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Bubbatime fools only himself. Which is ironic since that's also the only friend he has!
Really? He takes a strength coach with little to no on-field experience because he was the best option. Even Georgia fans have questioned the move.
Funny... if it was about Kirby - you'd be at full mast!
Gus has only been successful with someone else's QB. Looking for a Transfer only makes sense.
I think at best, Sark is another "One and Done Coach. I would rather see a young, successful (at a lower level) OC than Sark. In reality, he was the Genesis of this jumping ship trend that has hopefully reached its pinnacle this year. He's just looking for a paycheck until his next HC gig!!!
Let's be realistic... this award is a joke! It is completely biased from the start. There is no legitimate argument against Saban being the Coach of the year. Last year, he won in spite of the massive number of injuries on defense. No other Coach could have pulled off this feat. This year, his defense was completely decimated by the draft. And he still has made it to the Play-offs. They should Re-name the Award as the "AP National Coach of the Year Not Including Saban"!
Alabama will NOT get into a shootout against OK! They will play ball control and extended drives. No way they will run up the score like this. Totally moronic idea!
I agree... Kirby should have accepted that they should have handled LSU! Begging is so "Immature"!
Finebaum says a lot. He gets a little of that "I'm bigger than you", chest-puffing out attitude every now and then. He is a Tennessee closet fan. Nuff said! Don't forget... Finebaum also says Danny Kanell doesn't hate Bama!
He has the Right to say what he feels. Some of these comments, make me feel ashamed to be a Tide fan. First of all, besides Florida State, Bama hasn't really played anyone yet. Clemson has played a harder schedule to this point of the season. Secondly, it doesn't mean anything right now. He could put them #10. It doesn't matter. Only two things matter... 1) For Bama to continue to win and 2) That Bama qualifies to be in the top 4 at the end of the season. Period! The rest is Fluff!
That is shown by all the Heisman's he has produced! Not!