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The Oracle,,, winner winner chicken dinner! You are 100% correct my friend. Even if Petrino gets the program canceled they would probably still come out of it ahead.
It probably will wind up being a smart move for the Bears, for one thing people WHO WOULD NEVER talk about the Bears are actually talking about them, and yes, Petrino is a pretty decent SCORING coach. (innuendo challenge made)
nah it's just stupid, it's like North East changing to Truman State hoping it won't sound so directional. You little smallville 2 block campuses just need to be what you are.
It's in a place called the "boot toe". The reason you wouldn't have heard about it, is because it is recently the former South West Mo State. IE directional trying to be a non-directional school. (It's still VERY MUCH a directional) The odd thing is people think Petrino can "destroy" a near last place fcs program. It's like asking "how far down is down". The other interesting thing is SW Mo puts Petrino VERY close to Fayetteville, and potentially more ass.t Volleyball coaches, hmmm, how many did he have shacked up?
O'Gara spent his entire life living in B1G country, then decided he wanted to cover the best football.
Nice win Tigers. Seems like just yesterday a bunch of Geux-Tiger fans wanted to bring back Les Miles.
lol ta fvk, , what a ridiculous idiotic load of nonsensical drivel.
Mizzou's DLine made a lot of coaches, including Stec, seem much better than they are.
1. Yes, most important 2-4. Recruit better is all you need to say. 5 If 2-4 then 5
What conference had more bowl teams? Did they win more bowls?
Most Mizzou fans love to talk up the bowl games, largely because the previous coaches(pinkel esp) sold bowl appearances as an alternate for championships... something he couldn't win. Probably a good thing Mizzou didn't get a bowl this year with the coaching issues. Hopefully that is rectified and we can get back to beating the snot out of some 6 win acc-big teams again.
day-um,, kid can't give up on his twatter account for 2 seconds, might wanna see a "specialist".
In fairness, Brad Smith didn't play QB in the NFL, but he had a nice career and would have been better than kapernick. Franklin plays in the CFL which is of course pro-ball. Chase, Blaine and Drew all NFLers.
Confirms what we already know, sports media types are among the biggest aholes on the planet.
Or maybe he's a 20 year old kid with a lot of outside influences clouding his decision making, OMG we couldn't have that! If he needs about a dozen reasons to stay at Mizzou I can give them to him: RB's don't leave early unless they win the Heisman. He just picked up a better offensive coach in his new head coach. Moving to a new school/town will be another drain on his energy. Mizzou needs him as much as he needs Mizzou. I can go on but the point is he isn't going to get a better situation than he has now.
“I’m excited to coach in the best conference in college football " the man seems to know his what's what... trust in coach Drinkz
What do they call the KSU-Neb game? The corn-hole bowl? Then there's farmagedon. Seriously, Mizzou is in the big leagues now, get misty eyed over your clod-hopper U matchups that NOBODY in the rest of the free world cared about and be glad it's over.
Adding, subtracting it's really the same thing right? Ross most likely studied journalism in which case we would immediately assume he's incompetent in most walks of life.
Congrats to Coach Drinkwitz, App St had a great year, he's earned the right to a chance on the big stage and now he has it at Mizzou.
Beating BYU? Not even a top 100 moment from a year that had no top moments.
Mizzou has been mediocre though. Gabe isn't wrong, you are. Pinkels "vaunted" big years were nothing more than being a little better than average when the rest of the division was a dumpster fire. He had no clue how to get to the next level and was never going to so he cashed his yearly million dollar checks at "We Do What We Do" U and kept putting medicare looking teams on the field. LOL at your "great program", Neb is still more relevant. "We’re moving forward and we have expectations." What a syrupy idiotic talking point for a participation trophy millennial.
"Drinkwitz doesn’t even look his age" Give him a year or two of trying to win with campus crybaby safe spacers sabotaging his program, before long he won't have hair to turn grey.
Right now Mizzou's biggest rival is Vandy because we are both struggling to stay out of last place in the conference in so many fields. There are many reasons Gary Pinkel was in over his head and his replacement was just as much a fish out of water trying to run a P5 program in a tough conference. With less responsibility Odom can do better as a DC, but the real question is what can Eli Drinkwitz bring to Mizzou and truthfully the bar is already set very low by his predecessors. As Drinkz spends more time in COMO and understands the "big picture" more he will realize he has bitten off a lot to chew but also the exceptional room for growth. If UGA and FL are your rivals you hardly need an Arky for a rival, but if the SEC wants us to have arekansas to kick around, I guess we will take it.
Dooley? LOLtaFK not even the second best OC at MU, Heupel #1 Henson #2.. Dooley took over Heupels squad and just let it run itself the first season, this year he showed how bad he really was when he had to do anything.
Chik fillet sponsors Adam? KEWL love me some Chik Fillet
"I’ll give him Odom was a good hire," let's revisit this after a year of Odom as DC.