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I'm over here comparing LSU to mid 90s Nebraska and this dude is like, "They're a good team."
Ironic, upon ironic, upon ironic... The internet is fun.
Relax man. Go watch the FSU game. Yeah, Krull didn't contribute much in stats but after Swain's muffed punt, an FSU player got in Jefferson's face. Jefferson lunged at him and Krull literally bearhugged Jefferson from behind and carried him out of the altercation. Krull is obviously a mature kid who knows what the heck he's doing with his life. He wants to play some more football somewhere so just wish him well.
Heck yeah, much like when we beat Manziel, I'm glad we got Nix at the beginning of his career and will never play him again (except, maybe, in SEC Championship games). Nix will have better days. The days of the SEC not producing Day 1 draft picks at QB are long past.
One thing this proves is the Meyer will be back in coaching sooner rather than later.
He wants the job. This is him throwing his name into the hat. I guess that's what you do these days. Rex Ryan did the same thing a few days ago regarding some job position I can't remember.
It makes you a really good offense. These days, it doesn't matter how elite a defense is. A good attacking offense can always figure it out eventually. The best you can hope for against an offense like LSU is that you limit the bleeding and don't let anyone just single handedly beat you (like McCafferty did my Jags, ugh). I think if the Gators hold LSU to 30 pts that's a win for Grantham. Mullen just has to hope that's possible and figure out how to get 31.
"The Gators produced only 1 sack– but they did produce 9 “pressures,” 2 of which led directly to Sawyer Smith interceptions." I guess it was weak by Gator standards. That is to be expected when a stud rusher is out and the middle of the DL isn't as dominant as past years.
I feel like this secondary is better vs. a pure passer. They have breakdowns when a QB is extending the play and improvising. It would be nice to have Henderson and Zuniga and I don't think Guarantano can deal with the full complement of Florida pass rushers and CBs; but, it would be great if the Gators can get by without them. I hope they come in as Questionable and play a very limited snap count or don't play at all if it seems like the team is doing fine without them.
I applaud this and will unabashedly steal it. Have a good rest of the year. Hopefully, our OL and QB situation has solidified by the time we play you next year.
And almost the entire WR corps. UGA fans, it's okay to have some prepackaged material to use for smacktalk. God knows us Gator fans do it (1980 much?). But you have to apply some critical thinking as well.
16 tackles and a lot of them were pure individual effort. He was the reason UK didn't dominate on the ground like they did last year. Smoke had a good day but he would be the toast of Kentucky right now if it weren't for Reese. I'm just going to be sad all season that we don't have two David Reeses on the field at the same time. I guess you can't have too much of a good thing.
Y'all hurted my heart. SCar and UK are two of the half dozen SEC teams that I root for whenever they aren't playing UF.
But, you’re about as biased as it gets. He did, in fact, attempt to wrench the ankle. He even did it successfully a little bit. He didn’t get a good grip so yeah, the ankle slipped out of his hands and fell back to the ground after he did it.
But, you're about as biased as it gets. He did, in fact, attempt to wrench the ankle. He even did it successfully a little bit. He didn't get a good grip so yeah, the ankle slipped out of his hands and fell back to the ground after he did it.
Yup, I don't know what it is these days about people thinking it's unacceptable to admit to a mistake. I expected him to lie and say he was referring to the "sideline antics" and misspoke -- but the lie he went with is even stupider. It's telling that every UF rival is on here saying the exact same thing.
UGADawg, it's fair to ask someone not to bring politics into a sports blog. And where ever it IS appropriate to discuss politics -- I suggest not starting the conversation by dissing someone who has the support of a large percentage of the country. Sure, you can SAY almost whatever you want to but if you want anyone to RECEIVE your message -- it's helpful to send it in a mature manner.
You just broke your point. A loss to a top 5 team is a step back from a loss against Kentucky?
I will take three losses this year with a young, low on scholarship players, recovering from season-ending injuries, and rebuilding the O-line team this year. Honestly, I'd take it right now even if it means giving up the chance to get more wins. That would set up pretty well for next year when you guys will be making fun of how easy our schedule is, the O-line (and many other positions throughout the team) will be older, Fromm will be gone, and Franks will be in his third year under Mullen -- barring a monumental 2019 season which would likely mean he won more than 10 games anyways.
In fact -- the exact opposite happened at the end of Jags vs Patriots. With that said, what Fowler has said was plain to see about the Jags all off-season and then all year. Heck, even the front office displayed their delusion by resigning Bortles. Here's hoping the Jags recognize this problem and resolve it. We all, fans, players, etc., definitely did not act like we've been there before.
He has a very impressive coaching resume including some impressive names, history will Mullen, tons of history in the SEC -- so it may not be much of a drop off in coaching. But I agree, that's the closing thing to an iffy point in the new hires. All in all, great job.
Solid hire and potentially an upgrade as a recruiter. Add to that a home run DB coach hire that is definitely an upgrade both as a coach and a recruiter. Coach Mullen continues to not be able to do any wrong.
Fair points Boxster. Man I wish more situations could get resolved like that these days. Not the best way I could have entered this community but I've been reading a bunch of SDS articles others have linked and I think I will visit more often. I am looking forward to using this place as a crutch until August. Go Gators =).
As for your "general, theoretical argument", and I am not trying to be insulting here, but throwing out possibilities that have an extremely low likelihood of happening to defend your position -- vs possibilities that have a 98%+ likelihood of occurring -- is not arguing in good faith and truly is twitter material. When people do not argue in good faith, I get annoyed and thus I wrongly succumbed to throwing insults. When people are griping that an egregious no-call prevented an almost certain NO win -- and your response is, well any of these extremely unlikely scenarios could have occurred -- you are honestly not bringing anything to the conversation. Sometimes, a thing is so unlikely that it should not even be mentioned -- because simply getting people to think about it makes them believe it is much more likely to occur that it actually is. I am not saying it is your intention to mislead, but this is a classic tactic by those looking to mislead. Heck, even three kneeldowns would have had NO kicking a 25 yard FG and three sacks would have had NO kicking a 30-35 yard FG.
Additionally: "...I actually think I was wrong to blame the refs. Games are decided by 60 minutes of game clock, so the outcome is a function of everything that happened." I also find these comments along the lines of "you can't leave the game in the hands of the refs..."