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Miles could have accurately been played by the greatest living actor-coach in history, non-other than Gene Hackman whose played a military officer or coach in nearly half his long acting career.
Looks taller than 6 foot, maybe just because he runs upright, good speed and power, a nice pickup for a struggling recruiting class.
I hear your boy Pawl will be looking for a job soon, low bar... your type.
You think Jimbo is hard to understand? Ever heard Orgeron?
"You see this can of coke..? " "haha ha" "Im Nick Saban and FU" If you want to pretend to ask Saban questions I will give you his answer.
Amazing that only a couple of us can see the obvious answer, if playoffs are a problem then fix the playoffs, don't destroy and realign conferences for this silly notion.
You more or less contradicted your own statement, if cord cutting is a major issue and it certainly appears to be one, then the draw of "national significance" is also gone. Games can be direct streamed by conferences for revenue, which is a great enhancement, cutting out espn is one of the best investments the SEC could make. The SEC pulls its weight in viewers like no other conference, that is why it will survive the cord cutting when others will not.
"there is no fix." truthfully no one has even demonstrated that there is a problem much less the need for "a fix". The idea only even same numbered super conferences is "the fix" is one of the most idiotic notions ever contended.
This guy showed up a couple of days ago, he's one of the tigerboard regulars and trolls there daily as well. We know who he is.
Mike, I've informed literally dozens in SEC land about the fact that our feud dates back to the days of real war between states, it's amazing how many lack any awareness of these historical events.
you aren't wrong, the beakers were nothing but terrorists. now they are a bunch of sad nobodies whose mascot is a retarded parrot.
Adam Spencer isn't just biased (because he's a Mizzou grad) Terry Beckner Jr really is that good, IF he stays healthy he can be one of the best DT's in the nation.
MD, agree, also lets look at the reason behind the breakup of the big12.. Colorado and Nebraska didn't leave because of "playoffs", and Aggies and finally Mizzou also didn't leave because they were concerned about the playoff picture. The very weak 12 collapsed because of the Bevos greed in preventing a conference network. Expanding was about adding quality programs that brought TV markets for negotiating contracts, along with the idea of keeping regional states together. Mo borders 3 SEC states, if an Oki school were added it would be 4 states. Heres the thing no conference is going to expand solely for the convenience of even numbers and helping the current playoff scenario. Adding Kstate to the SEC makes no sense what so ever. Ultimately these fanboyish realignment scenario's always over look the obvious in an attempt to create some utopian playoff scheme, this is just nonsensical hubris on their part.
I've seen a lot of this "lets screw up all the conferences for the sake of a playoff".. or you could just change the playoff and NOT screw up every conference. hmmm which makes more sense...
He said "throw the ball a lot, but run the ball too", in other words he doesn't have a frappin clue.
@wolfman no, that is true, the fault was not just with Pinkel, but with the entire MU Admin, who allowed a charade and farce to continue far beyond the point of when it was uncovered as a stale joke. I wonder had Gary called up his old friend Nick in Tuscaloosa and asked "what would you do?" if he would have received good advice, WE KNOW what Saban would have done. Anybody who didn't show up for practice would be on a short thread list, and summarily expelled from the program if they didn't get their head strait as to why they were here. Pinkels issues went well beyond that though, the constant idea he could simply promote from within and train his OC which Pinkel was never that great at, the idea he could succeed ignoring recruiting. At the end he had zero conference championships to show for it which should be the lesson gleaned for anyone following Odoms path. Outside of his admission of guilt for a DUI, it's difficult to remember any of Pinkels owning up to a failure in coaching. He readily threw his players under the bus in that regard, always the players making mistakes, never his coaches. High level recruiting may not guarantee success but not recruiting at the top does guarantee you wont be winning any championships. Of course you can always luck into a 10 win season every 15 years if you happen to be in the right division, sometimes being lucky is better than being good and nobody proves that better than Gary Pinkel.
When you left twitter and facebook you should have thrown in the rest of the internets as well.
Joe, if Odom doesn't get his act together, esp on the defensive side of the ball, he is likely looking at his last season as MU HC. Or at least he should be.
You seam a lot like one of the current tigerboard regulars.
Actually if Lock does win the Heisman, it's likely because Mizzou is closing in on 9 or 10 wins, which means a great season but more importantly that both the Dooley hire worked out AND Odoms defensive hires/staff also worked out.
Actually Pinkel got plenty(more than he deserved) credit for winning the SEC East, the defense was the key and Pinkel IS NOT a defensive coach, truthfully having Alabamas current DL coach had more to do with winning than Pinkel.
Gary Pinkle held onto his job for many years because a 6-6 with a bowl appearance season was "good enough at Mizzou". Still even with just a few good years sandwiched between mediocre and bad years he had a safe job, UNTIL one of the most ridiculous episodes in college sports history. A maddonna teaching crazy ginge advocating violence against journalists led a fiasco of a magnitude here to unseen, and Pinkel got sucked in and joined the stupidity, claiming he was "saving a kids life" and poor health for his excuse in his embarrassingly bad decision. An excuse he clings to still to this day. Pinkel was embarrassed many time with ease by local sports radio personalities who inquired into such things as to his thoughts on "first amendment rights" which Pinkel pled a fifth amendment of ignorance on, the highest paid state employee in Missouri had no clue as to the relevance of the first amendment. Odom has no real challenge to equal his predecessor and mentor,, Pinkel, he simply has to stay in his job and occasionally make a decent showing with a good finish in a weak division. The REAL QUESTION Adam should be wondering is if Mizzou fans are actually ready to step up their expectations or will they simply relegate them to the 6 win bowl season hopes of the Pinkel years.
Watched enough hoops to see that Jontay was often the best player on the court, his return for Mizzou is a game changer.
"Great guy who represented Mizzou with class." exactly
Franklin was injured because the idiot OC kept putting him in a QB draw situation over and over. No other Mizzou QB was asked to keep running it up the middle like JF but hey, if you think smoking is affecting me, you have no idea what it's doing to you.
"Soft and injury prone." will be what they say about his opponents.
@Tiger TD his dad is a baptist preacher or something, i really dont care, he was a good kid at Mizzou, not a rabble rousing "lets go on strike" bs character like some. thats all.
Just wait til Frank the Tank runs strait over and through a few secondary defenders for a game winning TD. It will happen.
Drew can save Barry and Dereks career, what he can't do is make them competent coaches.
No surprise at all. James Franklin is a great human being. I challenge you to refute this.