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I agree with everything you just said! And I agree that Trask was a consistent QB last year.
For Trask to be so good, and for Mullen to be such a QB guru... I still can't wrap my brain around Franks starting last year.
First of all I will say that I think the NCAA should just adopt a 1 time transfer rule where they can play immediately (Most QBs are given this). Secondly, this ruling is a little different because its not only in conference, but its inside divisions. And he played and started in the bowl game in January. So it wasn't like an injury or family problems kept him out of playing time. Hard to believe a flip just switched and there was all kind of trouble. Again I think they should all get 1 free pass. The NCAA is so jacked up its crazy. Players like Tate Martell and Justin Fields get it for no reason other than playing time. But
I will give Golding another year to prove himself. He had a ton of injuries last year. Plus I’m sold on Saban being a great judge of talent (whether it be coaches or players.) I mean look at the guys coaching tree!! There are 4 other correct head coaches in our conference who have coached under the guy!! Not counting the numerous around the nation! And Pete was on staff the adopted the DC label. Golding rose through the ranks very very quickly. You don’t just go from a db’s coach in CUSA to Nick Saban’s DC by luck. Saban obv has a reason to keep him another year. I would think he could reach out to probably 80 other DC’s in the nation and they would come! Saban stuck with him... I will give him 1 more year before I call him trash
Can’t blame Kirby for this one at all. I think they have nothing to lose on this hire. Anybody know of the special teams coordinator who left UGA??? Didn’t think so. But now they have arguably the most notable S&C coach in the nation on their sidelines running special teams, at practice, and recruiting (and no longer with bama.) Yea he may not be proven but coaches coach. It’s what they do. Hell Kirby’s first job at UGA was RB’s coach under Richt. I’ve heard Cochran speak at multiple clinics and the dude is unreal. I know why players love him. I would hire him for my staff any day
I love how Georgia losing talent on offense equates to them falling out of the East race (and lets be honest the offense was cringe worthy most of the season.) Yet if you have seen a single mock draft, you realize Bama loses a ton and are #3 and nobody bats an eye. In all fairness they lose that much every year and Saban is the best coach of all time. But give Kirby some credit on his recruiting and his ability to secure the East. 1 loss in 3 seasons to the East is impressive. I wouldn't go betting the house that it ends because of the draft. 9 Defensive starters come back and Kirby usually seems to baffle the offensive guru Dan. I like the chances of 4 straight.
yes its pretty solid, especially considering the fact that the coach's D that returns 80% production seems to be able to stop the coach's O with 63% production. Obviously I'm just joking cause who knows what will happen in Jacksonville. We have a spring and half a season before that game kicks off. I just thought it was funny that people were saying Florida will represent the East in the CCG and maybe the SEC in the playoff, when a lot of the east still returns production.
So in terms of numbers and not just reporters rambling, Florida and Georgia are tied? Interesting!!
He's at least won his division as a head coach in 3 years. Another "offensive guru" has yet to accomplish that in 11 years!
While losing so many on offense will obviously be tough, the good thing is the D will be strong if not stronger next year. And the last 3 years against Mullen, Kirby has came with a pretty strong game plan and executed it. It will be a fun SEC East next year with UGA, UF, and UT. With losing all those offensive pieces, now is the time to bring the offense up to speed. Gonna be a new QB, why not have an new OC. You are gonna have the WRs, pounding and slash style RBs, and new OL. I hope Kirby has a plan.
Grantham could be a possibility. The Rhule hiring today shows you that you can't exactly believe everything said at a press conference. Napier could be in the mix. He denied it but they had a bowl game to play last night (and rightfully so, no HC should go to a bowl game press conference and talk about another team's interview while preparing your current team).
Yea, gotta read carefully! Kirby has beat Auburn every single year. I never said Kirby was undefeated
I hope Malzahn sticks around too! Kirby has beat him every year hes been the HC at UGA. Georgia has "held their collective breaths" in almost every 4th quarter this season. But a W is a W.
