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Same reason why Hugh Freeze was blamed for what happened at Ole Miss.
The collective is owed money, not the school. The collective for the school a player transfers to will owe the former collective.
Liens are put in place in NIL contracts. If a player gets paid by OM collective then transfers to another school, the school he transfers to has to pay back what OM collective has already paid.
Coming from a UF fan where UF looked the other way during Urban Meyer's tenure.
Selective outrage at its finest by those who are against the potential hire.
He did not get Avery to commit because if he did then he would have been COMMITTED. The whole reason why signing day is important and exciting is because commits by recruits literally mean nothing until the recruit signs on the dotted line, resulting in flips to other schools. You are making the "hey LK almost won" argument. Schools still recruit players that are committed to other schools, you know why? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING.
There is zero proof regarding a 120 mil K, that is purely rumor. Leopold stayed at Kansas and Klineman stayed at KSU. Commitment isn't that hard. I am speaking purely about LK not other coaches. Plus I don't think some of you pay attention to what has happened in the past. LK was interested in the AU job in 2020. LK wanted to be considered, for the UF job but UF didn't want him. LK wanted to be considered for UM job but they were too far along with Cristobal to consider LK. LK has had a well documented wandering eye for programs since he came to OM and if you don't think that goes into a recruit's calculus of committing to OM then you are just being flat out ignoring the facts.
You misread my comment. How can any 18 year old right now commit to OM with the thought of LK leaving after how he handled AU. Even after LK signed his extension, he didn’t exactly make a statement about his commitment to OM. This is the result of LK, not coaches in general
I think this is the result of LK's handling of the AU job. If my HS aged son was being recruited by LK, which would be awesome, I would be concerned if LK is still at OM next year or 2 years when the incoming class this year is starting to see the field.
Its going to be similar to the NFL draft when top picks were getting stupid money for never playing a down in the NFL. Then the pendulum will swing hard enough where there is possibly some type of regulation or rule that puts a cap on incoming freshman NIL. Maybe not. I contribute to the collective, but now I am reconsidering it. Its basically a fan tax with little in return. Moreover, I can see NIL hurting some cultures in CFB. Before you had an incoming freshman, watch them develop, be committed to a program, but now everyone is a hired gun. It would be hypocritical of me to take a hard line on this because coaches are mercenaries as well. Kiffin talked about being in favor of players signing some sort of promissory note when signing a NIL deal, which may be the happy medium of paying players but also having some type of commitment in return.
It is pretty evident that HF does not have any connections w/in coaching circles evident by the fact that he is hiring all his old coaching staff from his OM days.
Jon Sokoloff has multiple editors, he cannot tweet things unilaterally, that is not how journalism works. He would have to reveal his sources to his editors for approval. Not gossip.
It was not gossip. AU really thought LK was going to be their HC.
Seeing how Kiffin interacts with social media and the attention he garners then to see that translate to our collective, I would think Deon could do the same thing exponentially. But I don’t think Deon will come to OM bc he said God called him to JSU, it was never about money. Plus his son is the QB, with Dart at OM and u likely to transfer bc he will sit out a year, I think that would be problematic. But I do think Deon would prevent whatever exodus of players there would be after a possible kiffin exit and would still do well when the portal opens on 12/5. But I’m just an OM fan with no insider knowledge hoping for the best.
You’re laughable and misinformed. We offered an extension around 9.5 million, our NIL is over 6 mil, AU currently stands at 7 mil, actual cash on hand not 13, our 40 mil upgrade on the Manning Center will be completed next year. You do have money to fire coaches tho, so go off and flex that
Didn’t realize there were a couple psychologists here. Is heupal leaving too after UT’s game. Stick to ur day job
We are 8-3 on a rebuilding year, lost a top QB and both coordinators. Go kick rocks.
I’m not pathetic nor old. We haven’t won the division, been to Atlanta, etc. I’m not speaking about OM’s current state. I’m coming from a wholistic approach. For the past 3 years, OM has been better than AU. Recruits don’t care about history, they care about now. If kiffin stays OM’s ceiling is higher than AU’s. But you concede one thing without conflating others. It’s not like saying SMU is a step up from OM, it’s just being objective
As an OM fan, if you wanna say AU is a better program, I’ll agree it’s a step up. But that’s it, a step, not two or three or four. The disparity between the two programs isn’t as large as some claim. OM can offer a new K worth 9.65 mil a year. OM’s collective surpassed this months bench mark by 1 mil according the to the collective manager, his name escapes me at the moment. Now if I can concede AU is a step up, there is no way LK would have the same autonomy he has now at AU. LK isn’t the type to be agreeable to lunches with boosters every week. Kiffin answers to no one at OM, the same could not be said for AU, plus he will have to compete with pearl for NIL, it’s not like the collectives are strictly for football
A little update for NIL watchdogs. OM exceeded their collective goal by over 1 million dollars this month.
