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God forbid the AD backs the program and coach Luke over a media personality
Shut the hell you piece of sh*t. All you do is sound like a complete retard. Ole Miss is great and you sound like your on the spectrum.
So we should go by award winners? If you want to go by blocking that's your best argument. Not to mention several mackey award winners were more receiving TEs.
I agree. There will always be drunk hooligans at sporting events. But like you said, I would venture to say that a majority those that are paying stadium prices for alcohol are possibly in the older demographic and can handle themselves in a public event like this.
You literally just said in another post, "No one can see around every corner. You weren’t in the room when Ole Miss met with Patterson, nor were you around during any other conversations." But you will go ahead assume in this instance Shea is right and everyone else is wrong. You can't have it both ways. My point as its been the entire time is that because no one knows and that at the time of his recruitment no one knew how severe things would get you cant start changing your decisions you made at the time. That simple.
Most of which rested on a suspect testimony from a player at a rival school. Again you cannot answer what "lies" were told to the recruits. What constitutes "plotting". And how a 20 or 21 year old is now the moral arbiter and his reasoning for wanting a waiver is above questioning. Just because you don't like it carries zero weight.
All I'm saying is that Shea's reasoning for wanting a waiver should not be held as gospel compared to everyone else. And what coaches lied to him, what lies were told? Texts saying to get news articles in the hands of recruits defending Ole Miss is hardly "plotting" or misleading.
Again you are taking Shea Patterson at his word. As if he is objective in this scenario with no skin in the game. Of course he saying the staff "plotted" because he wants to play immediately then jump to the NFL. He stated he would be one and done at Michigan. To act as if Shea is innocent and playing victim is just not true. You don't even know what he means by "plotting". He has two years left even if does not get a waiver. Its not like he has one year left. Again hind sight is 20/20. Crying wolf after the fact doesn't make you right.
He’s not being punished. He wants a waiver from the rules. Hugh freeze downplaying the NCAA case isn’t any different than a coach downplaying a jump to the NFL. Plus at the time no one could predict the future and I honestly think Ole Miss thought whatever penalties they were going to receive were not going to be as severe as it ended up being. Hind sight is 20/20. Plus his brother was on the staff, pretty sure his bro would have been the first to advocate for getting him out but he didn’t.
you are conflating two separate things. Just because the broken NCAA found OM guilty means nothing. If you line up OM and SMU next to each other it is not even close. Practically every player at SMU was being paid and everyone knew, even the new incoming coach. Even if you assume OM is guilty of everything it does not come close to SMU. Just saying NCAA found them guilty means nothing. Even after the SMU fallout they said the death penalty was too harsh, but you think OM was deserving of it? The NCAA hands out punishment arbitrarily without precedent. Furthermore, if your argument is that the NCAA found OM guilty and received the subsequent punishment then you should honor the same NCAA that found SMU guilty and their punishment. Meaning if you are basing your opinion on the NCAA knowing whats best then that same NCAA believes that OM was not deserving on the death penalty because it was not as bad as SMU.
Stop trolling. OM is nowhere close to what SMU was doing
Don’t know where the kid comments are coming from but let’s just say for arguments sake I am a kid and you are a grown adult (even tho you message like a full retard). That means as an adult you can’t help yourself to go online and try to best a child online. Do you realize how stupid you make yourself seem. If you are an adult you literally have to try and compete with a kid online and continually get slapped down like a little b1tch. Keep trying tho, really is impressive to see people sponsored by the make a wish foundation have access to the internet
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You aren’t wise enough to put together a grammatically correct sentence Cajun.
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“Most of here?” What the hell are you talking about jarhead. Bless your heart. You may be an adult but you sound like an infant.
Look who it is another tide pod winner who has the memory of a gold fish, carry on potato. I know you can’t see my point cuz you can’t read
Lol looks like you don’t understand what hyperbole means Cajun, enjoy Coach O, really going to elevate the LSU program . And looks like you won the tide pod challenge. Again you to recap you could not counter my point on the article about misleading recruits. Really is sad.
Speaking in hyperbole again. The article is about misleading recruits, I made my point and you can’t counter all you do is talk about probation. I could give two hoots. I know it’s hard for another band wagoner fan to make a coherent thought.
Yea cuz the NCAA is a pure form of enforcement and justice when a school violates rules. That punishment is your go to as if that really means anything since the NCAA is so arbitrary. Just shows you have no counter argument
Again a coach can’t predict the future. If the allegations are predicated on a testimony that is suspect the coach honestly believes that then of course the coach is going to say it’s all BS. That’s not lying. Like I said it’s not any different compared to a coach going back on his word on a redshirt or saying he’s not going to the NFL and jumps ship the next season. Everyone acting like this is some egregious thing
Also you take out lewis’ testimony there wouldn’t be a bowl ban this year which is excessive. Ya’ll need to stop doing the tide pod challenge