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Five starting QBs is the same as no starting QBs. Heupel will select the guy that runs up tempo the best, but that really doesn't mean you'll be a good offense. The SEC has somewhat of a reputation for knowing how to defend.
I'm hoping Robinson get's to see some time as the nickel back, he looked good last season and certainly deserves the chance.
Badie catches the ball well in pattern, he also shifts laterally well off snap, that's why he was referred to as "the lightening" as to Rountree's "thunder". I'm not saying he is going to become a down hill, straight line off tackle power back like Rountree was, because that's not what he is. Maybe Butt's will bring some of that or maybe he and other backs, we just don't know. The point is there is more than one way to run the ball, it's not all a down hill, straight line power running game. Fortunately Drinkz is the kind of coach who understands these things. I wish Larry all the luck and success in the world, unfortunately the NFL puts far less value on the toughness, heart and dedication that he has and much more on the metrics of 4.29 40 times, that's just the truth. If you want to believe he's the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, go for it champ, I won't argue.
"SEC needs those programs to remain on top." Not that long ago Fla was on top with Meyer-Teebow, a year ago LSU was on top... not any more. Your argument might make some sense if it actually made any sense.
@Abaker12345 been in Fla for 2 decades now, Mizzou to the SEC was a godsend. I'm pretty sure I was the second person to send a letter to Chancellor Deaton's office encouraging him to dump the Bev 12 for the sunny SEC. He had quite the unenviable task of leading the group trying to hold the 12 together at that time while Bevo and Oki kicked sand in his face.
That's exactly what I say, the beakers don't deserve any of our spotlight.
Yea I was excited about the Big 8 turning into the Big 12, it sure didn't take long to figure out what frickpodge of mistake that turned out to be.
"All Drinkwitz needs to do is win." exactly, nothing fills the stands like winning, we've seen it before at Faurot, the younger fans don't even remember the Big 8 and the 12 is an ancient memory for them. It's one more reason coming to the SEC was such a no brainer, there is no better football conference, at any level.
I'm not sure what Drinkz "dream job" is but I'm pretty sure it's NOT Arky. There are a few teams that could walk in, offer truck loads of money and perks and steal him, but that's in reality a very short list. Assume he wins 9 games this season, that's more than most are predicting but I think it's really on the table for him. At least one program or more will offer him a million $ upgrade to leave, and Mizzou can easily match that and more. There has to be more to it than being around a couple of years, time to take on a bigger task and leave.
Maeitti's entire clan can drive up the state road for that game in Boston. I will take Drinkz and the Mizzou-SEC edge in this game. As importantly Drinkz gets the full year to work with his offensive unit this time around and we see if the SEC Freshman of the Year is going to take a significant step forward.
I would say that losing Larry Rountree III would hurt a lot,,, IF... Barry Odom was still the HC, I have a great deal of confidence Drinkz can find ways to compensate for that run play that Larry was excellent at executing. There's a new sheriff in town and he ain't no blockhead.
Adam is no doubt an experienced beer pong and tiddley winks veteran but a football player he is not. He will point out that Rountree averaged nearly 5.5 ypc vs all SEC defenses yet underestimate the relative importance of those essential 5 bigs in front that were helping make it happen. Not only that, it's not like it was a secret what the run game plays would be, it was basically off tackle, off tackle, followed by, you guessed it, OFF TACKLE. While Drinkz didn't(at least not yet) pull a Rountree sized RB out of the portal, he did pick up the 2 Fullbacks, (one a defensive tackle)since coming in and has a big, new running back in Taj Butts this year. As importantly he has most of those same BIGS blocking up front. Writing off the Mizzou running game is an easy mistake for a "writer" but those who actually have played football may be less convinced of this lost cause.
2 top xfer corners to go with Rakestraw, seems like Drinkz has everything under control.
Meanwhile Drinkz just landed another top transfer player. I like the fact that he continues to push the envelope but all he really has to do is win.
If you win them, they will come. At the end of the day the guy that said "winning is the only thing" (yea I know, Lombardi) was right. Winning gets fans excited even more than recruiting. I've been on the Drinkz bandwagon/train etc as much as anyone but let's face it, even in a 5-5 SEC season which is really pretty good for a first year coach, he still left a couple of wins on the field. Should have been able to beat both Tenn and Mis ST. A 7-3 season would have been an accomplished, Coach of the Year, type outing. Mizzou fans have been through enough good years only to see the team drop a game early to a Bowling Green, Indiana or Wyoming and instantly see what might have been a great season dumped. Let's win some games, then we'll talk.
yep, even though he's an arky, don't mind giving the kid props for doing that.
Good luck Drew, if only the Drinkz era had started a couple of years earlier.
Build a statue of Sunvold when we build the statue for Drinkz, without our Saint Jon we would be hoping our team of 2-3stars can out perform against the odds, yet again.
He actually might be, it's not like Saban, UGA, FL, LSU don't recruit on cache of name brand, a lot of it is exactly that, and Drinkz doesn't have that luxury. He's recruiting at a level not seen at Mizzou since the rating's came into existence. His coaching looks better than the average stuff Mizzou fan's are very used to, and he seems to have a knack at just figuring things out, another quality Mizzou hasn't had in coaches for a very long time. Damit, now I'm talking myself into getting psyched for MU football, something a I said I would never do again.
Isn't it time we got rid of Drinkz and brought back Odom? lol
Just need to flip Luther Burden and make it a clean sweep.
gee I sure miss Odom... (said no Mizzou fan ever) HUGE HUGE HUGE
4 new big guys in this cycle. I think the starting line is most likely already set but having depth and competition surely helps.
Might have been a starter this year but there's no way to really know that. Something you could say for all the transfer outs this year. Apparently it's giving some Kentucky media types hope though. They better hope they get the refs from a few years ago.
The Jonathan Harris team that beat Miami in the Orange Bowl in the mid 90s was the last time they have been relevant.
"a lot of help".. you mean to look like Alabama's secondary?
I don't know who Jake Paul is, (and I'm pretty sure I don't care), I just hope his life insurance is paid up.
If he's not up to playing in the SEC he should probably stick with Duke, or Nebs or Minnie or the Mildcats. We just landed the best 3 star in Mo in Tollison who probably will outperform a lot of 4stars. Does he want to play in Canada or the NFL's number one recruiting league?
We have an edge on landing him and that's not bad. Remember when we had Gettis and Gaines? Probably one of the better CB duo's in modern MU history. We stills struggled mightily to stop a lot of passing attacks, you know, ones like Texas Techs. And that STILL, was when Dline Zou was terrorizing opposing QB's on a regular basis, making enemy passing games considerably less effective. My point is, it's great to have some good players in these spots, but without a superior mind running the Defense, it really may not matter all that much. Our new DC can make a much bigger impact than any one single player.