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you are conflating two separate things. Just because the broken NCAA found OM guilty means nothing. If you line up OM and SMU next to each other it is not even close. Practically every player at SMU was being paid and everyone knew, even the new incoming coach. Even if you assume OM is guilty of everything it does not come close to SMU. Just saying NCAA found them guilty means nothing. Even after the SMU fallout they said the death penalty was too harsh, but you think OM was deserving of it? The NCAA hands out punishment arbitrarily without precedent. Furthermore, if your argument is that the NCAA found OM guilty and received the subsequent punishment then you should honor the same NCAA that found SMU guilty and their punishment. Meaning if you are basing your opinion on the NCAA knowing whats best then that same NCAA believes that OM was not deserving on the death penalty because it was not as bad as SMU.
Stop trolling. OM is nowhere close to what SMU was doing
Don’t know where the kid comments are coming from but let’s just say for arguments sake I am a kid and you are a grown adult (even tho you message like a full retard). That means as an adult you can’t help yourself to go online and try to best a child online. Do you realize how stupid you make yourself seem. If you are an adult you literally have to try and compete with a kid online and continually get slapped down like a little b1tch. Keep trying tho, really is impressive to see people sponsored by the make a wish foundation have access to the internet
Jesus you are still here. You don’t get enough at home you wanna get screwed even more. You have the IQ of a raisin jarhead. You are clearly on the spectrum. You wanna keep getting owned by an OM fan let’s go
You aren’t wise enough to put together a grammatically correct sentence Cajun.
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“Most of here?” What the hell are you talking about jarhead. Bless your heart. You may be an adult but you sound like an infant.
Look who it is another tide pod winner who has the memory of a gold fish, carry on potato. I know you can’t see my point cuz you can’t read
Lol looks like you don’t understand what hyperbole means Cajun, enjoy Coach O, really going to elevate the LSU program . And looks like you won the tide pod challenge. Again you to recap you could not counter my point on the article about misleading recruits. Really is sad.
Speaking in hyperbole again. The article is about misleading recruits, I made my point and you can’t counter all you do is talk about probation. I could give two hoots. I know it’s hard for another band wagoner fan to make a coherent thought.
Yea cuz the NCAA is a pure form of enforcement and justice when a school violates rules. That punishment is your go to as if that really means anything since the NCAA is so arbitrary. Just shows you have no counter argument
Again a coach can’t predict the future. If the allegations are predicated on a testimony that is suspect the coach honestly believes that then of course the coach is going to say it’s all BS. That’s not lying. Like I said it’s not any different compared to a coach going back on his word on a redshirt or saying he’s not going to the NFL and jumps ship the next season. Everyone acting like this is some egregious thing
Also you take out lewis’ testimony there wouldn’t be a bowl ban this year which is excessive. Ya’ll need to stop doing the tide pod challenge
Lol since SMU? Man this great. Just so you guys know when you look outside your windows today you will see some trees. Now those trees have spent their entire lives providing you oxygen. You guys are literally wasting the life’s work of the trees with your ignorance. And look the bama fan is on a roll with the copy and paste feature! Oh man SMU....are you retarded cuz you sound retarded
Uh oh bama fan got triggered. I repeated myself twice on the point I was making but you are focused on the sanctions which was not the topic of discussion. I guess you’ll have to reread that, that maybe a stretch for ya. You are only a bama fan cuz you went to Walmart in Tuscaloosa. Cheers brotha
Again the most severe allegations stemmed from the leo lewis testimony. You do realize in a NCAA Hearing that the player making accusation cannot be cross examined or challenged, the whole system is flawed. Again this is about whether or nor recruits were mislead which is very difficult to prove. Congrats you stated what the allegations were, way to figure out how to copy and paste, didn't know bama fans knew how to work a computer
I literally just provided a factual record from the NCAA about HF. The point of this post article is about misleading recruits. I followed the Ole Miss investigation closely and the most serious violations hinged on Leo Lewis' testimony which had gaping holes, him changing his story multiple times and now being sued by Rebel Rags due to his lies. You can look all this up, I'm not pulling it out of thin air. Misleading recruits is not a violation, everyone does this as I have mentioned before like telling a recruit you won't redshirt him then the coach does his freshman year.
NCAA said in its ruling that HF was forthcoming, cooperative and did went beyond what was required to rectify the situation. Again you cant mislead recruits if you don't know what the punishment will be and when the most serious violations stem from a MSU player who lied.
Coming from the MSU fan going on OM pages...Like Leo posting on snapchat the money he received from MSU. Give me a break dude, acting all high and mighty when MSU is guilty of the same mikey mouse BS. Carry on potato
Recruit sleeping on a coach's couch, hunting a boosters land. Oh no!!! All this was based on leo lewis' testimony that is extremely suspect and to think for a coach to want to minimize the potential sanctions especially when leo lewis lied, yea I would too. NFL is not a terrible comparison, if you don't think coaches tell recruits what they want to hear to get them to sign when in reality its all rhetoric you are the ignorant one.
harassing the Ole Miss program in the media about things that happen across all college programs and making it out to be that they are doing something irregular is a witch hunt. What evidence? Text messages? I don't think anyone in the Ole Miss program thought the penalties would be this severe, that's not misleading recruits that's just not knowing what is going to happen and hoping for the best.
I don't see whats so shocking about this. A coach misled recruits to get them to sign with a school? SHOCKING!!! Like telling a recruit hey you come with me you have a better shot at going to he NFL or I won't redshirt you but then the coach does? The witch hunt continues
HAHAHAHA seeing the comments about being up to our "old ways". Haters gonna hate. Shows ignorance at its finest when that's the immediate go to as soon as a decent recruit comes our way.
Where has it ever said he was calling escorts for recruits? Like I said go kick rocks. There’s nothing arrogant about that statement or ignorant. I don’t even think you know what those words mean. Are you retarded cuz you sound retarded
So we are taking news reports as gospel now are we, no pun intended. Have you checked the date of the news article? It could very well be that he said that before the new letter of allegations from the NCAA. Put please tell me how I am arrogant or ignorant or naïve. Your logic holds no water when it comes to misleading recruits. Misleading or lying to recruits such as Dan Mullen telling recruits for MSU that he is not gonna leave for FL. Go kick rocks cow bell
If he goes to another SEC school in any capacity that would sting as an Ole Miss alumni. If he has any guilt about what happened he should go to a program outside Power 5 or anywhere not in the SEC. However at the end of the day I do believe the NCAA verdict relied heavily on the suspect testimony of Leo Lewis, which if thrown out the rest of the violations are BS. Besides that I do not care what a person does when it comes to the bedroom and what that entails. Lying to recruits? That's a stretch. If we are going to use that as a character flaw in coaching then that standard better be held with literally every coach not to mention its hard to predict what the NCAA is going to hand down so yea I'm sure recruits were told differently then what came down bc I think Ole Miss actually thought they had a leg to stand on like the leo lewis testimony. All in all, who cares if he called escorts and to infer he was doing it for recruits is asinine.
Its not bitterness its facts. I do not care what happens. I just think there is too much hype when the sample size speaks to the contrary.