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Kneegan 1980 was a very popular year for disco music. You sure like to dance around the facts. You also have WAY too much time on your hands. I'll wait for your 8 paragraph response. Please make sure you add an abundance of exclamation points and SHOUTING!!!!!!!!
Wow, things have really gotten out of hand. I think I'm gonna hire a sports agent to negotiate my next job. Choose wisely grasshopper, or its gonna cost you!
Don't see the Razorbacks wearing white jerseys at home. Should be a good game with both teams wanting a W to end the season. GO HOGS!!
Ok, I know this is crazy, but if your talking about excess baggage Meyer as head coach.... how about unemployed Jon Gruden? Let the comments begin...
Great game. GO HOGS! now its on to Missouri to try to finish out this excellent season with a win!
Couple of things I'd like to point out. you don't have to yell so much in your over written comments, you must have alot of free time on your hands. 2) how much is the gas bus paying you for this glowing commentary? I think he's a pantload. I'll wait for your 6 paragraph response, all in caps please.
Bro...two years ago, the Razorbacks couldn't even get on ESPN pee-wee league channel. Enjoy the ride! GO HOGS!!
Congratulations Vanderbilt on a win !! Yankeepig, did you happen to see any of the Razorback game?
Hey vandy...thanks for the heads up on this one...WOW, that was an old fashioned ass whoop. Congratulations Georgia on a dominant win. Your team truly is the beast of the East.
Arkansas got taken out to the wood shed today. Well done Georgia, the beast of the East!
Real Razorback fans will take their ass whooping and move on. Georgia really looks like the beast of the East. It is NOT the end of the world, our 4 wins so far this year ties the wins chad Morris had in his two years coaching Arkansas. Well done Georgia! I hope you can stay healthy, and win the S.E.C. Title.
Looks like its gonna be the wild west this year boys. I love me some S.E.C. Football!
UPSET ALERT Razorbacks continue win streat with win over Georgia at home. Hogs quarterback makes the defense PAY THE PRICE!!
Hogs will get over 200 yards rushing, and burn Georgia's secondary for 200+ its gonna be a shocking upset in Athens.
I've got a sneaky feeling that Georgia fans are a little nervous about this game. Win or lose, the Hogs will give it all they got, and they might just have a few surprises for the Dawgs on Saturday. GO HOGS!!
The Razorbacks come into this game confident and hungry. If they lose, they were supposed to....BUT....the way things have been going this year in cfb who knows...GO HOGS!!
Huge respect for Georgia, great team and fans. Im just saying on any given Saturday......
Did you fail to mention the South Carolina game by accident or on purpose???
Every year Georgia has a slip up...SC, LSU, great team that gets close, but no cigar. Let's hope this year its Arkansas. It could happen...GO HOGS!!
Georgia at home is a tall order to fill for the hogs. I don't think they will be intimidated, They are confident and hungry.Georgia seems to have a pattern of losing a game every year they are supposed to win. Let's hope this is the one!! GO HOGS!!
Ok, tell me the many of you put a W in ink on your pre season schedule next to Arkansas?
I'm interested to find out what the line will be for Arkansas Georgia.
Go Hogs!! Next up for the Cinderella's of the west is Georgia in Athens. Ruh-Row....
Cinderella of the west!! Razorbacks complete Domination on both sides of the ball. Be afraid VERY afraid!!
Domination on both sides of the ball. Razorbacks are looking good! Keep it up Hogs!