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More hater BS... keep you advice to yourself. Just because you had a couple of up years......
Clemson fan were trying to get rid of Dabo about the same time in his career. They were dumb asses too.
Get smart...this is all about talent. We don't have enough to win right now. I will stick with Pruitt...he is restocking.
More bad advice from a Vol hater. If your going to try and manipulate...do a better job.
You just proved our point......he was a winner for 14 years and you got rid of him. Again, you could be in the same place we are in a matter of a couple of years.
You should know slimy....you got rid of Reicht. What a GA fan thinks of Tennessee is irrelevant.
That was one of the dumbest, immature thing I have ever read. First of all, this wasn't the fault of the coaching staff. Last wee was...but not this weak. Second, if Pruitt is so bad, who the hell do you thing hired him. The guy that started our decline and hired Pruitt, That is why you are a sports writer.