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Clunker Coward: "lemme show ya boys how this attention whorin thing is done"
You know there are few stories here at SDS that actually make me sorry I clicked on them.This is one of them.
The other Porter JPJ was pretty dam impressive against Vandy.
My understanding is he's been out on the court taking warmups dribbling shooting and running for OVER a few weeks now. If that's the case, how rusty can he be?It may be MORE "strange" that he's doing physical activity before being cleared but I suspect it was a planned part of his recovery regimen.At this point it seems far more logical to put him out for a few minutes per side and let him show what he can do. He may only be filling in and resting a starter but right now even that would be a plus for the team, to know they have another body to put in for the tourney stretch run.If his draft stock is still THAT HIGH after not playing for an entire year of injury time off, then nothing is going to kill his draft stock anyway, which may be a comment on how "draft stocks" are largely comprised of unicorn hair, fairey dust and marzipan.
These idiots in the media, esp the ESPINners, keep blathering this PAY THE PLAYERS nonsense, ok, why not, lets pay the players.Why not go one step further and get rid of the other source of cheating/violations and simply eliminate the requirement for the athletes to be enrolled in school.
Dooley seems to have the right character and temperament to fit well on MOST SEC teams, it remains to be seen if that will apply at Mizzou.
Current starting right tackle,, Paul Adams(?) from Tenn, is the Stribling kid still on the team?
early signing begins when again?skepticism is warranted however, Barry's staff will have to show they can get it done, THIS YEAR, with no excuses.
The fine art of knowing when to let the dust settle and when to get on top of it early.Sterk already burned a card when he fired the best softball coach MU has ever had, now he may be rethinking how that one went down as this kerfluffle boils over.
not sure who "they" are but I know who they aren't and thats the NCAA NC2016 Clemson 2015 Alabama 2014 Ohio State 2013 Florida State 2012 Alabama 2011 Alabama 2010 Auburn 2009 Alabama 2008 Florida 2007 Louisiana State 2006 Florida 2005 Texas 2004 Southern California 2003 Louisiana State, Southern California 2002 Ohio State 2001 Miami (Fla.) 2000 Oklahoma
Agree about tejas football,, a lot of players are changing teams based on signing bonuses. It's more like pro sports than college.
So don't worry zoucat, Im sure there are plenty of 2-star future NFL DE's cached away in COMO.. it's the model you know.
add to that, let's total the number of national champs who are "3 star developmental programs"...won't take long will it, that would be ZERO.do the same for conference champs..I can think of exactly one.KSU
"These are not key players."ok, granted,... BUT..how many times have we heard "diamonds in the rough" and "Mizzou system of player development"?This has been a mantra of all the defenders of the "stars don't matter" crowd. If you can't keep THE SAME kids in the program beyond a year, that 5-year plan of player development starts to look like.. hmm quicksand isn't a bad analogy.Yet another reason STARS DO MATTER and the mythical "Mizzou player analysis" aren't just thin, they're damn near invisible.
Discounting the muscle bruise that hurts like hell but doesn't really prevent playing, healed injuries are always a risk for re-injury, the question is at what point does that risk minimize to a level making it's loss to benefit ratio a calculable offset.The pre-existing condition point is a good one, no doubt the NBA is all over that kind of issue when they draw up the contracts. One thing that might play into our favor is that if he gets on the court now and proves he can contribute, it may favor a stronger signing bonus that would help mitigate the pre-existing condition clause.That said if MPJ can't go at full speed, then defensively he is a liability and shouldn't be on the court, tapping a mostly open 15 footer is all well and good but mostly meaningless in comparison to what he is really needed for. This is why the prognosticators have good reason to be skeptical, but at the same time most of them are merely looking at it as a huge paycheck number and not much else.
Adam are you saying Mizzou's back court is so incredibly thin that Kash has to carry the team? It may be valid. When everyone went ice cold last game, he kept strength in the dribble and put the ball in, certainly carried that win. Even so MU needs MPJ back if only for a few mins per side, he can keep the tall timber doing it. It's just a shame the Tigers may flame out for lack of a true point guard.
"..he sacrificed himself to shield students "indeed that is heroic, rather than engage in a load of political hubris at this time we should take a moment to recognize and honor the fact that people like this still exist.
sounds serious. like setting up phony classes just for athletes...meanwhile the NCAA has issued a stern "Don't do that anymore" to North Carolina.
I like that we are bringing in kids who don't need to add 30 or 40 pounds just to get on the field. At least that much is headed in the right direction.
twitters "bot sweeps" are likely less than accurate, either way isn't MU's dance card about full, seems like the early signing period change is working out for the better.
I like his footwork, feet moving and holds stance, while trying to keep that Godzilla like frame reasonably low, he's had some good coaching. Now needs to get to MU so he can see what he can do vs non-midgets.
well Wolf, at MU a Dixon was kicked off the team for allegations that proved to be false, while at OU a Mixon can play after caught red handed nearly punching a woman to death.This is how the world works.
bryanchip, Dooley has a likable personality, which is ONE THING he has over Heupel, of course that means nothing to me as a fan, but WE ARE MIZZOU and the MU mediots will love a coach that will "talk to them" no matter how bad he is at his job.
Mizzou is clearly still in the clutches of the Orwellian safe spacers that believe in "GAGA studies", and that's not being glib, just a factual observation.
brc4wc, hopefully THAT is exactly what this becomes, this is the type of game that makes Mizzou "fit in" in the SEC.
The overlords at Dizzney want their product to be more "likable",, thus we get these "see they're human too" type bubbling goo pieces of scmhok. "Forget about taking knees, disrespecting the flag and wife beatings please, you ONLY need to know what we TELL YOU".
Remember when Micheal Dixon DIDN'T rape a woman but had to go anyway?
I've heard the same thing, Tigrito, and yes, this is typical "Mizzou press white washing" of a situation were MU is the butt of the joke so to speak. Sort of like peddling the nonsense that Gary Pinkle "saved a young mans life".. rather than the truth that Pinkle got taken to the cleaners by a hoax he and some on his team fell for, we love making our lame excuses at MU.