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Good schedule? Yes Most Challenging? No There are some bad teams on that schedule.
Blaming this on them is dumb. This movement started way before the Capitol and was happening regardless. Woke police won't stop no matter what the other side does. You're essentially playing the same card as a rapist that says the girl shouldn't have provoked me.
Coach O: tougher on a player that beat a dog than one that beat a woman. Never mind the multiple sexual assault allegations. But hey those players won a natty so it's all ok. True class act. At least he got rid of this P.O.S. that did this to the dog. If he had just beat the woman he would have been starting all season.
I just hope he stabilizes the vols and makes them competitive. Much more fun to beat a good vols team than what we have seen the last decade and a half.
Mark Mangino went 12-1 there in 2007. Average 6 wins a season. SO your comment is beyond stupid.
Sad to see all the UT hate in the comments. SEC is better when UT is good. The are the only team that has to play Fla, UGA, and Bama every year. Tough sleddin'. Hopefully the right coach will get them going. Bama was "unfixable" too in 2006.
Finally a poster that makes sense. These two team it’s a toss up on a given night. 95 Nebraska was amazing. But 01’ Miami, for all the NFL talent on 19 LSU and 20 Bama, Miami 01’ was the best team all around. Better defense than either of these two. Only draw back was they won in spite of Coker who wasn’t a very good coach. Which makes the team more impressive.
There are only two ways to fix ratings. 1.) reduce scholarships again so talent is more spread out (i.e. punish the top schools just because they recruit better), 2.) expand the playoff to 16, eliminate conference divisions and cut back to 11 regular season games to offset the extra play. 16 team playoff gives you 15 games where you will be guaranteed an upset or 2 every year.
You are absolutely correct. Opening round games would have interest but it would wane closer to the finals game. People didn't watch because Bama was a 9 point favorite and figured it would be a blow out. Other teams outside of the big 3 are going to have to make a run. The Pac-12 and Texas need to get off their butts and start playing football.
I agree with everything you said. OSU losing the hottest player in the country not playing for Bama on the first play was a death knell. Also missing guy on the defensive front mattered. Winner wouldn't have changed. But may not have been four td's.
As a Bama fan, I hope Georgia whips Clemson. They get to play in the easiest conference in the country and skate through the season. Glad they had to travel to South Bend this year. Even if they beat UGA, at least it will be a legit win rather than say boat race NC State or someone.
LSU won a shootout last year due to an early turnover from Tua. The Tide were every bit as good as LSU last year. LSU was great btw and earned everything. But they squeaked past the Tide and Auburn. 2020 Bama had one close game, against an all SEC schedule, and it was never really in doubt. But the reason 2020 bama would win is Smitty, LSU could not stop 2020 Smitty.
Also someone please hire Pete Golding away from Alabama so a real defensive coach can take over.
Just a comment on point 1 of this article: Florida has not been a shining light upon a hill of character until Mullen. Matt Hayes seems to forget that Urban Meyer had a program loaded with thugs and covered up infraction after infraction. I say that not to say the rest are better, just don't claim Florida has been any better than the rest.
Agreed. I would love for Steele to come back to Bama and replace Golding as DC. Defense isn't the problem at Auburn.
This is what I have been saying all year. The Tide defense has faced nobody. I don't trust Golding against elite qb's. All the pressure will be on the offense to score every time. Najee needs a boatload of carries the next few games.
2019 LSU very similar to 2010 Auburn. Coach O will likely do what Chizik did and be mediocre. His only solace is that he can recruit. But he is not a coach other coaches fear scheming against. Last year was a team for the ages and may be the great college football team ever, but it took special circumstances for that to happen.
I am with you. I always enjoyed him and Verne and now enjoy Gary and Brad. When they call a game it is SEC Football.
I side with Whitlock. Sarah Fuller kicking is a pure publicity stunt. Vandy deserves all the bad football they get.
The Tide hasn't played an elite QB. Golding wasted the 2018 team and gave that offense no help. He wasted the team last year that lost to Auburn and LSU by a combined 8 points. Bama beat themselves both games with offensive blunders, but the defense couldn't get a stop. Until he proves it in the playoff, articles like this are pointless. Dec. 19th will show how far he has or hasn't come. I don't think Mullen fears Golding's schemes though.
When you bring teens on campus that have never been taught respect for women don't be surprised when women on campus have problems with them. Until there is zero tolerance for this and the coaches that cover it up it will continue to happen.
Coach O is vastly overrated. Last season was the perfect season for his staff and team. Still had close wins at Bama and Auburn that could have gone the other way. Brady and the number one pick earned that title. Based solely on right now: Saban Mullen Smart Fisher Pittman Orgeron Stoops Kiffen Malzahn Drinkwitz Leach Pruitt Muschamp Mason