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Most of your UT fans in Nashville are riding around with Alabama tags on their cars. LOL
I'm glad somebody remembers, because I get tired of hearing how Bama fans have it so easy. Not if you've been around for more than 10 years. The pain of those years STILL hurts. But, about Tennessee....I hope they only get worse. I hate Tennessee, man, I just hate 'em.
Jeremy Pruitt hadn't unpacked in Knoxville for his introductory presser before I predicted this would happen. This has been the strategy all along. Phil Fulmer is in charge of this football team and Pruitt isn't. He never was. It has never been his. He's too young, too green and nothing, not even Phil Fulmer, can save Tennessee football from itself. Frankly, I'm glad. But, Fulmer has been ITCHING to put his headset on and roam the sidelines as a coach from day one. He even violated NCAA rules by doing just that last season. I hope the program tanks worse than the Titanic. I hope it is never heard from or spotted by human eyes for another 100 years. They deserve Fulmer.