Go Big Pantone 151

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I really do like Booger and think that he is usually correct, but I just can’t see this happening. But that is why they play the games after all.
Nothing used to drive me more crazy than Majors punting or quick kicking on 3rd down. Although running up the center on 3rd and 21 was close. Fulmer ran into the same type of trap, but his was playing not to lose instead of punting. It was usually clear that Tennessee always had just as much or more talent on the field but lost to teams that they never should have, yet never beat a team that they shouldn’t have. I believe both bled orange, but neither knew when it was time to hang it up
You know what else sticks to the wall? Dooley’s coaching at Tennessee.
Scoring some points this season is my vision after the horrific offense that was on display last year.
I agree. Two years is very optimistic, but I do think there is a great deal of undeveloped talent on the roster and it depends upon the buy in that Pruitt gets from those players.
Great to have him committed now, but signing day is what counts.