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"It’s so funny to me when people call my generation the “participation trophy” generation" yes, Drama Queen generation would be more fitting, after going into a hysterical fit over the lack of bubbling enthusiasm and QB controversy Drew Lock SHOULD be creating, you acknowledge Lock is probably in a good place where he will have a season to just adjust to the NFL and how the pro's do it, in other words, Lock is just fine in spite of your insipid theatrics.
@zoucat you may be right about Morse and Britt, but starting O-linemen who settle in tend to have long careers, both are deserving of course. Big Shel was a bit like Aldon, the celebrity and fame are a lot to handle. I don't believe any of the Smiths are still in the league now. I think Spoons knee's finally couldn't go, we know it was not for a lack of heart to play. Like Ray and Ealy, Brothers might find a landing spot before it's said and done.
btw, the S is possessive, as in Daniels career, you wouldn't say Daniel career now would you? Well you might, j-school genius.
fyi I don't really care if he has an "S" or not, because he is a backup clipboard warrior, and nothing more.
Glad Beckner was selected in the draft, and yes he will probably do more than Chase Daniel in the NFL. (hope that makes you feel better)
This list seems odd to me, the absence of Sean Weatherspoon and Kentrel Brothers, I know William Moore retired years ago but Hansborough and Murphy are still in it I think. Chase Daniels great career as a bench warming clip board stand continues! Hurrah for Chase and his long career as a never starter, but that just doesn't seem worthy of a top NFL player spot. Richardson and Britt, yes, Hall as a FA signee? Terry Beckner has as good a shot also as a FA signee. Your list just seems weird.
Mizzou has had some good NFL centers recently like Colin Brown and Tim Barnes, I guess both finally retired but they had pretty good, long careers as NFL centers. Odd how many of MU's non-center lineman now are finding jobs at center, (Boehm,Britt,Morse) it beats getting sent home of course.
LSUSMC, good summation, a lot is riding on Kelly Bryant to perform at a high level out of the gate and if the injury bug bites there are areas where the depth issue could easily crop up. Odoms main issue with coaching continues to be DC/D backfield, will this finally be the season it comes up to par?
"If your school gets a bowl ban" which the ncaa will now hand out willy-nilly at it's discretion, from now on no more mister nice guy, time for nothin but hard ball.
So far so good. Even with his cred of record coming in, he doesn't need to be a showboat-rocker before the season starts, go out and have a great first game and he can run the show as flamboyant as he want's to be.
The correct way to look at this is to STOP believing the NCAA is ANYTHING BUT a business. It is a moneymaking venture pure and simple, and gets special consideration, eg gov tax exempt status for one, and does what it pleases. The RIGHT WAY to deal with the NCAA from now on is to circle the wagons, DENY DENY DENY and DO NOT give them ANYTHING they can use against you, in fact it's very much just like dealing with the police.
jdhart, I concur, the fact is Odom is not the best HC, not even close, but knowing he is at least going to fight for the integrity of his program which was not at fault in this "tutor cheating" fiasco is a great sign for Mizzou. If he simply rolled over and said "we have to abide by whatever the NCAA rules" it would be over for him.
So glad to see L'Damian Washington on a team here, if you don't know his story it's an incredible one, there is no more deserving a young man in America than he, to be on a team.
Dear God NO Clemson,, JUST NO! To make an example of Clemson the NCAA will now add a 2nd year of post season ban to Mizzou's punishment.
You could say plenty of unflattering things about Henson as an OC that would be warranted, but as an O-line coach, the guy is solid with a solid history of success. Henson and Kuligowski(D-line coach at Bama) probably got far less credit than they deserved, not sure why so many think Pinkle was some sort of genius at coaching, he certainly was NOT. Henson's tenure as an OC at Mizzou was another example of Pinkle not knowing how to bring in an OC.
"Even fans outside the SEC should see that this is overkill." the only fans I wouldn't expect to think this way are bevo's and beakers, and quite honestly they can all burn.
ok Smell, the thing is that stadium view looks like it did when I was a kid and there was no south end stands, you could literally look out over that end and see the fall colors of the trees, it was quite remarkable and a beautiful place to watch a game on a nice autumn day. Soon the new south endzone tower will be up and this "blast from the past" view will be gone. Speaking of jokes is that ugly rickety thing you call a stadium still standing?
Well said, mntlproblm, a case of a single rogue tutor who ignored the rules because she apparently thought "rules are for other people" is not a systemic and widespread problem.
Jon feels like choking the life out of some NCAA pinhead nerd, I don't blame him one bit, I feel the exact same way.
"What do Mizzou fans feel is a deserved punishment for this infraction?" vacate all wins from Gary Pinkles final 2 seasons, that's more than enough.
"... but Sundvold was a basketball player at Mizzou back in the day. Not sure how much he knows about football." so did you have any point? any point at all? He summed up the situation perfectly and ripped the NCAA a new one for a heavy handed, lop sided response, do you even know what that means?
Sundvold was an alpha Tiger when splashing 3's from the corner on the court and he's an alpha Tiger now. #respect
I'm curious, does the NCAA work under some "inverse proportions" law or something. You did 1/10th of the infractions as say UNC, so we will punish 10x as much? Seems like this is how it works. Well maybe that and the fact there is a kU beaker working in the NCAA's punishment committee office, if I were a lawyer which I'm not, I'd argue said beaker is completely disqualified from ever having any say in anything to do with Mizzou. If Odom goes fullbore balls to the wall all in on fighting this ncaa infraction injustice, he may win me over yet.
You don't leave one chambered, that's just looking for this kind of accident.
@dellav8r yes this "kind" of game is unusual for Bama, and that hints very much at the point. Saban can't keep his assistants around because they are constantly being hired as a promotion to run other programs. All college programs have player churn, Saban has to deal with both player and staff churn at a level almost no other coach has to deal with. Again, a victim of his own success may be a "good" problem but none the less it is a problem. Would Nick be happy with a 9 to 10 win program that consistently challenges to reach Atlanta as the top end? Every season it's the constant grind of year round recruiting plus training a new set of coaching staff. He has already done it all, he has nothing left to prove, why not enjoy the twilight years with his wife at a posh lake/beach house, fishing and playing golf. It's not like he hasn't earned it.
That wasn't one bad, game, that was one REALLY bad VERY BIG game. Just the same I never argued that this ended or erases the Saban dynasty, but Saban is no young guy, and he clearly doens't NEED the headaches or paycheck that go with the job either.
This wasn't just a case of Clemson players went out and played harder than Bama's players. These teams looked different that the entire Bama program seemed inferior from the coaching staff to players to the water boy. Watching that game who do you want to come run your program Dabo or one of his coordinators or Saban or one of his? This game represents a serious question in Sabans ability to maintain a program at the level he aspires to and of course if that becomes the case he is a victim of his own success. Just the same this represents a chink in the Saban-Bama mystic and armor that could send ripples through the college football world, when other coaches may seriously be able to question how much longer Legend Nick will be around to recruits, will that help hasten his inevitable decision to finally call it a career?