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Glad to see an honest UGA fan. It changed the game. Doesn't at all mean Bama would have won. If Bama had both top receivers and both corners back they still may have lost. UGA deserved it and won it fair. They had things to overcome as well. I don't get the hate when ppl simply say WIlliams going down changed the game. Even Lanning said that on the UGA sideline. But again UGA may have still won.
2020 BAMA > 2019 LSU. The best LSU team of all time only beat an injured BAMA by 5, and needed a couple of fluke plays during the game to do it.
It really doesn't matter who is #1 or #3. The TIDE/UGA/A&M are all neck and neck for talent. The only thing these rankings show is that the SEC is a grind and they have to play each other while OSU/PSU, OU/TEXAS, ND, Clemson, only have to worry about another couple of teams a year. Playoff needs to be expanded so good SEC teams don't get left out.
As a Bama fan who doesn't think Bama can compete with either team due to a defense with one player making an impact (Will Anderson) and an offensive line that is playing way worse than their talent level, OSU v UGA is the best possible matchup right now. I think Bama is the 3rd best in the nation. But that OSU offense against the UGA defense would be fun to see.
Agreed. This is just a dumb article. writing something for the sake of writing something. Win and in, lose and out. Everyone understands this. The problem is Cincy and no one nationally is saying it. If Cincy is included in the playoff playing that schedule, there is no reason for any team to play a power 5 schedule. Just play bad teams, go undefeated, and you are in. Any 2 or 3 loss SEC or Big Ten team should be considered. Arkansas has a better record than Cincy likely would have with their schedule, and would be undefeated if they palyed cincy's schedule.
In 2018 they dominated to 14-0 and then got dominated by Clemson. They had one terrible game but beat everyone else by 3 or more td’s. 2019 they whipped everyone they played until they lost to all time LSU team by 5 points and Tua played hurt. Then he got hurt and they lost to Auburn barely. So yeah this year is very different. Too many vets drafted the last few years. UGA will start to see this problem with how Kirby has recruited. That many 4/5 stars don’t stay long. Happy thing about UGA fans is Kirby will be there a long time. And once he wins one Natty, a few more will follow.
True. I watched the entire game and the refs hosed UT. NCAA needs a new rule that if the game stops for injury the player is out the entire series, not just the next play.
Be good to see what the UGA defense does against a real offense. I think they are going to murder Auburn.
Lawrence isn't even in the conversation. He isn't even the best Clemson QB of the last decade. He may be the most talented. But Watson is higher in the "all-time" rankings. Tebow changed what everyone was doing and what everyone wanted at QB.
The dumbest stat that always gets repeated is that Saban has trouble with mobile qb's. They list Manzel, Cam, Kelly, Burrow as if this is Saban's kryptonite. Those guys were everyones kryptonite. Every team struggles against RPO qb's. Just never understood that criticism.
Exactly. The ACC is a complete joke. Should continue to be a cake walk for Clemson after this year. All this proves is you have to have a QB.
Finebaum is right about Dabo though. No coach whines as much as he does. No coach complains as much as he does. When Saban or Smart or Ferentz or anyone complain, it is usually to subtly motivate their own team. Like the famous "rat poison." Dabo really believes what he says.
For the first time ever, I am picking Ole Miss to beat the Tide. Just feels like this game has set up (even better than the back-to-back years) for Ole Miss to get a win. Veteran QB in Kiffin's system with a serviceable defense is hard to pick against when Bama Oline and Dline strugging. With the right breaks, Ole Miss is a dark horse for the Playoffs with everyone around the country getting beat.
After 3 weeks, UGA and Ole Miss are the two best teams. I am not downplaying my team. But too many losses to the NFL and for the 4th straight season a bad defense. Kirby is the best defensive coach in the game, Bama hasn't been the same without him outside of one year with Pruitt. Kiffin is the best Offensive Coach in the game. Be fun to watch those two teams play. Bama has a lot of young guys coasting on last years win. Oline is not good. D line is terrible. Secondary can't cover in man. Linebackers can't fill a zone. Bama will win 10 games on talent. But no repeat this year. UGA front 7 too good and Ole Miss offense too good.
Ole Miss due to QB play and Coaching is def a threat to anyone. If that offense stays healthy they can beat anyone. Kiffin has done a great job so far.
The comments aren't near the same. One was said about his own team. The other was said about another program. Saban never disrespected LSU. (Except of course beating them almost every year) But i was referring more to Ed talking about how LSU now owns the rivalry and they were going to be beating Bama from now own and all that. Got destroyed last year. And yes you are correct, Ed deserves credit for getting a staff and qb that made him look good. I prefer Saban, who makes his staff look good.
After his dumb comments about beating Alabama a couple of years ago this clown deserves everything he gets. That LSU team was all time great, still barely beat Bama, and Ed had little to do with it. A great Offense and OC deserve all the credit.
Good schedule? Yes Most Challenging? No There are some bad teams on that schedule.
Blaming this on them is dumb. This movement started way before the Capitol and was happening regardless. Woke police won't stop no matter what the other side does. You're essentially playing the same card as a rapist that says the girl shouldn't have provoked me.
Coach O: tougher on a player that beat a dog than one that beat a woman. Never mind the multiple sexual assault allegations. But hey those players won a natty so it's all ok. True class act. At least he got rid of this P.O.S. that did this to the dog. If he had just beat the woman he would have been starting all season.
I just hope he stabilizes the vols and makes them competitive. Much more fun to beat a good vols team than what we have seen the last decade and a half.
Mark Mangino went 12-1 there in 2007. Average 6 wins a season. SO your comment is beyond stupid.
Sad to see all the UT hate in the comments. SEC is better when UT is good. The are the only team that has to play Fla, UGA, and Bama every year. Tough sleddin'. Hopefully the right coach will get them going. Bama was "unfixable" too in 2006.
Finally a poster that makes sense. These two team it’s a toss up on a given night. 95 Nebraska was amazing. But 01’ Miami, for all the NFL talent on 19 LSU and 20 Bama, Miami 01’ was the best team all around. Better defense than either of these two. Only draw back was they won in spite of Coker who wasn’t a very good coach. Which makes the team more impressive.
There are only two ways to fix ratings. 1.) reduce scholarships again so talent is more spread out (i.e. punish the top schools just because they recruit better), 2.) expand the playoff to 16, eliminate conference divisions and cut back to 11 regular season games to offset the extra play. 16 team playoff gives you 15 games where you will be guaranteed an upset or 2 every year.