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Its not bitterness its facts. I do not care what happens. I just think there is too much hype when the sample size speaks to the contrary.
Lets calm down here. Lit up opponents. He did well against cupcake teams the first two games. Could not do anything against Cal in the 2nd half. Put up numbers in garbage time against Auburn. I think there is a stronger case that its the WRs and offensive scheme.
Would not be surprised to see Hugh back at Ole Miss, similar to Coach Petrino at Louisville after he rebuilds his reputation. People forgive and forget easily especially when you start winning.
but over the span of four years you are talking about anywhere between 4-7 players a year. I get the perception of a "sinking ship" I guess which makes people anxious but objectively looking at it, it is not bad. Plus for a linebacker at our Ole Miss, our Defense sucks balls so I don't know where he could go that could offer the playing time he could get at UM.
I don't understand giving up your commitment to a school over a bowl ban. Especially a soon to be sophomore. What is the difference in staying at Ole Miss and no bowl over transferring and sitting out a year. Still no bowl game. Players jumping ship over not being able to play one more game is ridiculous.
Wouldn't be surprised if Freeze comes back to Ole Miss after he rebuilds his reputation at another program like Coach Petrino at Louisville. Which I don't mind. People forgive quickly when you win.
Punishment not that bad, just one season to get through at this point. Really comes down to who transfers, hence why Luke was hired to help prevent a mass exodus.