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Adam is on vacation, so we get "rookie" mistakes. All water under the bridge.
The main point being BO wasn't allowed to completely change the D under Pinkel, one of Pinks wiser moments was not letting Odom completely flush the D-line Zou. That happened when Odom took over as HC, the D immediately began getting burned by QB's who had plenty of time to setup in the pocket. Odom may be a "good guy" I won't argue that point but he is no brainiac and is in over his head as the HC.
Agree about Moore, the problem is or was that he was really just a kid that needed an adult to set him straight, unfortunately there were none of those on the Mizzou coaching staff.
I'm aware of Pinkels many bad decisions and inability to be the adult in the room during this period, which what led to his "medical" retirement. I hear he is still going around the state to anyone who would listen to his "young mans life was at stake" bs, attempting to repair his reputation. Time for his to give up and go home once and for all.
MU admin wisely chose not to go all in on that idiotic "safe space" movement although I'm sure there are still plenty of those left on campus. Enrollment had pretty much no place else to go but up.
I was a Mizzou fan long before Pinkel which is why I have perspective of knowing what he did vs the credit he gets heaped on him by sycophant idiot fans. MU had great coaches in the past who actually won championships, Pinkel, 0-4 in those, get a clue and get over it.
Pinkel certainly did leave a dumpster fire in his wake, yet his fan boi's here will spew all the nonsense he spews as an excuse. No, no "young mans" life was in danger, this is utter nonsense. Pink's hands we'rent "tied" he was simply too clueless to know what to do. Still recall that KC radio guy(mildcats) making a monkey of Pink on the air, "you do agree the First Amendment is important right Gary?" "ummm ummm, I'm really not qualified to speak on that, it's over my head". That was Pinkel in a nutshell pretty much everything was over his head.
Without a huge season and showing a lot of ability to run Bryant has next to no chance of being drafted. As a FA he will have big hill to overcome, James Franklin plays in Canada, it's a job.
A number of them were jumping offsides by the D and extra hits, it's a fine line for a defensive player to deal with so a smart coach takes that into consideration.
That was a bit of salesmanship on Mizzou's part, KB has a nice mid-range gun but the NFL want's Lock-on arms. Kel's best bet for next level play will likely be Canada ball.
Gameboi, Mizzou won easily against a better team than they lost to the previous week. What do you want Adam to say, MIZZOU SUCKS in bold type font? Worry about beating the Chapel Show.
kansass's claim to fame is they border ozarks, red dirt cowboys, Pot State and Corn County.
Many of the penalties where aggression flags on the defense. These count a little differently when you are coaching, there is some fine tuning room but you don't want that D to stop being aggressive, unless you plan on being a .500 coach. Mizzou needs to show a more creative playbook in getting the RB's outside of the box then keep using KB well in option attacks. Bryant is not Drew Lock so some of the passing game just isn't there but he does have good mid range touch on the ball, this is as much coaching adjustment as anything. Odom-Dooley etc are still figuring it out.
Les Miles is about to realize what a grave mistake he made.
Yea there isn't that much difference in WVU and Wyoming, the difference in outcome was how Mizzou played, the team was up and ready. Not sure why Odom can't even begin to motivate a team when he has all that time to do it, but it's a fact, give him an extra week to prepare and he will waste it. Mizzou has an amazing number of play makers, the receivers are great, not sure what Adam was watching, but he's a j-schooler so you have to excuse him. The D-line is at least solid and with the Garrett-Bolton combo behind them, this MU D can be very solid by seasons end. Dooley's ability to adjust to a dual threat option game is still sketchy, but the real difference Bryant can make is in the red zone. Where as Drew Lock could do very little with his legs in the red zone, Bryant is a game changer here. Hopefully Dooley Jr can figure this out before the season is over.
Mizzou could play much better this week AND STILL LOSE to WVU, because this is an actual P5 team. Mizzou could have the better players on the field and the worst coaches on the sideline. Fortunately for Odom and co. Mizzou fans have infinite patience, or maybe it's just a complete lack of interest.
Mizzou losing to Wyoming? Yea that was so long ago I guess.
@Zoucat, Walters is still there because he is Odoms son in law or something, Odom is going to make sure he sabotages his own chances one way or the other.
As you say, "good coaches" don't do what Barry does, but Mizzou is Mizzou and will give ole Bar another 10 years to prove himself.
Hello chicken beaker, you landed the fired LSU coach, now lets see what he can do.
Oh good, Odom is going to blame the players, rather than admit inferior coaching on his part was the real problem. That's good, for the rest of the SEC.
At North Dakota, Bohl over several P5 teams, Wiscy, Minn, and kansas prairie chickens, while running up a number of championship record seasons. Yet he is still coaching D2 level while never have beens like Barry O get handed the keys to Mizzou or a failed HC like Champ gets a second chance as USCe. How many of you out there think YOUR AD is a smart one?
"Mizzou’s defense is another story, it looks as bad as ever." from the post above you and this is entirely the point. Barry Walters is supposed to be a "DEE coach", unfortunately the only thing D about his coaching is the grade out. Much like Pinkel who refused to go out and hire an experienced OC, and was constantly dogged by bad O, Barry refuses to hire an experienced DC and will make the exact same mistake. Another "blind spot" coach who can't see his own deficiency and refuses to accept that he is wrong.
I feel yer pain, at least in a couple of years Tenn will cut-bait and move on, Mizzou otoh will wait another decade to fire their clown coach.
Mizzou had a first round QB last year to play against a Wyoming HS D. Odom and Walters are junk D coaches who were gifted the Mizzou job by losers on the way out. I completely expect the MU loser squad to be here defending the crapfest that is Odom coaching, after all you do what you do.
nice, good recruiting, good coaching, something Mizzou fans see little of...
Craig Bohl is a better coach than Barry Odom. It is just that simple.
MU D is garbage, looks like nothing has changed.