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I firmly believe its Mullen's ego. I will be the first to admit he is a good offensive play caller, just not head coach material. When he comes to a high school campus, its a show all about him. He is lining up taking pics with the teachers and showing off his shoes (I have seen this personally btw.) I think the way he never takes accountability and he cockiness rubs recruits and their families the wrong way. Just my honest opinion
Y'all know the kermit the frog meme where he is just sitting there drinking his tea??? That is me reading this article! Been saying this for years
In the 2017 NC, the biggest difference I saw between UGA and Bama was line play on both sides (which was dominated by Bama.) Georgia came in as a running team and was stopped cold, and on the other side Georgia still wasn't on the level of Bama int he trenches. Their OL was superior in the game. People can talk about Kirby's coaching in big games, but the talent level wasn't equal and it was a great gameplan by Kirby and the staff to even be that close. Just look at the defenders who gave up the 2nd and 26. I don't believe anyone in that secondary plays for this UGA team in 2021. If the offense gets healthy and can keep defenses on their heals, I feel like they can be one of those complete teams that dominate. Until then they have to play great D, special teams, and complimentary O.
Not saying Georgia will cover because I would take the points too. But your logic behind it is terribly flawed. JT Daniels never played in that game. It was walk on Stetson Bennett that came in. And while I like Stetson and he has been serviceable, nobody is confusing him for JT Daniels as a QB to lead this team.
Again… mullen never lead at one point in 8 quarters but great coaching. Having a lead doesn’t count. And if we go on talent, does saban get discredited for our recruiting everyone for well over a decade now? The answer is no! It’s part of coaching and he’s great at all facets of it.
As a Georgia fan, the narrative for mullen is always crazy to me. Florida loses 2 games to Bama and never leads in 8 quarters and Mullen is praised. Kirby has lead Bama at halftime the last 3 games and 2 of the 3 they were leading the entire games until the final seconds and he can’t get over the hump. That’s always mind blowing to me. A guy who has close to double the years HC experience doesn’t get the “over the hump” talk.
I wonder how much they pay SDS to run these as stories. Because it's false. Only way to use this is to be on location at the casino. Which makes it pointless to "bet online" if you have to drive to one of only 2 casinos in the state that offer it. Mississippi does not offer online sports betting like some states. Can't wait until we do though.
Yea as a Georgia fan I fully understand Bama is the gold standard. And will have to beat them to silence the noise. And as a fan I was obviously disappointed in the receivers being out. But that’s why almost every prediction had Clemson winning. There is still work to be done but I will take a top 5 win. No need to hit the panic button!
Numbers 1-4: Defense won’t win it for UGA, offense still sucks and let’s panic now. Number 5: Bama is only gonna get better as the season goes on So I guess Georgia doesn’t get the benefit of only getting better…
As a Dolphins fan I was fine with Pitts, Chase, Smith, or Waddle taken at 6. Any of them immediately upgrades the WR room that Tua had to throw to last year. They were awful, and I think Tua got a bad wrap. I think this season should be a huge improvement. However, I was really wanting Najee at 18!
How do you explain the slide of Trask? He had the ultimate QB whisperer as a coach... or so we are told
You never know until the season starts. We can give examples from the past all day... Like Trask being a career benchwarmer until Franks got hurt, rumors that Mac Jones wasn't even gonna start this past year, Joe Burrow not beating out Haskins at OSU, and the list goes on and on. Things can change quickly! Got it???
100%! So nice to see posts that actually logical. Football has so many variables that one person (QB, WR, RB, Coach, etc) doesn't domintate like they would in basketball. Its a puzzle, a combination of talent, chemistry, philosophy, and luck. People are saying Trevor Lawrence is the best QB prospect in a decade maybe more and he has 1 title. There are so many things that go into college football. That's what makes it great!
