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Using either the "eye test" or "resume" ... Gary Danielson sucks!
This! Biggest difference between UGA this year & last year is a lack of elite, game-breaking WRs like Ridley, Hardeman, Holloman, etc. That was biggest differentiator (along with key turnovers by anopportunistic D - which can be somewaht a matter of "luck") against SC, Mizzou,Florida, etc last year. Without that big edge (and if you you lose the turnover battle badly), there's a decent chance youll lose
Miller got hurt in opener & still out a couple weeks at least apparently. Bailey haz bern been crushed by injurkes in his 1 year+. Missed 1st half of 2018, but played on ST down the stretch, but tore ACL in bowl practices. So missed all spring & probably limited at camp
Yeah, pretty clear they did rankings before UW loss & only updated result, not ranking
8-4 is plausible. I'd take the OVER, only bc this has them losing all 3 of the "toss up" games - SC & UK (they'd be slight favorite right now) and UF (slight underdog right now). Guessing they get at least 1 or 2 of those. UT, Vandy & WVU are certainly "loseable" but theyd be 10+ pt favorites in each right now. Feels like 4-2 is more likely tgan 3-3 in those 6 games one way or another
"The Mizzou offense seems to lack rhythm" Hmm, let's see. They put up nearly 400 yds vs UGA with best WR (by far) as little more than a decoy. Only teams with more yds vs UGA in past 2 years: OU & Auburn (once). Only other who even came close: Bama Then put up 320 yds in 1st half vs SC, incl 185 passing (plus several PIs when SC wisely tackled guys running past them) More accurate version .... "The Mizzou offense seemed to lack rhythm ... in a monsoon in 2nd half on Sat without 2 starting WRs and wo/ the 3rd for most of that half."
I think Fromm is really good, especially for a true soph. But sorry, if you swapped UGAs & Mizzou's WRs and DBs, Lock is better by a longshot at this stage
Only problem Adam is that you don't seem to understand how SEC bowl assignments work. 1) No SEC teams will go to either Independence or Birmingham; there are (at most) only enough eligible teams to fill the higher-tiered SEC bowls 2) And assuming Auburn, UGA & Bama are all in the CFP-related bowls (likely), no SEC team will play in the Liberty Bowl either as it's lowest payment/priority among the Outback, Belk, TaxSlayer, Texas & Music City (and all those are behind Citrus)
"Mizzou has a history of doing this under second-year coach Barry Odom" A little context might be helpful ... like also showing the opposing team's score. Yeah, they scored 72 on MO St ...because the other side scored 43! So i guess its also running it up if you're still trying to score if it's 22-0, right? Similar w/ E. Michigan last year. Led by 26, scored early in 4th to go up 33 & pulled Lock & starters at that point. Scored last TD on a Pick 6. Sorry, guess he should've dropped it! Delaware St was a joke. But they pulled Lock et al at halftime & shortened quarters to 10 min in 2nd half. Try harder!
Don't think it was a huge deal, but fair enough to criticize the last TD vs Idaho. But the "This isn’t the first time Mizzou has been accused of padding stats at home against an inferior opponent" is silly. Scoring 72 pts ain't running it up when your D stinks & you give up 43. They pulled Lock & other starters vs MO St. when they went up 4 scores early in 4th. They pulled them when they went up 55-21 vs EMU last yr. Scored once more on a Pick 6 - should that guy have gone down instead of scoring his only career TD? And Delaware St was a total mismatch - but they pulled Lock & others didn't play after halftime, they ran the ball on all but 1 2nd half play, shortened the quarters to 10 min & went very much out of their way at the end not to top 80 pts
"But injuries on the field and bone-headed decisions off the field hurt [Beckner's] numbers in 2016, as he only played in seven games" Interesting description. I might've gone with something more straightforward like "he was limited to 7 games because he suffered a torn ACL ... in the 7th game."
UW's overall SOS was in the 40s/50s nationally (depending on method you use) - not great but hardly "one of worst in country". (Roughly the same SOS as Tennessee, A&M or Michigan's among others). The non-conference schedule is misleading since Pac12 plays 9 conference games. To really compare NC SOS you need to treat their xtra cross-division conference games as non-conference -- in other words they played 3 relative cupcakes & one Pac12 South team ... or exactly what Alabama, Texas A&M etc. did in non-conference
He meant East was 5-7 vs everyone except Alabama, so 5-10 overall. The 4-11 in article is wrong
I'd swap 1&2, especially w/ uncertainty over whether Brantley full recovers (and adds back all weight lost). Otherwise, pretty much spot on and certainly closer than the initial list.
These kind of rankings are of course meaningless - we'll find out in a few years. There's been zero reporting that Matt Rhule "turned down" the job. He "took himself out of consideration" a few days after meeting with Mizzou AD. Zero reason to believe he was offered or was first choice (AD met with Odom before anyone -- for 4 hours. And for another 6 hours 2 days later). Heupel may or may not be a good choice - but OU was 20th in scoring offense last year wo/ a good QB. Heupel & other co-OC were scapegoats for a bad defense -- Stoops had to do something and wasn't going to fire the D-Coordinator (i.e. his brother)
DGB was clearly a knucklehead, but he was also 2nd team All-SEC as a true sophomore & capped that off with 144 yds and 2 TDs in SEC championship game -- and subsequently was a 2nd round pick in the draft. Wish he hadn't screwed up and gotten kicked off the team, but hardly a "bust".
It's not one of the "major questions" for Barry Odom -- there's virtually zero chance Mauk returns
You forgot Marcus Golden, JUCO recruit in 2012 and now in NFL. (2nd round pick by Ariz). Overall that class produced two #2 draft choices (DGB, Golden - MU got 2 years out of both) and a 4 yr starter (Boehm), two 3 year starters baring injury (Mauk, Scherer), four 2 year starters (Hansborough, Culkin, Brantley (assuming 2016)) and 2 other 1 year+ starters. I'd say that class was pretty damned good