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If you get your hass kicked like you're nobody. We will still be playing Akron and AGAIN you will be the tallest midget.
we're talking bout historic beatdowns, I thought??
you're gonna be hating all things next week!So get it all in this week. But after that it will be back to tallest midget status. You go sicum lol..
You are more than likely not too far off on your analysis. I will be keeping that in mind while watching this year's SECCG...
I just think it's funny that jawja is getting picked on..
You can pencil in uga as well for their upcoming game vs BAMA.
My issue with that is, why did it take soooo long to make that adjustment?
I think it was a very well thrown pass at that. I was surprised by his arm strength honestly. Especially in the first half, I was impressed by UF's tackling.
She could have the best arm and Coach still wouldn't let her play..
*crickets* Do you not believe that BAMA won't do that too you? I mean you will have all your 5*'s all that depth, running backs, two stud quarterbacks and will get curbstomped if you make it to the SECCG. The asscuttin from last week didn't shut you up? You can potentially get embarassed by UF and Kentucky. You are well on your way to tallest midget status! LMFAO
What happened there was LSU let Miles go, rumer had it that Kirby was interested in SCAR and uga got scared and fired richt. OR CMR would still be at uga to this very day.. Muschamp was never in the equation for uga...
Unfortunately there's no correlation between class and winning..
We are not getting better as the season progresses, other teams are getting better that do not have 3 full seasons stability under one coach. We can not use lack of talent as an excuse..
That's my biggest takeway from yesterday's game. Champ never ever considered taking Bentley out even for a possession or two. I totally get the dropped passes, but Champ never considered playing Scar. That scares me.
I take my hat off to the WildCats of Kentucky! Total domination, I wish the Cats well, we Gamecocks are in trouble. Not even competitive:(
You played good you played hard. The turnoverers hurt. If it means anything you played way more competitive than my team did. There a powerhouse in the East. I'm looking forward to a very good game at SC. Couldn't have picked a better bye week.
Unfortunately we are not who I thought we were. Again uga, I dish it out and now it's time to pat the piper. I overvalued my team and I underestimated my opponent. I should have known better. Lots oof football to play and everything is still out there for us. Now we will truly find out who we are. Congrats to Kentucky yesterday's victory certainly changes things and I'm very conceerned about that game. Give 'em hell dogs!
nice win for sure but easy on the mark richt doesn't work here unless the Auburn game was a "one night only" be easy my friend. Great win awesome performance!
I take my hat off to the Georgia Bulldogs!As a fan of course I want my team to win. I could tell right away you were the better team in all phases of the game. I wish you continued success!
You're that ticked off huh? The guy said he wasn't convinced Carolina could pull it off. What's wrong with you? One thing is certain here, if Carolina loses and the odds say, we will be ok. If uga loses, it will be very ugly, your fanbase won't be able to handle it. For being so "good" you are awfull petty. You are extremely concerned with this game, no way to hide it. We will take it in stride.
My thoughts exactly Heisman Shmisman, those two natty's luck. uga got it bad...