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The fact that it’s called “The Game” before the big10 championship is all you need to know about that conference.
LSU was a 3 loss team going into the SECCG. FSU, Tenn, and TXAM.
For 2 years you have rambled on about Georgia's offense being stuck in the past. Now you knock the rushing offense. When the passing ypg is ranked 6 in the country. Total offense is 6, and Scoring offense is 10. Ya know just proving with "stats" and all.
I thought TN lost because of the Ball State gameplan? Now it was the refs fault... also haven't heard much this year about "stats" from you. Guess it's because TN's passing offense is so out of date, don't have receivers with good stats, don't stretch the field with down field concepts, blah blah blah! Ya know, the stuff you posted about UGA for years.
Not sure if the quote was a typo or Pollack is wrong, but Georgia has Mizzou at home. The soft schedule everyone spoke of has turned rather tricky with Florida 5-2, Mizzou 6-1, Ole Miss 6-1, Tennessee 6-1.
Exciting game to watch. Felt like the officiating was horrible and Tenn got the worst of it! It’s crazy how different Tennessee is from last year. If you could get a happy medium from those two teams you could be on to something
I love how the headline and majority of the article is how the SEC has fallen - yet bashes Georgia's schedule. Just a tad ironic that the SEC being down makes the schedule look bad. Another funny part to me was bringing up Ole Miss (a team on Georgia's schedule btw) looking good and they are winning even though they haven't played a Power 5. Not knocking Ole Miss because I hope its a big game that time of the year. Just funny how some teams get bashed non stop. Guess that's the nature of the beast when you win. Also how is LSU 2 in the SEC rankings above Tennessee??
It was the ball state game plan. So can’t take anything away from this
SB threw for over 4000 yards last year. He averaged 9.1 yards per attempt while Hooker averaged 9.5. Tennessee averaged 525 ypg (326 passing) and 46 ppg, while Georgia averaged 477 ypg (295 passing) and 41ppg. Not much in passing Philosophy.
You are 100% correct. I like talking with fans who actually know football. Tennessee became 1 dimensional. I’ll never forget watching the 2017 NC and Georgia had a halftime lead against Bama but they still dominated the LOS on both sides. We couldn’t run with Chubb or Sony and I said it was just a matter of time. But Kirby always has an emphasis on bigs in recruiting and it pays off. Games are still won in the trenches
Secondary is not good? Don’t tell Hendon Hooker that! Because he has been the best Tenn QB in 20 years and he has struggled. Let me list all his tds against UGA: 9 yd TD (2021) that’s it. That’s the list! In 8 quarters of football! Also add in 2 INT’s and 3 fumbles! These are facts you are free to look up. Unlike your silly opinions!
Except when they run the ole Ball St. game plan and lose on purpose! Lol
3. As usual you have opinions and not facts. In the two title runs they played neutral site openers against Oregon and Clemson, SECW games against Arkansas, Aub, MS state, LSU and Bama, then playoff games against Michigan, Ohio State, and TCU. Plus going 14-0 against the East. Tell me who else of revelance you needed to see them beat on their way to a title? 4. Tennessee averaged 326 passing ypg and threw 38 tds. UGA averaged 296 ypg and threw 31 tds. These are facts unlike your useless opinions. The author says he knew the Georgia-Tenn was over after the first quarter. You should remind him again how Tennessee won the game even with their play to lose game plan! Lol
You truly amaze me with the stuff you post. Does it really make sense in your head?? You are talking about Georgia having an easy schedule, and in the same post claiming your coach game planned to lose have an easy path to the playoff and hence an "easier schedule"! LOL
Once again you have opinions and not facts. I will correct them for you... Last two drafts offensively Georgia players drafted: 3 Tackles, 1 QB, 1 WR, 3 RB, 1 Guard, 2 TE. Not sure about your math. Hooker averaged 285 yds per game and 9.5 yds per attempt. Bennett averaged 275 yds per game and 9.1 yds per attempt. Not much difference. For you to be claiming Georgia should get back to elite passing. Also "an elite offense keeps you in the game," It surely didn't when your QB has 1 TD in 8 quarters against an elite defense. Or if your defense gives up 63 points in a game!
