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It's time for the SEC to break away and run it's own network, the scum that runs espun should never have their filthy paws on the SEC.
The Pee 12 sounds like they'ed rather be smokin dope and protestin, than "competing", once Nike starts making bongs, everything should be in order out there.
You will be installing a new D too, Odom is pigheaded asfk.
"UCF, Memphis and even Louisiana that could legitimately be in the conversation" you guys at SDS.. always good for a laugh.
a 30 ppg average would mean two things, MU's QB situation is "fixed" and the HC is really getting it done, if the D plays well a 6ish win season would be on the table.
"Oh, and head coach Barry Odom was fired after the season." that's part of your "disaster"? Why is firing a boob like Odom a bad thing in your mind Adam, are you part of the "we are Mizzou where average is very acceptable" crowd? It's clear Odom was not ready to be a HC nor is there any evidence he ever will be, but MU fans have a way of turning average coaches into world beaters, (in their own minds). Losing to Wyoming was a good indicator, and firing Odom was a sign Mizzou might FINALLY be ready to join the SEC.
"When have you ever heard" If the same billion dollar corporate media outlets wanted you to hear about it, you would, you only really hear what they want you to hear.
Well you can always replace Iowa St with one of those kansas teams... oh wait.
Apparently IowaSt owns stock in SDS,, at least half the unranked SEC would beat the pants off ISU, but we have to pretend they are somebody.. for some reason.
"Please tell us who projected Iowa State as a “playoff caliber” team." that would be SDS one and only Mizzou grad...
World coming to end because of covid eh Keith,, I know, you're just a messenger, you don't have the brains to be otherwise.
"Why is SDS covering a meaningless opinion story about an ACC team " a fair question, probably because it's a nice "safe space" story and the SDS journotards want to be taken seriously by the other soyboi journo fruits.
Just one more in a long list of over reactions to the flu, all for the sake of politics.
LOL @ your Iowa State now, already dumped by a div nothing team. This list was garbage.
Powell may have started, but Bazelak played better of the two, remember Mizzou was sorely lacking in offensive coaching talent last year. I distinctly remember Bazelak coming in and throwing bullets, thinking, this is clearly our best passing QB, no wonder he's buried in the chart.
To AFan and other, the article(Michael Wayne) makes it sound as though Powell was the clear #2 backup the previous season, this is not the case, Bazelac was the #2, or even #1 QB. Powell was most likely going to drop on the depth chart to another true freshman. The kid just wants to go somewhere he can play, give him a break.
with only about 2 more 4star recruits Mizzou will sew up a top 20 class, one of the highest rated in history, in fact.
"6-foot-4 and 251 pounds" it hasn't been that long, Pinkels era in fact, that Mizzou constantly got kids that had to "grow" into the positions size, it's nice that is no longer the case.
Pinkel always wanted to get to "the next level", he never did, but at least he always wanted to.
Seriously Adam, I'm at the end of my rope with you, this is one the lamest, retarded lists ever put on the intenet.
This is where MU fanboist's have totally skeeved out with soy saturation. Believing this "5 north champ" garbage... lol
Odom is not a "Great" DC, he took a non functional D at Memphis and got it up to about average nationally. He came to Mizzou inheriting a pretty good D front and made it worse, attempting to show up Steckel who was already in the "average DC" group. But keep telling yourself Odom is something he isn't.
Bolton wasn't the "backup" Middle LB, he was the Strong Side backer, what you fail to notice is the SEC's best Middle LB, Cale Garrett had a season ending injury early on, and Bolton played both LB positions afterwords in the nickel.
"Ranking the top 5 quarterback rooms in the SEC Neil Blackmon | 4 hours ago" article had the shelf life of a fruit fly
THE SCIENCE is in, it's a simple corona virus, there are hundreds of them, while your progfilth are out spreading these germs "inconsiderately" the rest of us aren't losing our minds because unlike you we can actually understand "the science", you laughable pile of stink.
"They are white conservatives" you mean in Obammy's Murica? LOL, you progtard filth are the scum of the earth.
Tiger TD do you ever get tired of sucking d*ck on your knee's like the b*tch you are?
Drinkz has important things to think about like beating Bama and installing an offense, if he's talking about this crap it's because HE WAS ASKED about it by some lamazz reporter. You are a dimwit.
what is it w/ you awipe reporter clowns having to drag sjw crap into everything?