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The Coach here happens to be an employee of a state school. That matters.
Remember that time UT squeaked out a win against a Sun Belt team while SC won a conference game. Those were the days.
I can't wait to see UT pull a UT in the 2nd half of every big game this year. Don't forget y'all almost handed us the game last year... and we sucked. By the way, since our success is discredited by Spurrier's presence, don't forget to tell Bama fans that their team actually if not for Saban. I'm sure that will sting them like it did me...
Lest we forget the absolute tear that UT has been on since 2001 in which they've lost less than 3 or 4 games... let's see... ooohhhh yikes... zero times. To South Carolina's 3.
If cities like Seattle and Austin are on here, then how is Nashville not included?
“Our partnership with Atlanta is well-established, but we’re concerned that we’re not permitting American people in other regions with the opportunity to attend the biggest sporting event of the year.” ^ This paragraph is solid gold. Straight from the mouth of Ricky Bobby.
Pharoh did fine. Riddle me that, butterfingers.
You gotta change the gas mask filter every now and then big guy. Rookie move.
That's how I saw it too. If you put yourself in his shoes after the year that he had, you might see how this all happened lol. He has this whole year leading up to the draft filled with controversy, then a few weeks ago he thinks he's going #1 overall. Then Tenn trades their pick. Then he thinks he's going to go top 3 still if it all works out. He shows up to the draft today, the man of the hour, gets to the green room, and somebody tells him that there has been a video posted on HIS OWN TWITTER of him smoking weed. 10 minutes before the biggest moment of his life. So he sits and waits as teams pass him by. Finally he gets picked up. Relief sets in. It all worked out. A few minutes later, he finds out about the Instagram thing right before his next interview. At that point he was probably not thinking clearly and once it came out his thought process was probably along the lines of well screw it, I'm not getting out of this one, I just got drafted, let's move on. Still sucks for Ole Miss though... and I had just spent around 100 greenbacks sending my app and some transcripts there about an hour before all of this happened lol.
There's a full clip on youtube. Hard to watch... He got his butt snatched from the stage quick too.