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I skimmed. I don't see how a grown man can proudly publish this trash calling it journalism.
Once upon a time, journalism was an honorable profession, not this garbage.
You downplay us in the sense that you confuse lack of success to lack of talent. We recruited talented players over the past few years, we just didn't know how to develop them. We had the talent to beat SC, Vanderbilt, Missouri, and Florida (arguably); the problem was Butch Jones. He was like a blind man with the key to a Ferrari. Still, I am not sold on Pruitt, but I am hoping that Pruitt will be better than the last coach and give them the coaching they were promised.
You do understand that the Rock is painted by individuals, not the whole fanbase. Moreover, it looks like the Rock was painted at night, by the picture. As far as how this display makes it "clear" what the entire Vol Nation wants, I don't know what you are talking about.
He turned down interviews at great programs. I'm a Tennessee fan and believe that he would have been great here. This Clay Travis made a fool out of a program by herding a thoughtless fan base towards an uninformed and reactionary outrage. We effectively ruined Greg Schiano who was cleared by multiple institutions and attorney generals. Importantly, we can't hire anyone now.
Flame on? Playing the victim now? Please tell me what you meant by "Everyone here tells me Tennessee is a premier job, yet it keeps getting stuck with chump coaches. But when you keep shooting for the stars and getting told time after time, eventually you have to look yourself in the mirror and realize there must be a reason."
Okay, so now you are saying that chump coaches mean chump job? We ended up with Dooley because of the way Kiffin left the program and ended up with Butch because of the way Dooley left the program. During both searches, we tried to pull coaches who were winning at that comfortable jobs. During the same span, Florida hired Mcelwain. Florida got it's first choice because it was willing to cough up the massive buy out. Moreover, you write about how we ended up with our fourth or fifth choice, but any realistic person could not honestly write that John Currie's first choice was John Gruden. Shooting for John Gruden made no sense. Not sure how some of our fans thought that was realistic. Moreover, John Gruden would have rejected virtually every job in CFB, including USC, Florida, LSU, Texas, etc. If he was so realistic to any other program, they would have gotten him. Moreover, Chip Kelly was realistic as I mentioned above. That one is on John Currie for not firing Jones quickly and securing a deal. But, you can't really say Kelly was choosing jobs based on prestige when he denied Florida for UCLA. Mullen would have been ours had Florida not offered. But, it's not like we lost to South Carolina. As I said, we are going to lose to Florida for a head coach 10/10. Above is how I looked in the mirror like you said and realized there must be a reason.
you are overlooking the idea that it was not the fans who backed out of the cotnract, it was John Currie. John Currie should have asked Schiano if he was ready for the job, and, if the answer was a yes, stood behind his choice. Honestly, I think Schiano was a good choice. Your argument that Tennessee is not a premier job because a premier coach applies terrible logic. There are about 10 comparable programs to Tennessee in CFB. However, there are not 10 premier coaches in CFB. According to your logic, LSU is not a premier job- they have friggin Ed Orgeron. According to your logic, Florida is not a premier program. It had to settle for Mullen after missing out on Chip Kelly. According to your logic, USC is not a premier program. They settled for Helton, a nobody at the time. Moreover, if you don't think that Florida didn't fire Mcelwain because it was afraid that Tennessee was going to hire Chip Kelly, you are dumber than I thought. Florida, knowing that Chip Kelly to Tennessee would mean never winning the East again, abruptly decided to fire its coach to go get Kelly for itself. Tennessee is not as good as Florida, Texas, or USC. It will lose every battle for a head coach against those schools, but it's still a premier job.
The confederate flag is a racist symbol. I heard all the excuses 'proud southerners' use, mainly about southern heritage and pride. Regardless of what they say, it's a symbol of slavery and racism to just about everyone. Just because some can perform mental gymnastics to justify flying a hate symbol doesn't mitigate the effect to the rest of the world. You don't get to decide whether you hurt someone or not. Even if it is being displayed to compensate for intense southern heritage and pride issues, people should know what it stands for to a lot of people: racism, bigotry, fear, slavery, etc. Is pride that important to do an unneeded task despite knowing that it hurts people? Because that's just selfish. What is wrong with just using your state flag (unless you're from MS)? There are viable alternatives, and, flying a confederate flag is very replaceable.
Why would Saban let Kiffin go with one game left? It makes no sense in terms of team consistency and chemistry to switch OC with a week left to go. The only explanation I can buy is Kiffin wasn't working as hard after getting his dream job down at FAU.
Kiffin leaving his team for personal interest? where have I heard this before?
I love my vols, but Butch Jones is dumb- simple as that.
Enough is enough, John Crist! Stop shoving your stupid face on us.
Is there any way John Crist's video doesn't begin automatically? I clicked on the article, not to hear his stupid face talk. It's really intrusive.
he is a class act, not one of these pretenders like Dabo and Hugh Freeze.
"former legend"? did tebow do something to harm his legacy?
"The second team All-SEC pick has nine interceptions for his career, and will use his speed to work the entire field to prey on sloppy cornerbacks." Is he going to be stealing INT from his own teammates?
I would rather beat Florida. The reason is simple. We have no excuse to lose. Conversely, there is no shame in losing to a Nick Saban team
A lot of people are missing the point. SVP is not defending the 4 losses or asking "what if's", as much as he is refuting that TN is overrated.