I like Coach O. Hes a down to earth guy who will talk to you like he has known you his whole life. I think this is a reason he recruits so well. But this is the nature of the beast (When you get paid millions of dollars). Its a roller coaster, and a lot of it depends on the talent suiting up... and if those 18-22 year olds can perform at an high level consecutively for a few months. Kirby won the SEC in year 2 and was riding high. Just this year he has been questioned. I hope Coach O keeps winning to justify his overall record and prove the doubters wrong. In saying this... that's what makes Bama's run so dang impressive. Year in and year out coaches approval ratings go up and down and somebody will be calling for their head. Saban was and still is the standard for a decade. Between recruiting and performance on the field it was unreal. Idk if we will see domination like that again.
All we heard going into Jacksonville was how Fla hung with LSU in Death Valley... y’all got quiet for a week now they are back talking smack about UGA. We will play the games on the field and see.
I’m not talking about 1 game with over a month to prepare... I’m saying week in and week out these teams are praised and hyped for beating mediocre teams. When the SEC teams all have to play each other.
Don’t get me wrong, Hurts and Fields are great players... but it drives me nuts watching all the highlights every Saturday. The defenses in other conferences are just awful. I know Lincoln Riley is an “offensive guru”, but hurts played with a lot of NFL caliber players like OJ Howard, Calvin Ridley, and the guys they have now... and the article said he only had 1 career 300 yard game. These are all reasons the eye test is much better than numbers. Need to expand the playoffs to 8, because if you have watched any college football this year, 4 SEC teams are some of the top in football, and it’s a shame that Ohio state could get in with that schedule (they had a guy laying on his back record an interception lol)
They had 30 days to prepare, in the second half after adjustments, they only scored 10 points I believe. And Georgia who wasn’t exactly an offensive juggernaut scored 54. So both teams adjusted from what they do. I don’t think one game tells a story.
So this article is just based off how many are drafted? That has nothing to do with College or NFL career. Georgia's backs have been better in the NFL and in college. Top 2 Career rushing leaders belong to UGA. And if they would have had a championship game and bowl games counted Herschel would more than likely own the single season crown also. So between these two schools UGA wins as RBU. I agree that Bama should be considered.
You can’t be serious huh? Clemson and LSU beat auburn also. and Georgia also at a neutral sight. So that’s their claim to fame? Beating 1 team. Look at the records and compare schedules and wins to any of the 4 in the playoff. If you or any of their fans can offer any reason that they should have been in the final 4 let me know. If you are saying they went undefeated that means teams shouldn’t play a schedule. Those season opener would be done away with cause going undefeated against cupcakes is where it’s at. But the committee rewards playing in big games
Not to worry because they control their own destiny... it’s the one loss teams who have to worry about that stuff. It is funny to read ESPN articles about how great usc and Sam darnold are. But they go into ND and get waxed. A place Georgia went with a freshman qb and won his first ever start. That win looks even more impressive. ESPN is a joke of a company these days... just more proof with this!
She said an “unfair burden” has been put on players on those teams... the owner signs those paychecks. He can do what he wants. Just like the morons at ESPN who continue to sign her paychecks for anchoring sportscenter. If they didn’t cover every college football game I wouldn’t watch. Do your job, that’s all that matters. Normal people have to please our bosses everyday, just because you think these athletes are on top of the world doesn’t mean they can do what they want because they need money and endorsements
So ND lost to a top 5 team, USC to a top 10 team, and Oklahoma to an in ranked team with their 3rd qb and are still ahead of those two teams?!?! Oh yea, media has to keep them high because that keeps Ohio State game relevant.
3 of the past 10 you have won, and this was the first time you have been shut out in years. Idk what they grow and smoke in Tennessee, but that linebacker who said “Georgia isn’t that good, we made them look good” is on the same stuff you are smoking. 3-10, 8-20. Neither of those are “dominating” numbers
What?!?! You mean stidham isn't gonna win the heisman anymore! Last I heard the guy (who only played in 3 college games) was lighting it up in practice against the scout team
100% agree. If it weren't for their Saturday slate of college football games, I wouldn't have it. It's all garbage