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Keith Carter will be giving Kiffin a substantial raise. He said as much a few weeks back. They are breaking ground on a 40-50 million upgrade on facilities. 2023 Ole Miss is building more upper decks to the stadium which Kiffin is involved in. I don't think the money is part of it. Kelly was at ND for 12 years, Riley at OU for 5 before leaving. Napier 5 years before leaving. The common denominator is they had proof of sustaining success. Money was a symptom of what they have done at their previous positions. Plus Miami will not make a substantial off over what Carter will provide in an extension. Not to mention Miami is a private institution and lack the funds compared to OU or LSU. Lastly their facilities are below average, stadium a 45 minute drive from campus. Everyone keeps saying, oh but Lane has a house in Boca. To that I say so what? He was born in Nebraska, grew up in Minnesota, spent time in CA and FL. Yea he likes FL, but the guy can take OM's private jet whenever he wants to go to FL.
The only person who knows what Lane wants is Lane. If I were to make a complete, not based in anything, assumption I would say it would be detriment to his career if he left after 2 or even 3 seasons. It solidifies that you cannot trust him to stay and build, capitalizes on the previous coach's recruiting efforts, cannot recruit himself, and will always look to the next best thing. Ole Miss does not care if we go 6-6 or 10-2, as long as we are competitive. No way he would have that in Miami because Miami still has their mentality that they are the same program from 2001.
None of these twitter accounts in the article are OM fans
What a weak point. Guess you are still living in 1998.
And OM leads the egg bowl series, what does that say about MSU then?
My assumption is that he wants to downplay it because he does not want to create a hostile atmosphere which would go to MSU advantage since its in Starkville.
UF does not want Kiffin. The AD said as much. He said he wanted śustained'success with a coach. Its almost explicitly saying Kiffin is not that. Kiffin has left a job too fast to argue he has created sustained success at a program.
one thing that is not being mentioned about Fisher is that under his current contract there is no financial obligation or "buyout" if Fisher chooses to leave. That is big.
I hope Kiffin doesn't leave UM, but this probably the conundrum we will find ourselves in whenever an attractive HC vacancy occurs. I'm hoping Kiffin wants to accomplish more with us or maybe the recent experience with UT made him reaffirm that the whole leaving early doesn't help his brand.
If you channeled your brain acumen into electricity you could lightly toast bread.
1.) It was joke 2.) Entertaining your scenario as a counter argument to said joke would never happen because there can be only one division winner among the schools you selected and they would not be interested in the cannibalization of the division you proposed.
just absorb the the ACC, BIG12 and BIG10 then redistribute them into "divisions" with the same name.
UGA is not going to get Manning. Fullstop. UGA has not put out a 1st rd QB since Stafford. It is a ground game offense. Nothing about UGA's offense or history would attract Manning. Wishful thinking.
Very true and the opposite happens often as well. I remember when Jevan Snead was looked at as a 1st round talent while in school, but then it never panned out. Draft buzz comes out of nowhere and disappears just as fast.
I do agree that the lack of draft buzz around Matt Corral is little perplexing.
Iron Bowl has bigger implications and the Egg Bowl is more emotional. Iron Bowl has a stronger history of SEC championship or National Championship implications, playing spoiler or even wild finishes. Egg Bowl is more emotional in terms of bragging rights, state pride and sometimes that rivalry feeds into other sports like baseball. The Leo Lewis fiasco, Dan Mullen v. Hugh Freeze, Going for it on 4th down which led to Coach O getting fired, etc. Both unique in their own right. It wasn't until 2013-2015 timeframe when the Egg Bowl had the implications that the Iron Bowl had at least in recent memory. Just my thoughts as a OM alumni. Since this is a comment board I'm sure someone will disagree.
Clearly you all have heard him in interviews when asked about ole miss
Coach O still salty about his time in Oxford. Acting like it was Ole Miss’ fault we fired him after winning three games in each of his three seasons. Get over it.
My only reservation is that due to Mississippi only allowing 4 year contracts that if Kiffin does well in the next couple seasons, hell after one, he jumps to the next gig. I love my school but I know it’s not a tier 1 program. Hopefully there is language in the contract and we make his buyout astronomical
Sad to see. Thought we were turning a corner with our improvements regardless of our record. Would have been nice to see what one more season would have produced. Now with his buyout, coordinators buy out, max contracts of only 4 years with MS state law, I dunno who we can afford and entice to hire.
God forbid the AD backs the program and coach Luke over a media personality