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Interesting and good late pickup for the 21 season, according to 247 Mizzou is close to 25 commits now, with 3 highly regarded O lines in the class including the transfer Ndoma-Ogar.
I would say "Sterk trys" is about the best you could say for him. Sunvold is really the guy you should thank for Drinkz.
Mizzou has a few schollies left, with over 400 3star plus players in the portal that are so far unclaimed, there is really no chance schools like Arkie and MU won't fill out a class of 25. We already have a high 4star portal lineman coming so I'm not worried at all about losing one here and there. Drinkz is already looking head and shoulder above Odom/Pinkel when it comes to recruiting.
I like your observation about Odom as D mastermind, reminds me a lot of Pinkel who was supposed to be that kind of O coach but who really never managed much on that side but rather relied on his D-line coach to over produce. There is also a certain amount of luck to coaching, things like right place, right time, Pinkel definitely had his share while maybe Odom just didn't.
I was somewhat amazed he lasted this long at Mizzou.
Good for Kelly, he didn't have the best of luck landing at Mizzou with the previous staff. Speaking of which, with Hilinski (USCar QB) still in the portal, it might not be a bad idea for MU to add some QB depth. Hilinski did a number on the vaunted Odom defense, wouldn't be a bad idea to have a player behind Baz just in case.
Yea I remember him being one of the top recruits Odom's staff managed to land, a much bigger get than Bazalak according to the "experts". If the pigs have schollies left he might get one, or he might wind up walking on at UTEP.
SO ,,, you'e going to hire a DC BUT NOT give him the authority to hire his own team of position coaches? LOLTF.... Heupel sees a cliff and speeds the train up..
Maclin was always one of the most grounded of the high talent kids that came through Mizzou, head square on shoulders, his success as a coach will be no accident.
Mizzou has lost no starters to the portal and one projected starter, we've gained one of the CLEAR TOP interior OLineman in 4star Ngdoma-Ogar in fact he is the third highest rated guard in the portal. One of the very top portal receivers in 4 star Mookie Cooper is coming home to Mizzou. Also Mizzou has picked up one of the top senior tacklers in the portal, Blaze Alldredge. At this point the portal is looking like a bonanza for Eli Drinkwitz and Mizzou.
and your opinion is based on the meandering ramblings of a drunken retard.
I certainly hope your coaching staff is dumb enough to believe that, though they really aren't.
To'o To'o and Ayodele Adeoye both in portal. Adeoye is from STL area, maybe Mizzou can snag a second portal LB.
Some idiot started a rumor on a message board that Sterk might be leaving, and now that idiot is spazzing out wetting himself because a non-report report was issued.
If Mizzou needs 1 thing it's another LB, we saw what happened when Bolton was out last year, that position was already thin and 2 MU LB's have gone to the portal. The other thing would be a power RB to help replace Rountree's downhill straight line run game. "Tyler Badie wasn’t really used as a true complement to Rountree" Yea once again you are 100% wrong, he was exactly the complement of Rountree running sweeps, flat pass routes and pretty much anything except the off tackle power slants that Rountree was known for. Drinkz went to that play a good bit and if he doesn't have that back to hand off to he has some serious questions to answer for himself.
With all the need to run 4-2 base these days, LB is becoming an even tougher gig. Was already expecting Drinkz to use one of the last few remaining spots to grab another LB out of the portal, this almost ensures it will happen.
So if Kirby and Nick don't win their respective divisions for the next 3-4 years, they should be fired immediately.
Like Odom hiring whoever his agent tells him is available. The dark days are behind us!
I know the Vols try to keep up with Bama in spending on football but right now going from Mizzou to the Tenner staff for what looks like a lateral move just seems like a really poor idea. The NCAA cloud won't be blowing over in a day or a year.
I meant to include the S&C coach as well.
So both the Director of Recruiting and the Recruiting Co-ordinator (Coach Woods)are previous Auburn staff guys w/ Gus-Drinkz connections in the SEC. I think I like this plan.
Yes Heupel was by default about as good a OC as Mizzou had had to that point. The bar just wasn't very high though. Agree that Steve Wilks is looking like an ace hire so far. Every time I expect Drinkz might drop the ball he just keeps right on juggling.
Want to compare all the 3-star loaded National Champions of the last 20 years? Yea it's that easy because they don't exist.
It's easy to see why Drinks campaigned so hard for Maietti to return, this line could be very salty next year. They went up against the best D lines in the nation and held themselves accountable. It's really a great time for Mizzou football, once the NCAA recruiting restrictions are completely off I predict the fans are going to be amazed.
Most coaches are mercs riding the current million dollar contract until the next bigger one comes along. Some hide it better but almost none will turn down a much bigger paycheck. Considering the situation the Vols program is in, this is probably as good a hire as could be expected. Heupel came to Mizzou in a similarly bad circumstance.