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Gus better beat bama or He"'ll be going back to high school. That's a fact Jacobs better worry about that instead the sec east.
No to the east. The West is hard but I like to play good ass teams the east is just so Damn bad.
No way auburn - bama needs to play. Idc nothing about florida or tennessee I want to say in the West. Mizzou should of thought about it before moving to the sec.
Look at the last few years the winner of the iron bowl has played in the national championship.
I want to play bama I could care less bout going to the east. Pat was a great coach but auburn needs to stay in the West.
I don't think auburn will finish 6 sorry I feel we will beat Arkansas I mean it will be a fight for sure. Ole miss looks easy vandy too lol. The next toughes game for me is alabama.
Like Bama don't have fluky stuff happen.
The Bama thugs will be back to do it again in 2018.
Wish they would stop this how crazy is that. But if they want go ahead leave.