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LSU is in a heap of trouble if they do not win on saturday then. As a Bama fan its easy to see how much improvement this LSU team has undertaken since the firing of Les Miles. LSU actually looks like a legit good team, and when you consider they were written of at the end of September, is a pretty nice response. Could LSU win and secure a HC job for Coach O? Possibly. But is it reflective of the job he has done at LSU if he doesn't? Absolutely not. The fact that Alleva is willing to throw it all away on the scenario where they fail to take down the #1 team in the country, who has shut down the run game (LSU's strength) of every team they have faced, is absolutely ridiculous, and I think that warrants his firing. Besides that, NONE of the candidates on that list are a fit for LSU. Fisher will not leave Florida State, Herman is probably not leaving Houston to face the SEC West gauntlet every year. WVU is just starting to (possibly) turn the corner on the B12 transition. And UCLA is the Tennessee of the Pac-12- every year is their year, until about halfway through the season when they're sub-.500 in conference play, so I don't know why they want Mora. LSU is staring down the same fate Tennessee went through (still is?*) after Fulmer, where they're going to end up screwing themselves into mediocrity or worse for several years.