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Odom couldn't get it done at a better program, why would he be a good fit for a lesser one? He was overated as a DC at both Memphis and Mizzou, and only got the HC job at Mizzou because almost nobody wanted to consider it after Pinkel's disastrous final year.
She did complement the coaching staff later on, and I kind of wish she had booted it deep instead of, well what she did, at least half the skill players on the team could have done that. Her behavior is pretty exemplary, it's the media dbags claiming some historic barrier has been broken that are the problem, they are all so hoping to be part of history, like the leeches they are.
Maybe they'll lock Desmond in a cell with Bill Cosby and they can make jokes and laugh. The one good thing about covid may wind up being the sjw media realizing how completely useless they actually are in a meritocracy.
I played LB and Safety, in fact one of the only times I did score was on a kickoff when I hit a kid so hard the ball flew out his hands. It was an easy pickup 6.
"You probably never thought you’d even ever see a girl suit up for a P5 game." Happened 20 years ago at Colorado, Katie Hnida, google it up, oh btw, they were playing Mizzou back then.
"Did you?" Yes I was the X fly, I played by the kicker and went straight for the ball. Our kicker was in the play a lot, but it happens throughout football so much it is not considered "a thing". You would know this if you actually knew anything about football.
Chris an sjw? NO!!! (it's written all over his soy saturated face)
"Sarah Fuller made history. " Chris that was all you needed to say, you typewriter jockeys are wetting yourselves over this "history". lol
"The SEC championship should be a heck of a game." I'm less than convinced that will be the case.
I was third backup kicker and the only soccer style kicker on my team, kicking isn't all that big an accomplishment, unless you aren't an athlete, which clearly you are not.
"How often do male kickers make a play on special teams?" Every single weekend that football is played, the reason you don't know about it is it isn't reported because it's "no big deal". It's simply amazing how uninformed you are.
Mason seems like an honest guy, I'd love to ask him if the game was on the line would he have her try and kick a 30 yarder or the punter who kicked in HS and is still one of the practicing kickers on the team. My money is on the punter.
"Glad she broke history" do you suppose outside of covfefe there will be many more "girl players" in football, and if not why not?
I like the girl a whole lot more than the idiot media trying to turn her into the hero that she clearly is not.
"She didn’t force this to happen." I don't think anyone is blaming her, she certainly didn't orchestrate the media circus. In her post interview she was relatively humble just saying she hoped she was an inspiration not trying to turn it into some Joan of Arc crusade that the media was obviously pushing.
The power 5 has had female kickers before it's just their coaches didn't want to embarrass them by putting them on the field in a game. The one at Colorado transferred to (I think) New Mexico St and wound up being the first Div 1 female kicker to score in a game. It's been 20 years since then I wonder where all the super qualified female kickers are hiding?
"I’ll take the bet." you're on biffy, even if their punter is an inbred that can't kick the backup QB will have more talent and ability than a "pro kicker" girl, it's simple genetics, something you can't understand.
"She came off the couch and kicked in a P5 game, because she is talented." you may be the dumbest idiot on the planet if you really believe that.
"Your response to it is the exact reason it was important." and that's the response of an sjw idiot, you clowns cannot argue facts you need your emotional feefee crutch to make you feel superior. Soyboi retards are not a threat, certianly Miss Sarah isn't.
Considering Baz's hand is probably broke, we may overlook some of his plays and if you noticed, Drinkz seems to have tailored the game to shorter throws for almost the entirety. We probably won't know until the end of the season but it's very clear Baz is not throwing the ball at all like he is capable of.
I'd feel really bad for 'Tree Bolt etc, if they did get the stats from this game revoked over this garbage stunt being pulled for no real reason at all.
"Are we even sure that the W counts " I'm assuming that Vandy had permission from the NCAA not just the SEC to pull this stunt but who really knows, this game may get thrown out as a forfeit and all the stats washed.
You know what Mike, you might be on to something there, let's give the mediots a few weeks or months to see if they can come up with a better answer.
I'm just curious what the actual "accomplishment" is supposed to be, pooch kicking a ball 30 yards? I know I can do that, right now, without a week of practice, so that's the "amazing" play we are supposed to be stunned by? Girls have been trying out for and occasionally being given spots on boys football teams for DECADES now, it's not that they are being held back, they just aren't that good at it. It's NOT a conspiracy from the male patriarchy that you clowns want to believe in, it's just simple nature that girls aren't as good at some sports. Continue believing this nonsense because you watched some Dizney kids show with a girl QB that was tougher than the boys, and you KNOW WHAT'S WHAT. lol
But... but... this is THE FIRST TIME Mizzou has EVER played a team with a girl on it!!!! Wrong again aholes, Mizzou played Colorado in the 90's with a girl kicker, over 20 years ago now. Amazing how UNhistoric this historic day actually is.
Kicking a round ball down a wide field is very different than kicking a football, but I don't expect you to comprehend why.
Reading my posts are one thing, you comprehending would be something different, you just aren't very bright. "But.. but.. it's HISTORIC, it's GOOD FOR THE GAME, it's GOOD FOR GIRLS".. .lol idiots are easily taken in by nonsense.
"last year’s loss to Vanderbilt" was essentially the same teams, hmmmm I wonder what the difference could have been.
I'd put a thousand dollars on the backup punter being able to out kick Sarah, this is just a sideshow joke being put on to get you seals flapping your flippers. If they need her to fill a spot to make the numbers add up to field a team, well, that seems a bit iffy considering they wouldn't let Coach Drinkz put a walkon on schollie to effectively do the same thing. The NCAA is the NCAA always a joke, never to be taken serious.
"Doing something for the sake of doing it is not an accomplishment." well it could be but it's clear in this case it really isn't. She didn't "earn" the position of kicker through tryouts and accomplishment of merit, it was a case of "you know how to kick a ball and are on campus/schollarship, wanna be a football player?". There are a thousand high school boys that can out kick her and would make a better football player, this story if for the media goop spewers to feel good about fooling a bunch of saps into thinking it's some sort of "accomplishment". Looks like they've done it again, sports fans seem to be the biggest collective of dummy's on the planet.