone?" More like ANY defense anyone? One of Odoms first moves was to quickly drive out the left over staff(Kuligowski) from the Pinkel era, in fact we can now see how very evident it is that KUL is THE ONLY real accomplished coach of the Pinkel era, yea he's working for Saban now at a top program. The real test comes in few weeks when the cross border Tigers are in town and we get to see if Odom can beat the team his fanbois all said he was a shoe in hire for(Memphis), or if Memphis actually made the right move and wisely ignored offering a HC job to an inexperienced DC who road the coattails of his former boss. Memphis has a strong balanced attack on offense and will have a good chance at an away win at what will then be the 3-3 Missouri Tigers.
Pinkel also "learned", trust to trust his DC(Stec) and DL coach(Kul) to run the defense, because those two figured out the obvious, a consistently pressured QB from the edges will cover up a multitude of inadequacy in the backfield. Odom doesn't even get that much, which is one of the reasons he wants to believe he can outsmart Stec and Kul, but so far he hasn't and cannot.
Drew Lock is saving your crappybuht Odums assh, that is all. Deal with it BICH.