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Nick's NFL record actually isn't that terrible. Not sure why people keep bringing it up like he did terribly and got "ran out". It just apparently wasn't for him.
Not he said that do they not "sustain long success." Yes, Clemson won this year and was there last year, as well. But two years is not a long time. Clemson isn't a team that's been in the hunt year after year for extended periods of time the way Alabama, Ohio State, and Oklahoma have been. Most of Clemson's run the past two years came from Watson, an extraordinary talent. With him gone, the question for Swinney and Clemson is if they can maintain that success and honestly, I don't think they will.
I just feel like during the season Hurts was more comfortable throwing Stewart's direction but Stewart had very targets last night. It was like Bama was trying to go to Ridley more in the title game. The stretch of calls on the drives before Scarbrough got hurt were weird, too. Kiffin often rode the hot hand and when Scarbrough was hot last night, Sark shied away from him for one or two drives where as even in his poorly called game against Washington Kiffin rode #9 in the 2nd half.. 11 punts in a game is unheard of for a Saban team and, I feel, an indicator a) of Clemson's defense being good but also b) Sark's unfamiliarity with the offense. It had a different feel and rhythm to it and Sark didn't seem as... ready to take a shot after the turnovers as Kiffin often was. Whether it was Jalen's play that decided the approach, who knows. Overall, Sark I think did the best he could with what time he had, but at the same time I can't help but wonder what may have been. No doubt in the end the team's play is what decided they game and they definitely could have played better. Hurts showed a lot of bad tendencies over the past two games but after last night's showing I have faith in Sark. I just wish they'd have either kept Kiffin or made the swap to Sark earlier. Because with the timing of the move as it was, I feel had minimal impact.
Great game by Clemson, but it leaves me wondering what might have been had Alabama not let go of Kiffin the week of the title game. Sark had some good play calls but also more than a few head scratchers (as Kiffin often did), but unlike Kiffin he didn't seem to have a feel for the rhythm of the game.
Did they roll Toomer's Corner after the Oklahoma game? Oh wait...
I think he did that because if you watch, the Washington player after horse-collar tackling Minkah pushes his hand at Minkah's facemask pushing his helmet up which Minkay then removes and Marlon does his hand like he's shoving at or swinging at the player in response. To me I thought it should be off-setting penalties on that. But Alabama was frustrated because earlier in the game a player got thrown down well after the play on the Washington sideline that they didn't call and on another, a long third down, the whistle had long been blown and was being blown repeatedly when two more Washington players came in and threw Bo to the ground, again to no call. Washington had gotten away with A LOT of things.
Yay. Another band wagon fan. I'm so thrilled to count them among the Alabama faithful.
The whole stadium was screaming for Lane to run the ball more, and not with Hurts. Bo was lighting them up but it's like Lane was reluctant to go to him. I think even the Huskies fans got to where they groaned when we tried to pass or do a designed Hurts run with no play action, read-option... nothing. The stands were definitely tense with the play-calling.
To be fair, when Saban walks through the recruit's door the other team's chances take a hit. Especially when you play a position that just recently sent Landon Collins, Robert Lester, Mark Barron, and soon to be Eddie Jackson (injury permitting), and Minkah Fitzpatrick to the NFL to test their luck.
Reuben Foster was a difference maker even as a freshman on special teams. He didn't start at LB, but he still got to see the field and show what he could do right off the bat. If Moses shows the coaches he can be on the field his freshman year, they'll find a way to use him.
Yes he does. He's currently not active, but he's definitely still on their roster. Pryor's a play-maker for sure. And no, it's really not. It's just fun and games. What's disrespectful is going 0-12 and staring at 0-16. If they don't like the tongue in cheek comparisons, they should fix the problem and win. Until then, Bama kicks off as 6.5 point favorites. On the bright side, maybe they'll pick up one of those players they're being "disrespectfully" compared to in the draft.
Except, to the speculator's defense, Cleveland isn't really made up of former college all-stars. They've got Haden, Tank Carder, Josh Gordon, and -compared to college talent- Griffin III... and then who? The rest of their team is made up of players who are pretty much rejects from NFL teams. A lot of them weren't even that great of college stars. Josh McCown? Raijon Neal? Crowell? Not exactly a murderer's row even in college. I'm not saying Alabama would win, but it's more comparable than Haden and the Cleveland Browns would like to admit. They just aren't good.
I came here expecting to see Greg McElroy's one-foot hop down the sideline for the first down in the 2009 game against Florida. I leave disappointed.
