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The legendary Barry Odom.. lol, as DC took a last place bottom of the barrel mempiss defense to somewhere way down in the middle of the pack. Couldn't wait to dismantle the MU D that Stec used to get two East Div finishes and turn it into a middle of the pack D. He's more suited to be a middle linebacker coach than anything else, anyway it will be fun owning ourkansas for another decade.
here's what I noticed, "tall", "rangy wing span", catches balls thrown at him. That checks a bunch of my boxes.
the oval is already old news in college football, uga fla etc, the classic M is the only way to go.
Wow, it's amazing how ever single response, both pro and neg Tiger, completely missed the point. If we wear that black jersey with those block M helmets like in this article, we will clean up, 10 wins guaranteed.
Having to throw the ball in a monsoon at UScar with said questionable receivers but Lock's the kind of kid that will step up and accept responsibility and never say it wasn't on him to win it even when we all know what a ridiculous coaching job it was.
MVC split and the Big 4 became the Big 6 then the Big 8 and finally the Big 12, Mizzou has been part of a growing conference for it's entire existence. The dissolution of the Big 12 should not need retelling. While many point to the pro sports in KC and STL as a problem, it's really a kinard. Only two other SEC states(KY and AR) with sole P5 programs, the advantage of being a regional and academic leader, what has really been missing is the coach to get it done.
The NCAA is the only thing stopping schools from paying millions of dollars for a recruit, it's amazing how stupid some of these sports blowhards actually are.
"Mizzou has conferences hopped "' tha fvk, dude, Mizzou has "left" a conference ONE time, and that was to come to the SEC.
"This is a positive step for Mizzou returning to the Big 12." The beakers were the pawns of bevo, constantly doing the bidding of Austin, even voting to block a conference network. They are part of the reason MU left the weak and dying conference to begin with. When these media nitwits hear the word "rivalry" it's like a sparkly to a crow, they are completely mesmerized, after all it's more fodder for their inane blathering. Anyone who want's to help kU by playing them BELONGS in the b12, that is the truth.
"I mean you have a sickness, a self hate, and inferiority complex of some kind, if you think Missouri will get something positive out of playing Kansas." extremely well put, preach it brother.
"I have zero interest in playing KU in football. There’s no point." Exactly! This helps kU, it helps media blowhards, it doesn NOTHING for Mizzou. Not that MU admin is known for making good decisions.
Twatter, it's the equivalent of anal warts, or as sports mediots like to put it "THE GREATEST INVENTION IN THE HISTORY OF MAN".
“I’m just giving you a snapshot judgment on Monday morning, but I suspect he will probably survive and it will be a blimp,” A "blimp"? Really? ok, MEDIA IDIOTS, think about how stupid the average mediot is and then realize the one's who went into sports are on the low side of that IQ deficient lot.
Drink doesn't need to apologize and he has not trouble with "foot in mouth", this is just another case of media idiots like Matter needing to twit their worthless opinions and try and create controversy.
When these idiots that over react because they want to see their name in the news see other states/cities doing business as normal, they will change their tune rather quickly.
If you need a therapist get one yourself. Too bad that you're that messed up but whatever.
Dear Coach, please ignore these mediots like Dave NoMatter and others trying to drag you into a faux controversy for their own clickbait hubris. Mizzou needs YOU, we don't need those sorry pieces of shyt.
Football will happen when the sheeple come to their senses and stop allowing media types to panic them into a stupor. "y’all." hey yankee, stop appropriating our culture.
E.J. was always a tough, no nonsense competitor, it's no surprise the NFL likes him.
I remember Woody's Bandwagon, he had the distinction of being one of the last of the Mizzou coaches in the era of "the Babs" the MU chancellor who hated men's sports and sports in general and would be happy to end all sports at Mizzou. It's amazing how competitive Mizzou stayed in this era but the 90's eventually showed what happens when a program is being actively destroyed from within. At least Woody always had the Steelers Superbowl ring to comfort him.
You're the one who seems to be missing the point(because you are) college competition is no where near pro competition. Tebow is basically a bigger, dumber version of Chase Daniel, and yes it IS A SHAME, Chase won't get a chance to be Drew's backup. You incredibly stupid moron.
A shame Chase didn't get an offer from Denver where he could be Drew Lock's backup.
“If I can stay out of the club, anyone can." should have added, "heck, it's as easy as staying out of a pro teams locker room". Yea he's pretty good at that too.
"We were not one of them and there is no excuse for this kind of elected leadership." correct, our "leadership" IN CONGRESS are the traitors owned by the globalists that sold us out to china for the past 40 years, I'm sure that's who you referring to.