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Lol China virus ruined 2020, gumps win when some teams only played 5 games. There’s no way anyone should be awarded a NC from the 2020 season, mainly because half the teams played less than 6 games. Gumps are a freaking joke
Guess that prediction sucked. GEAUX TIGERS
Stand up guy very rare breed in the NFL. Great Tiger also, pray you have a speedy recovery and a long career Tre! God Bless and Geaux TIGERS. Work hard after surgery young man
There’s something about Coach Leach I like. It’s like he’s grounded as far as life issues, wants to win of course but his perspective comes across as it’s not life or death if they don’t. Loved his profound quote, “There isn’t any coach who coached better than his players played.” Truth
BW has has our coach under wraps probably for 3 weeks. It’s a done deal, book it! You uga fans might as well be getting ready for another choke, been over 40 years for the toothless dogs!
Habitual middle of the pack msu has more money than they have sense. No coach getting smoked by 50 pts should ever even sniff a pay raise. How stupid
Adios if you don’t bleed purple and gold, hit the road jack. You made some good plays, and you were toasted fairly often. Guys that took your place are actually out performing you, truth.
Oh I have enough disdain for you gump teams and gump fans. Enough to fill a stadium. Roll what $&@& you. Geaux TIGERS
Just a few short years ago we all thought we were witnessing miles last game, against atm. LSU rose up and won that one. I think the Tigers win it for Coach O, who brought college football the greatest team in the history of college football in 2019. At least I hope so. GEAUX TIGERS
If it makes the hated gumps upset I’m all for it. Young shouldn’t even be considered or invited.
Hey bd gump, before $saban you guys ceiling was 4/5 wins. I miss those years.
Agree on Kiffin, but Tucker has had more job than the majority of coaches. I just don't see him having enough experience as a head coach and although this season is good, he's faced only 2 teams with a winning record and is 1-1. Beat ohio st on the 20th and I'll listen, but what Tucker has done so far in 2 1/2 years as HC isn't near enough.
No, but had he pulled the upset against you it sure would be hard to see him go. However his inability to be driven to sustain and maintain a great program is on him. His time is up.
I agree 100% on young being an average/good qb. Even a gump with half of his teeth could complete 60% of the passes with the oline and weapons they have on offense. He's well below tua, who was just an above average gump.
You gumps are a bunch of half wit retards. You're time is coming and I can hardly wait. Anybody but you idiots. Geaux UGA this year.
Hey gump I know math isn't a strong suit @gump u, but the aggies weren't rank at time of that a** whipping they gave the overrated gumps. The aggies won't be ranked after this Saturday's loss either.
In all honesty since H. Walker, nothing of relevence.
The saddest part is the gumps claimed a NC after last season when well of 60% of the college teams didn't even play 7 games. The gump fans are a pathetic lot. Just as the media bias towards their inbred team.
I do, I loved the gumpies then. Can't wait for those days to return and the inbreds get humbled.
List is worthless,gump anderson with 8 tackles? Damone Clarke with 18 tackles and he's an honorable mention. No Way
It would be a horrible decision to hire any Head Coach with the record Tucker would be bringing to LSU. Simply not enough of a Head Coach track record based on 2 1/2 seasons. He's about to lose several games in front of him
Can't believe I agree with a gump, but the lack of inspiration by the Tigers is very evident.