The top part will be beaten like a dead horse for many more weeks to come... I’m really interested in people’s thoughts on the OC rankings which I thought were fascinating... As much as I hate Mullen as a person and think he’s somewhat overrated as HC, I will say he’s a heck of an OC! But this list was impressive and hard to rank. Jimbo has a NC as an OC, HC, and is building another program in the SEC. Lane has OC NC’s and his offenses have been lights out most places.
I was just going by what Mullen said. “6 points would have beaten Bama.” Why not say 7 instead of 6? But thank you for pointing out how touchdowns and PAT’s work!
Lmao @ Mullen! He can’t even math correctly. 6 points would have tied. At least come out winning if you’re gonna make sarcastic comments!!
Haha yes! On my CPU at the end of the article, right before the comments there is always an earwax ad. It's so gross! I didn't know how the ads work, but glad somebody shares my pain!
Gator fans are so quick to throw an asterisk on the bowl game, but never mention the injuries from Georgia during that game. LeCounte, Pickens, Cleveland, McIntosh, Rochester, and Jordan Davis didn't even dress. Not counting the injuries during the game. It's part of the game I know... so congrats on winning the East and your #13 ranking!
Yea I definitely saw a lot from him him in only a few starts. And he just got to campus in August. I think a whole offseason with Monken definitely will help. I’m just not drinking the koolaid of a heisman trophy just yet lol!
Two takeaways from the game... - I thought the defense was really good considering we were missing our 2 best back end players in Stokes and LeCounte and then others who missed also. Other than the long TD to start the second half I thought it wasn’t bad. 21 points to a top 10 team is pretty good especially considering personnel. - Still not sold on Daniels. UGA receivers seemed to have run by the Cincy defenders all night and he underthrew a few or missed all together. He held on to the ball way too long and took sacks that he could have gotten rid of. OL was make shift with injuries and opt outs so running game was ok, I thought it got better later. Best part was JT did make a late drive of smart plays so I’ll give him that
As much as I despise Dan Mullen (and grantham for that matter) I hate this for trask. I never fully bought into his hype all this year and last year. I think he’s a good college QB but not heisman deserving. But I do give him a ton of credit (him and Mac Jones) for sticking around in an age when everybody gets their feelings hurt and leaves immediately. Most QBs have to start their first year or two on campus. It’s nice seeing a few minutes of prosper doing it for the school and team not just themselves.
Don’t speak too soon. A 23 point road underdog with a QB in his first start also sounds boring... turns out I was on the edge of my seat all night!
Not riding anything. I’m a QB coach at the high school level and as I stated before I made a post saying I believe Mac is the better QB. He doesn’t throw the INT’s that trash does. It was in this post so I’m sorry for you not realizing. I was just saying! I’ll give trask his due, they won the east, while Georgia was banged up and didn’t have a QB. But guess who won’t have a QB next year and the other team will be ready for payback? Can’t wait to watch next week, good luck
I seriously made a comment on the finebaum article comparing the 2 QB’s. Florida fans were so quick to point out the numbers. You can’t back his anymore! And not knocking the guy cause he’s great... but he makes bonehead throws that I feel Mac doesn’t.
Stat wise I’m saying it’s more impressive that Jones is putting up the numbers in a balanced offense. If he threw every down how gaudy would they be, or if he still had Waddle. Watching them both play I feel like jones makes better decisions and throws (not by much.) Just my opinion. I agree that both could win it but I’m giving the edge to the undefeated one.
Jones should win it. He points out how good Najee Harris is, that just goes to show how balanced Bama is and Jones is still putting up insane numbers. Trask is throwing by the goal line and all game long. Florida has 6 rushing tds on the year while Harris has 20 by himself.
Good call! Every college quarterback needs competent coaching and development. You should change your name from mrtruth to mrobvious.
Not disagreeing with your fist statement because it could be, its college football. But I will disagree with your second sentence. The game was 21-0 Georgia (yes all second half points), but it was played in a monsoon! Kentucky had 17 yards passing and Georgia had 35! That should tell you alot