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The real hero here is whoever found the correct stock Dabo pic here.
Nobody is going to talk about the real culprit. Terrible college food. Let's go deeper into this clogged toilet, case remains open in my mind
You know what looks bad? Playing in a big huge stadium but it's empty. #fail
Totally. How about any information what so ever. Hard to say the playoff would have suffered with uga + Ohio state.
by process of elimination we'll be ready next year! Oh God, what about a 3rd string
that's my biggest fear. We really don't have a dominant pass rusher. Much is made of the quarterbacks but I think our pass rush is what will determine the game. Tua makes it look easy without pressure. We've generally had at least 1 elite pass rusher so I'm hoping that Walker will bring his A game. If you go back a few years when we had Jarvis Jones he was a nightmare, virtually unblockable. I'm just hoping their 92 isn't that against us.
The most concerning stuff is in the short yardage. Despite getting gashed most 3rd downs it seemed like we still could have stood tall on at least a few of the 4rth downs. That's be big thing for me. We don't have a true big nose tackle like Trent Thompson and it feels like the Lbs and the secondary are having to pinch inside a bit. Couple that with not having Roquan Smith to cover that up makes it hard. I know we lost a ton of studs but I feel like he might have been an under-rated dude for the d-fense. I know we missed a few wide open TDs but so did LSU when we tried to play man and bring more folks in the box. All that is to say that we don't have the D to bail us out. If we're going to do any thing this year we need the offense to carry us.
Lol, well played. The most movement any of those guys have done since running for Al Bundy equivalent of HS touchdowns
Tbh the message to me feels more like trash talk, and was slightly confusing. Act like a douche = humble yourself. I guess it was just the way he explained it. Sounded more like STFU. Regardless of that I'm glad that Bellamy is smart enough to make some $ from it. Still criminal these kids give so much to the university and get back so little financially.
Dude, nobody is worried. You guys finally have a head coach...I wouldn't call that being back.
I think if Kerryon plays he's going to get hurt again. Emotionally I think that will be a let down for Auburn. Dude is beast, reminds me of Darren McFadden. But without him I think that dramatically effects the game. I just hope Chaney does something else besides try to run a up the middle. Run Fromm, run Eason, run a damn trick play, time to bring out all the stops. For the love of God can we throw to our Tight ends?
I had no idea he would consider auburn. So many odd reports come out of Tallahassee you kind of feel like it's the weird related cousin of Tennessee
I do agree. It's the one stupid thing about college hoops. the Championships are not as important, but I hate that a top 5 team's season is over at the end of regulation. Just seems kind of stupid tbh
I can't wait for this rematch. Glad that Auburn beat Bama and we get to see this game on a neutral field. Auburn looks legit, but I think we'll be ready this time. I think Auburn in it's position shows the SEC dominance. The schedules are usually ridiculous and if they win they absolutely deserve to be in the championship. Hell I'd put them at #1 if they win again. All that being said I hate Auburn and hope they lose :)
I love how Auburn played one complete game and now their suddenly unstoppable. Let's be honest they are about to lose to Bama and be #3 in the Sec. They lose that game and the bowl and they will be back trying to get Gus fired again. I'm happy to play either, but honestly would prefer an Auburn rematch at this point. Win win for me. Either avenge 2012 or avenge the loss to Auburn.
I have to agree w/ the night game comment. Seems like schedules have been wonky this year. Looking for a good game, with the Dawgs sneaking out with a W in a close one :)
Agreed. LSU lost to Troy. Auburn can play at a high level but has been inconsistent. Especially the Clemson game, but hard to know for sure. Is Miami any good? Who the hell knows, but we might know a little more post Clemson game.
never forget 2012..we'll slay the beast this year
If I'm Auburn I'd be sick of all the expectations (besides being sick that I was born into that fandom). Seems like the last few years are picked to be pre-season Champions. I do think it will be a good game, I think AU has a good Dfence so I'll be excited to see what our opened up offense can do against them. AU's offense seems inconsistent and seeing what Clemson did to them makes me feel ok w/ our Dfense. They do have a stud running back though.
Although the best comment was the idiotic Franklin post game "Oh who do we play next?" pretending to not know they play Ohio St. next.
I thought the same thing until I googled Dooley's record at UT.
Our RB stable is absolutely ridiculous. I've really enjoyed seeing him tote the damn rock this year!
I don't think we have a "target". we're 5 and 0 :) this stuff is laughable. Bama comparisons are ludicrous (hope someone gets the irony there). I think Kirby deserves credit, but I never really hear about Mel Tucker. Dude has that D-fence fine tuned, and hell even Chaney is making some nice play calls. Actually the kind of calls that I loved about Richt. We're nowhere near Bama and honestly to me beating UF and AU who probably are a little down still will be awesome. Any team that lost to Vandy the previous year doesn't have a target :). Go home media, if not I'll get Butch Jones on you again
With the lack of Muschamp meltdowns one must turn to the Butch "hyper color" Jones for entertainment.
I kind of feel bad for the guy but he doesn't always help himself out. Especially after getting bailed out in some tight wins last year. Clearly better than the Dooley years, but not an elite coach.