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E.J. was always a tough, no nonsense competitor, it's no surprise the NFL likes him.
I remember Woody's Bandwagon, he had the distinction of being one of the last of the Mizzou coaches in the era of "the Babs" the MU chancellor who hated men's sports and sports in general and would be happy to end all sports at Mizzou. It's amazing how competitive Mizzou stayed in this era but the 90's eventually showed what happens when a program is being actively destroyed from within. At least Woody always had the Steelers Superbowl ring to comfort him.
You're the one who seems to be missing the point(because you are) college competition is no where near pro competition. Tebow is basically a bigger, dumber version of Chase Daniel, and yes it IS A SHAME, Chase won't get a chance to be Drew's backup. You incredibly stupid moron.
A shame Chase didn't get an offer from Denver where he could be Drew Lock's backup.
“If I can stay out of the club, anyone can." should have added, "heck, it's as easy as staying out of a pro teams locker room". Yea he's pretty good at that too.
"We were not one of them and there is no excuse for this kind of elected leadership." correct, our "leadership" IN CONGRESS are the traitors owned by the globalists that sold us out to china for the past 40 years, I'm sure that's who you referring to.
volmansnowflake, I don't want to hear anything from media because I know how full of crap they all are. My point is sport "journalists" lol, what a joke, need to NOT peddle the BS hallucinogenics that you idiots gobble down. Most of them are orangemanbad snowflakes too, they just try to hide it from the audience. The average journotards are HOPING for a disaster to tank the economy and the POTUS chances of being re-elected. That's just a fact regardless of your limited comprehension.
You sports media types had better start slowing the roll on these "news journalists" that want to scare everybody for their own attention whoring reasons. Otherwise you may not have much of a career for a while.
"Heisman Trophy finalist: Chase Daniel, 2007" lmao, Drew has more records than CD, but ignore it for your hero worship of a player that never gets a starting job in the NFL. CD also played against Iowa St and Kansas level competition while Drew played in the SEC. Chase was a good competitor for sure but he has no where near the talent of Drew Lock who is ALREADY an NFL starter.
Band members get part or all of uniforms and instruments subsidized, at least at UGA. Also they get a stipend for travel to away games along with the free transit. Booches seems like your bernie bro neighbor stupidly arguing for communism while claiming there is no value in access to billion dollar facilities. There's little chance in fixing this level of "stupid".
Booches94 while you are proving to be too stupid to waste time on, others might learn from the tragedy that is your posting. College athletics not being pro athletics is exactly why many many fans follow college sports and not pro sports. To be clear many college athletes bring next to nothing in financial gain and cost more than they bring in, should they be penalized and ended because they are unprofitable? Yet the massive gain in benefit THAT DOES translate to real dollars, even if you are too stupid to understand it, goes directly to these athletes as well as those who are part of the money earning sports.
We have a new Connor (OL) coming in next year keeping the Connor train running. Guess they'll both start playing about the same time.
Do you understand that a "benefit" is worth money? Clearly you don't. You don't seem to have a clue what "amateur athlete" means either. How many games could these kids put on without coaches and stadium crews and the parking and admins that plan it all? NONE, they would do nothing at all.
"But medical attention is not and shouldn’t be a form of payment." You're probably one of those "health care is a right" idiots too, but it's not just medicine, treatment, doctors, all the perks of a full blown medical staff and equipment, it's trainers, training facility, workout facilities and on and on, they are getting the best of everything. Only retards are too blinded with the media bs that "kids are getting cheated" to understand the obvious truth.
Loving him so far. If he winds up being a smart game day coach, (something Mizzou hasn't had in about 50 years), this will be the start of something big.
"I’d take him over Lock as a college QB." and that's why you'ed lose, again, and again and again.
Always good to hear what the BigTen thinks, thanks lO'gara.
This is like calling a home run or strikeout and saying you have some insight nobody else can access thus you are a genius. Yes Finebaum loves to call the obvious and portray himself a sage, so what, he isn't wrong. The NCAA has been a fat, out of control bull for so long we have all grown used to it. Emmert has millions or maybe billions of dollars to install an effective way to communicate with a few dozen conference leaders, but with months to prepare for the day he had nothing in place. This is just another mark of failure for an organization and leader with no accountability to anyone.
You need to step away from the nonsensical media for a bit and realize how stupidly wrong you are. Athletes on full ride scholarships get ENORMOUS compensation from everything from tuition, tutors, books and resources for actual academics to free room and board. That's already worth many tens or even hundreds of thousands in some cases but WAIT, that's just the beginning. These same athletes get much more, they get the best coaching that money can buy, unless you believe the many many millions spent annually on coaching staffs is wasted and the local street musician could do the same job. All that direction and then top that off with the best medical treatment money can buy, ANYWHERE ON EARTH. Maybe you need to remember the story of Henry Josey whose knee was practically destroyed but got the best medical care possible and was brought back to game readyness. These kids get hundreds and hundreds of thousands of value thrown at them for playing a game while going to school, and you want to join the crowd of moronic harpy's crying they are getting nothing or should get more. IDIOT.
I'm basing all my new recruits on SEC name readyness, Mizzou needed another Connor on offense, so this is a great pickup. We have names like Josh Bledsoe, Kobie Whiteside and Nick Bolton on defense. These are SEC ready names, Tyree Gillespie is an SEC MVP POTY caliber name, things are looking up in COMO.
If he's at least a fair Offensive minded coach he will be better than what we've had. Mizzou has really never set the bar all that high, so sadly he doesn't need to be all that great to be a real improvement.
He framed it in terms that it's accepted standards that some programs will "stretch the rules" more than others. No biggy, it's nothing we don't all already know about. Freeze bit the hooker phone bullet hard to keep it distanced from "recruits", from a coaching standpoint he did what a soldier has to do. I think Ole Miss MAY have gotten one recruit Mizzou was going hard for but that's all and it really wasn't the point of this. Drinkz is probably just signaling that he isn't going to turn the program "shady" to get into the upper half of SEC recruiting.
He probably knows more about the recruitment cheating that's gone on at Ole Miss far better than any of us, he certainly knows something about the cheating at Auburn. The two SEC programs with the most prolific recruiting "issues" in recent times. Well why do you think we hired him?
Bolton didn't come off the bench, he was already starting. The idea kids should be given yet another "out" for moving is a bit absurd, part of the process of selecting a school should be the idea if there is a Drew Lock, Nick Chubb, Julio Jones etc at your position with some eligibility left, you won't likely see the field much. This is why you choose a program that might use you immediately. As for coaches leaving yet another reason successful coaches have an advantage.
Odom and Hill ran MU special teams, some would say right into the ground. Don't know how good Drinkz will be but glad MU is finally ready to try and get better than accept these same underachievers year in and out.
Ben looks to have a good motor and quick feet, might wind up at DE for Mizzou.
The "sleeping giant" tag from Osborn was related to the fact Mizzou was already competing with top programs back in the day and would again if the right leaders came along. We have yet to see the right leaders come along.