I’m in the same boat. Not saying this to bash Bama because they have been the gold standard. I’m already happy with Kirby’s 2 titles. To win half of what Bama has would be amazing. But from the outside looking in I feel like they are recruiting great still because it’s Bama and because of Saban (almost like Kentucky in basketball), but the development is lacking. They are going to have 2 of the top 3 picks and possibly 1-2 more first rounders and didn’t win their division. Again it’s not a knock because Georgia is now dealing with replacing coordinators every year. And eventually everything that goes up must come down. But I feel like we are watching the fall, even though I’m not placing money because it’s saban and he’s got me plenty of times! Lol
They have a lot of talent returning. I never wanna discount Saban because he is the greatest coach CFB has ever seen. But LSU should win the West. I mean Bama is going ti have 2 of the top 3 picks in the NFL draft and didn’t win the division. It’s LSU’s for the taking with the QB play they have returning. Kelly could build a monster there!
That's a good question and got me thinking. I looked up a couple way too early rankings and I think you might be right. I would say Bama on a neutral site maybe under 10. Just because Saban has proved for so long to have his team ready. Michigan and USC return proven QB's but I don't think Vegas would give them the odds seeing as their HC's fold in big games.
It sucks that UGA doesn't have the opener we have become used to. But for people complaining, its simple mathematics(teams with higher W/L percentages will always look worse than that of lower teams.) Also the permanent draw of Auburn hasn't looked good the past couple years, but for a decade or so from around 2010 was tough and no other East team had to do it yearly. Cycles come and go. But for anyone saying they have or had a cakewalk, in the two back to back title years the teams they beat on the way to titles are: Clemson, Oregon, Michigan, TCU, Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Miss State, and the entire East 2x.
I know a lot of people bash the articles written on here. I personally come for the comments and because its solely SEC news. But geez, you would think if you wrote an article about a game being cancelled for the conditions, the actual stadium name would be mentioned. It was played at the Mississippi Braves stadium in Pearl, MS btw. Neither of the teams turf crews had anything to do with it.
Wish he could have played the second half of the season. I hate when other teams throw the injury cards out and I don’t think people realized the amount of injuries UGA has had to multiple big time starters in the last 2 years. But glad for Nolan. He seems like such a genuine guy.
As usual you really have no clue about things. You spew stuff that is completely inaccurate. Trayvon Walker's accident was April 16th, the Draft was April 28th. He wasn't a member of the team and Kirby can't do anything. Same with Carter he as since left the team. He doesn't come to workouts, meetings, etc. I am in no way condoning these actions of speeding/racing. But young adults are dumb. Its a fact of life. Most people have a speeding ticket at some point. Is Kirby supposed to pull keys from players? He would be sued so quickly. Lets be real. Again I don't condone these actions by some players but to pin in on a "serious program problem" is absurd.
Aaron Murray is still the all time passing TD leader in SEC history. Want to guess his OC?!?!
So who has a tougher schedule? And people who bring up schedules can't act like Georgia hasn't gone out and scheduled numerous big OOC games. They do almost every year. 2023 they were suppose to have Oklahoma but SEC nixed it.
I trust Kirby Smart. As a UGA fan I do remember him as OC. But that was a decade ago. Coaches are always adapting so I would think Kirby has sat down and talked to him and shared philosophy and vision. *Offensively I just don't want to see the I backfield. Hope as an analyst he picked Monken's brain and he uses he personnel to his advantage.
Smart did not keep both coordinators the last two seasons... Dan Lanning.
They had Oklahoma scheduled but the SEC made them change it. You can't get a big time matchup in a year or two notice. These games are scheduled years in advance. They also go to Tennessee next year who beat both Bama and LSU so arguably the 2nd best SEC team based on last year. So win them all and go to the SECCG. Not much else they can do. One of their 2 crossover west games is Auburn every year (leaving the other to cycle between the other teams in the west which lowers the chance of big match-ups). It just sucks they are down right now. 5-10 years ago it was harder because they were a contender, just a cycle programs go through. But Auburn, Florida, and GT being down does suck.
So stet can never make the HOF cause he wants an All-American? I didn’t look up the rules but seems absurd if that’s the case…
Good for AD, I thought this year was gonna be huge for him. After a season like last year as a freshman. But injuries happen. Georgia’s receiver room seems to have some awful luck. Between him, Pickens, Arian Smith, Blaylock, etc. They all had so many flashes but injuries got them. I’m guessing injuries to receivers only count when you lose the game *wink wink* lol