Who said Alabama's defense in 2013 was the best ever? They hadn't watched Alabama that season. That defense wasn't as good as 2011 (probably Saban's best at Alabama, this year's defense pending), 2009, or 2012. Previous years stats don't really matter. You bringing up au being 9-2 is like me saying Alabama beat auburn 36-0 in 2008... so with this being a year multiple of 8, Alabama should win 72-0. No. That's a dumb statement to make, it makes you sound like Verne and Gary with their useless "info".
My personal favorite was when they got JPW's phone number and bugged him all week leading up to the game... and then JPW beat them.
I know your feeling, man. I was in middle school/high school during Alabama's 6 game losing streak to auburn and 2 of my good friends in school during those years were real big auburn fans. So I heard it from them, and all the Georgia fans, how Alabama couldn't beat auburn or Georgia during that whole time. LSU will beat Alabama again. Bama's just on a really good stretch right now.
In a video after the game, the Tennessee fan was really chill about it. Said if he'd have had the chance back he'd "return the high five". Guessing Scar told him to give him a high five as he was approaching. Most likely to rub salt in the wound, but yea.
I hate when people say they're "Roll Tide fans". We're not the Alabama Roll Tides. You don't say you're a Rise Up fan if you're rooting for the Atlanta Falcons or a Geaux Tiger fan. Hell, they don't even say they're war eagle fans. It tells me that they're band-wagon hoppers riding the coat-tails of Alabama's recent success. They don't know about the Franchione years, the Price fiasco, or the Shula years where we wasted Joe Kines' great defenses and good players like DJ Hall, Tyrone Prothro, and Brodie Croyle...
See, I felt Danielson was favoring Ole Miss. Like he wanted Alabama to lose just to see the chaos. I have never felt like Danielson was on Alabama's side during the games he's called.
A band-wagon hopper... because we didn't have enough among our number already.
If I'm watching an NFL game, which i don't do much at all, I generally go for the team on the field that has the most Bama players/my favorites. Or in the case of Falcons - Raiders last weekend I was hoping both Amari and Julio would shred the other defenses... didn't care who won.
McElroy actually could've done well, he'd proved his chops on the field during the Jets fiasco of a season, but who knows the reasoning on that. McCarron did pretty well last season when Dalton got hurt and filled in nicely. At this rate, he'll be a starter for a team soon, if not the Bengals. Have there been a lot of good Bama QBs lately? Not really, but with McElroy performing well despite losing his touch it seems and McCarron doing well, it only stands to reason that the Bama QBs are trending upward.
Growing up in an Alabama household and thus, a lifelong Alabama fan, our family has always used a Clint Eastwood movie to sum up our feelings of college rivalry. The movie is, of course, 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." With Alabama being the good, auburn being the bad, and Tennessee the ugly. The thing most common I've found with other Alabama fans is we respect Tennessee. We'll pull for Tennessee when they're playing nonconference teams. But auburn? Don't respect them, nothing. We want to see auburn fail EVERY TIME they take the field, even if it's against Notre Dame.
I didn't like his antics early in his career and his me-first attitude, but Mathieu has really matured over the years. Hope he can help Manziel as I hate to see young men struggle with these things.
Since Henry's the Heisman winner, isn't any pose he makes that resembles the statue in any way the "Heisman Pose"? Obama not so much, but Henry gets leeway.
If I'm not working that day, I try to catch ESPN's. I like to see what they have to say about Alabama nationally. (I'm really digging the Darth Vader, Death Star vibe the local radio shows in Georgia and across the country are giving us. Playing the villain is surprisingly very fun. I like to feel how much people hate Alabama and are tired of them.) That and I've always enjoyed the headgear selection. While not really accurate, his excitement to put on that hat or tease the crowd just brightens my day. I like to see people who clearly enjoy what they're doing, and Lee certainly brings that. He's fun to watch.
I was hesitant and even disappointed when Alabama hired Kiffin, but as the past two years have progressed, he's proven himself to be an apt play-caller and coordinator with two VERY different offenses. Last year he used Cooper all the way to an SEC title and this year, he turns around and goes to Henry to an SEC title. He knows how to use the players he has to succeed and has done something at Alabama the previous coordinators couldn't with back-to-back SEC titles and once again in the National Title hunt. I'd love to see Lane Kiffin back in Tuscaloosa. He's made the Crimson Tide dynamic and adaptable, something we haven't really been despite all our success, and I'd love to see what he has in store for next year (hopefully after a National Title this year.) Roll Tide, Lane.
Henry only had 14 more carries than McFadden, so your "anybody can get those numbers with that amount of carries" argument kind of bites in you in the foot, there.
Decent list. Definitely had Alexander top of mine, as well. I would probably give Henry the nod over Ingram because defenses gear up to face only Henry and still can't stop him where as Ingram got breathers with Trent. I'd have included, Trent, though. He was explosive in college.