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Giving up that many yards/points to an FCS team is NOT "dominating",, certainly not by any SEC standards.
"This team is thin. " sure seems that way, still wondering why only 1 LB out of the portal, wouldn't two or three have been warranted, maybe an extra RB or DT as well? We clearly had roster space to pick up a few more kids.
"Winning is hard"... well dawg nabit there's a real eye opener!
Let's not get to over optimistic about the UK offense just yet. Realize they played a Mizzou D that was somewhere in the region of swiss cheese and paper mache level defense. You might want to wait and measure this new UK attack vs A REAL SEC defense, first.
Stacey, I see you got my response to your last article about needing Tyler Badie to over perform. As I correctly pointed out to you getting Badie to out perform was the least of Mizzou's problems vs UK, and you saw for yourself how correct I was. thanks
Wilks seems to have a all or nothing mentality, he sends the front 6 on a blitz rush or we don't get any pressure on the QB. Scheming defense isn't rocket surgery, he needs to use Carlise and Robinson as short pursuit safeties and get his LB's moving around. Even blockhead Barry could scheme something that simple. I just don't see Wilks having the brainpower to get it done, and this team does have a little talent in the secondary. At this rate the excuse making for paper soft defense is going to wear thin really fast.
Pitt up 2 TDs now, watching these QB's makes me appreciate Connor Baz even more.
"1. The SEC should merge completely with the BIG XII. " hahaha,, funniest thing I've heard all day! Good one, tell us some more!
This is actually good news, I mean for the Power 4 conferences. It's official the P5 is now the P4. The idea of auto qualifiers for the lesser conferences is a nonstarter and there will be only 4 auto qualifiers now, the P4 conf winners. In no way shape or form should a lesser conference winner take the place of a much more qualified (better) P4 program. This is good news for not only Georgia and the rest(nonBama) of the SEC but for schools like Wisconsin or FSU or USC.
Not sure who "he" is, I was responding to the OP who seems to think Badie running is the big issue and if has trouble running I can tell you it's because the O-line is even worse than we think. Yes the running game helps make the passing game open up, but conversely the passing game can help the running game open up. It's actually pretty common, for everybody.
"Get Tyler Badie rolling" huh? Badie runs and runs just fine, we don't need him to do more than he already does. He also catches the ball better than anybody except maybe Dove. What Mizzou needs is to get EVERYBODY ELSE rolling, and not try and win with a one man offense, really a two man offense considering Baz has dropped the ball consistently in the hands of his speedy hot dogging receivers who don't seem to know their #1 priority is to CATCH he ball. Yea you got it about 100% backwards if you think Badie is the issue.
"CHRIS WALLACE" so FALX news finally came to their senses and fired your azz.
If you're gonna put out a commercial that's like nails on a chalkboard for people without tin ears, it should hurt business, hopefully not too many idiots think this garbage sounds good.
"We’d be in a world of hurt at LB without him." that much seems certain and also why I'm a little surprised Drinkz didn't pick up at least one more LB out of the portal, which seemed to have many left over.
North and Coastal are ranked but not South, gotta be rigged.
Interesting we hadn't had a player get 3 sacks in a game since the bad old days of D-line Zou, I think it was Golden that did it. Good for Blaze, he was jonny on the spot at least. A lot of good energy players out there besides him, Wingo, Jeffcoat, the new xfer Corners looked good, and may personal fav, Shawn Robninson, loading up the truck and delivering the boom. This defense looks like at some point it could be good.
Yea I don't think his issue with defending was speed as much as misreading or just not shedding blocks. As I said he is faster than the normal middle backers we are used to, but that's not really saying much, Scherer and Garret were no speedies. Part of the problem with those huge runs up the middle was no Saftey in the hashes, that may have been a tactical error on the coaches more than a player issue.
Onofrio had slightly less charisma than Pinkel, which is to say either one could give watching paint dry a real run for it's money.
So we're now comparing Drink to Frost? I'd rather have dementia than the retardation you suffer from.
Blaze isn't exactly blazing fast, but he ain't slow either. Somewhere between Scherer-Garret middle backer speed and Bolton in quickness and not Bolton's size. Can he be effective in the SEC? Yes, but not an AA, first rounder like Bolton. The bigger story on the defense might be(and take note Stacy) that true freshman Mehki Wingo was out there most of the game, the kid looks like a smallish Sheldon Richardson(look him up) and plays with a revved up engine from the git go. You're gonna want to research Mehki Wingo for the future, trust me.
Yea in the SEC it's kinda about game day coaching too. Drinkz needs to find his wheels fast. He just gave the O-line coach a promotion, we need to start seeing reasons for doing so.
It's a good point, the best intentions and the hardest work ethic can easily mean you are only a little better than average, actual talent counts. This team does seem to have some actual talent around the positions, it's just a matter of playing up to it at all times.
The O-line got going late in the game, the D-line seemed to have the pass rush down, just not the run D. It's pretty disappointing that w/ so many linemen returning on both sides that the line play was so weak. That wasn't the only downside, at least 3 deep bombs by Baz, went through or bounced off the hands of his recievers. The good news is Drink isn't a coach that just hopes things get better, he addresses issues head on and trys to fix them.
I know, you're right it is ridiculous and it is the rule. Both are true.
"its 5-5 record in 2020" including losses to UGA, Fla, Al, yes .500 vs all SEC teams is just abysmal. The SEC being such a weakazzed league and all, a shame Bama can't find a real league to play in huh Stacy. Without major improvement it's clear Mizzou cannot beat Michigan(I mean central of course) or Texas(I mean north of course), let alone BC or SC or UK. Beating SEMO and Vandy is really ALL WE CAN HOPE for. These articles just keep getting worse, stick to your Gumps, Mizzou is not something you know.
I think he had Bazelak at 11 behind (unknown Tenn starter) in the first edition. I think his main complaint besides obvious lack of TD passes, was accuracy, Baz was only like 2nd or 3rd in that category. Easy to see why you would dis him. I just hope the SEC coaching staffs all feel the same way, no need to prep for that Mizzou QB... what's his name again?