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"bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh"LOL, Ellarbee is the best OL coach Mizzou has seen in 40 years.
Fair observations, Poofed, the problem for Barry is the best part of the coaching staff he hired just left, so its on him to make like Steely Dan and "do it again" as well as step up on the defense which he supposedly knows something about, yet hasn't make any impression at all you could call positive. Odom tried to abandon the defensive front pressure that made Mizzou at least a smidgen successful in the SEC, so far he has nothing but egg on his face to show for it. Lets see if Dooley tries to "pull and Odom" and abandon the scheme he inherited for something less successful but more in his "style".Most of the Mizzou fans I know personally are willing to admit this at the least a "WTF" kind of move with a small potential upside, and at best will just be a continuation of air raid 101. Whatever happens, at least you can't accuse Mizzou of being boring.
"1. Alabama deserves the benefit of doubt"I would say more like Nick Saban deserves the bene.. and "no doubt"."2. Enough already about the SEC’s weak schedule"au'igt small lol3. Designers Gone Wild,Woof Woof? Spots Illustrated?4. I’m not sold on Georgiawithout Chubb and Sony you shouldnt be(probably)5. UCF would haveNOT won the SEC? no, no they wouldnt6. coach “bowl aggressive”watered down bowls.. meh,, take a knee7. I still can’t get over Benny Snell’s ejectionif nobody watched a game,, did it still happen?8. Kirby SmartYou jus never knows - Andujar Joauqin9. Alabama is running the table in 2018are you wearing a pink, fuzzy eared hat?10. Nick Saban, ladies and gentlemenGOAT,, even deniers are silent now
"And Odom really can’t afford to F this up either, he should know he’s on thin ice."Careful, you might make zoucats "critics" list yet! At Mizzou you're not allowed to question the all knowing coaching staff. Besides "we are Mizzou", it's not like we could go out and actually hire a coach with a proven track record on the job.Perhaps Odom is the REAL GENIUS here, perhaps he knew he could always go out and hire the next great, hot, up and coming American Mountain Valley Conference OC-stud, but how would that take the focus off his VERY SH*TTY Defensive work?Hiring Dooley is the best way to distract you from the poor job he has done as the defacto DC, now that he has fired his scape goat, Cross, what better way to keep you looking away from his poor coaching than to hire a HUGE question mark on the other side of the ball.What did he say about Demontie Cross again? "Let go purely for philosophical differences.... nothing to do with on field performance".It's Philosopher Odom at work! Ole Barry is just philosophizin us along with pure genius of hires like Dooley!"Philosphy... is a walk on the slippery rocks""religion,,, is a smile on a dog".
I'm supportive based on what? Where did you get that from anything I said?I did say Heupel was a good hire and Ellerbee turned out to be as well, so if Dooley works out it will be a good sign for a DC head coach who doesn't know much about offense. Now if only he can figure out that "defense" thing.
Jackson was ground breaking in a field that recently has lost much of it's trade credibility. Many of them owe their jobs to a few like Keith Jackson.Many of these millennials at the alphabets like pMSPN should go home and watch his reruns and stop listening to their soyboy pooft "directors" talk about "news".
The REAL upside for Drew Lock will be that certain receivers aren't going to be back dropping "multiple" as they like to say.
iowavol, you missed where he told us he "larned some more of them X's and O's in the NFL", it'll be different THIS TIME. Wait and see. If Odom and Co can't seriously improve the back half of the defense then not much else is going to matter.
Jon, this entire topic is such total bullshix and nothing but mere "filler" for you silly "sports writers".The answer to this absurdity is of course simple, Saban will retire from Bama as the most successful college coach in history, to put it mildly, THERE IS NOT ENOUGH HOOKERS AND BLOW IN THE UNIVERSE to lure him away for another job.
Bryant is clearly number 2 behind Saban in Bama program history, and LOL at the "deniers".
wouldn't you pussyhat mediots would rather have student1950 as a "face of the MU program"..at least give Micheal Sam another shot as your mascot.
a very mediocre, average move that will make no improvements?you obviously haven't been a Mizzou fan for very long.
Waste? No if anything this a MUCH BETTER use of "government time" than 99.9% of what government does otherwise.
"was a SEC HC""coached in the NFL""coached for Saban""Heupal was fired too ya know"pumpers will never run out of sunshine
Yea its not like Dooley has any record of success or failure to look at, right sunshine?
a Mizzou sunshine pumper faithful like you would never question "a hire".. stop pretending you would, you are no more than a useful idiot.
lol.. "were fine" "we do what we do" say the pinkel faithful...
sure, I'll try and fall in line w/ the rest of you that think garbage is success.
Ironically if Dooley DOES work out well as MU-OC, he'll need to be paid MORE than Odom, just to be retained. Also IF IT DID work out well, about all Odom will have proven as a defensive minded HC is that he knows how to hire an OC.
This article sounds as though it was written by an "SEC outsider" infatuated w/ Bama football.Oh look! It was!
Of course you are, ignorance like 2015 enjoys it's bliss.
It's certainly not out of the question for Dooley to make the offense at least as viable as Odom has made the defense,, but that would be a problem wouldn't it.
waaa,, waaa,, DA HATA!! WAAAA...no, but I do hate on stupid fan bois.. like you.
apparently everyone and their brother knows Odom will be done next year. This hire just makes it official.
"The guy could use a break."just call it the-last-chance-Zou
Heard this earlier and just assumed "yoke".. haha very funny.wait what?Now we know Heupel was just beginners luck, this is who Barry odum is.
"players lacking discipline" "poor coaching" these two things are not mutually exclusive and in fact may often exhibit a close correlation.
Yes, chippy, snowflake, me-first players... I wonder how that happened.(sarc)