OM has given LK everything he has asked for and exceeded at every goal. One thing is for sure, LK would not have the autonomy he has at OM at AU and never will, which is a huge factor. Coupled w/ the fact that the gap between AU and OU is not very big. Moreover w/ the playoffs expanding, as it stands rn, OM is trending towards being in that mix every year.
You’ve been seeing that bc AU message boards are trying to convey they have money like that, if AU has offered Kiffin, no way Carter countered with less money
No way Auburn is going pay the same money that Smart, Dabo, Saban and Riley are getting w/o the same pedigree. I love kiffin and hope he stays, but the man hasn't even beat Bama.
There is absolutely no way Auburn would pay a coach the amount that puts him in the company of Smart, Saban, Swinney and Riley
From understanding about Keith Carter and his vision for OM football, he will do everything he can to keep Kiffin. This very instance was brought up during the press conference at OM when Kiffin was hired. Carter knew this was going to happen. I have no evidence to base this on, but I think Carter and Kiffin are in lock step together on OM's future whether it is branding, NIL, facilities, stadium upgrades (Kiffin was involved in the actual designs of the Vaught upgrades).
Another state fan unaware of the facts 1. In that same interview Kiffin talked about how you have boosters who will get a kid to commit to the school then if you don't play that kid there is this weird power struggle between the boosters and coach that could ultimately get the coach fired 2. OM's collective site crashed due to the influx of people wanting to contribute to the collective 3. You under estimating OM AD Carter, who was well aware of this type of thing happening with Kiffin and knows how to navigate coaching rumors 4. All the transfer portal players from this year used their eligibility waiver so its not like they can follow kiffin and not sit out a year. Dart, Trigg and others aren't going to sit out a year to follow Kiffin, Kiffin knows this 5. Kiffin spoke at length how he needed OM more than he needed him and how is legit happy in Oxford and his daughter is there 6. You mention AU billionaires? Assuming you mean Tim Cook, he has never donated to AU athletics 7. You have no idea how deep OM pockets are, you are basing on pure rumor and SM that AU has more money, maybe true, but you don't know the numbers 8. OM is expanding stadium capacity and upgrading facilities, AU isn't the only one
I think the NIL makes it unlikely that Kiffin goes to Auburn. He spoke at length in an interview how is all about kids getting paid but it is problematic due to no regulation. He hypothesized about how you have boosters who will spend a lot of money to get a kid to commit then if the coach doesn’t play him for whatever reason you have this weird power dynamic. Given the reputation of the AU boosters, I would guess this is what Kiffin would want to avoid. Plus Dart isn’t going to transfer again and will be at OM for one more season. His comments about stadium attendance is bc his contract is tied to tix sales. I’m the world of lane kiffin only he knows what his next move is and as an OM alumni I clearly hope he stays. Dude could go 500 for 3 straight years and we wouldn’t fire him. I don’t AU can say the same thing.
Kiffin already is getting 7.5 milly a year. You guys haven’t fired harsin yet bc AU doesn’t want the optics of being a problematic program. Lol AU doesn’t want to fire Harsin so AU doesn’t look like AU. Kiffin will not head to AU, it’s basically a lateral move at this point not this significant upgrade.
Kiffin isn’t leaving OM for a while. He signed an extension and they will add a year to it after each season. Dart will be back next year, he isn’t leaving him nor will Dart transfer again. OM is in a better position than AU. Kiffin recently said he needed OM more than OM needed him. He can go 500 for 3 years straight and no one will fire him. He is literally in the perfect position. He will leave for a nfl or bama/Clemson type of thing.
The only thing tipping the egg bowl in MSU's favor is the rarity in OM winning it 3 years in a row. I thought last year was MSU's year to win it. This year, by the end of the season, transfer players having substantial playing time together, coupled with the depth of our D-Line and secondary makes OM's year even stronger to win the egg bowl. Not to mention our O-line and RBs. Just my initial thoughts. Of course, in preseason, any assessment is worthless, including mine.