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First, if you don't like the quality of posts on the Arky board, head back to Misery. Second, faking injuries is a b***h move and your boys did it a lot. Third, Razorback D lineman did not go for your QBs knee, he was pushed in the back by your O-lineman, go find a replay on your way out.
Why not stay at Arkansas? Looks like Coach Odom is having a great time in Fayetteville. He and Coach Pittman have a solid friendship, he is succeeding and the job is not even close to done. I do love all these teams with no defense drooling over the Hog's DC.
Sorry guys, was not trying to reply to your specific comments. Either my browser or the site freaked out and dropped my previous comment here. Pardon me.
"Then again, there could be more to the story." OK, do some research and tell the whole story. Instead of presenting questions in your piece how bout you go find the answers and share those. This is not news, it's click-bait. I appreciate dedicated SEC coverage, but the kids at SDS are lazy.
So, no defense and the Hogs win by a field goal.
With this weekends game against LSU this is the 25th game against a ranked opponent for Coach Bielema. So this should read "Bielema's record in the previous 24 games against ranked opponents is 7-17." 7+17 does not equal 25 Get an editor guys. Middle school grammar errors abound on this site. Not to mention the challenges with math.
"Little Rock games never seem to go well for us."?? Until recent years, the Razorbacks have rolled up opponents at War Memorial. Never is a long time.
"The Razorbacks didn’t miss a beat after No. 1 running back Jonathan Williams was lost for the season in the preseason." ?? Really? Did you see the Toledo and Texas Tech games? I appreciate the upbeat writing but that comment is inaccurate. Hogs were not clicking early.