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Desmond Howard, not Bryant... do you not even know a Heisman winner?
It is about the yardage against quality opponents. How many top defenses did he dismantle? Florida is the only one that comes to mind. But I still like his chances.
FanDuel is such a crock
Some good games for most teams. Florida State is getting bad end of the stick with Ole Miss and Florida.
Last year at LSU for the Bama game was amazing, easily my second favorite stadium I've been to. Obviously second to Bryant-Denny.
I believe the rest of the West are rooting for Gators as well
He reminds me a little bit like Shaun Alexander
In the group pan at the end, which one was Paul "Bear" Bryant?
I agree with you, but Florida quit playing Miami when they were good, yall dont even play them regularly. I think the game in 2013 was the first time in like 30 years or so. Correct me if I am wrong.
Just based off of last season, I think TCU will fall off, Auburn will bounce back, and Ohio State will remain on top until they lose to V Tech quality team again.
Bart Star was at Alabama before Bryant got there.
I like that Georgia Tech is man enough to play us all.. Too bad they were too pissy to leave after being beat by the Bear..