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This is huge news for Kentucky's offence for next year.this was consider by some in media to be top 3 offense line in country.and to only lose one guy is big.the offense should be lot better next year.these guys on the line for the first time really look like sec lineman.he a big boy along with the rest.myself I like hearing more about these big oline and d-lineman returning then I do about skilled players because in this conference it starts and ends with them
UK has to recruit lights out right now to even stay any where close to the schools in the sec.this may be best recruiting class ever at UK it right now in the low 20's which is awesome news but at same time they are 10 sec schools still in front.that's crazy but great job stoops still amazing job.the east is also getting better by the day with Dan at flordia now and Kirby doing his thing at Georgia and tennesse is going to be lot better next year now you can throw UK in there as a team that can beat anybody on a given day and the east is looking pretty tough.congrats to all sec schools for doing what they do .best conference in football.
Wow!well I have watched the last 3 or 4 games UK has played against Florida and they had a victory in one and had them beat in 2 more but have it away in the end.then days of getting beat like a drum are over for uk.the staff at UK was already great at developing 2 and 3 star players now they bringing in Alabama and Georgia type players they may not win every game but you can bet they Will be hanging in the final minutes of these games.
Everybody talking about flordia defense and all the sacks.ha what did they have last night?I think they managed to get's going to get harder from here on.they won't get 10 sacks rest of year.
Nashvillegator I don't know what game you was watching but if you didn't notice UK dominated most of game and 2 reasons why scoreboard showed other wise.first stoops with his conservative play the drive before half he could of aired it out and at least got a fg before half but he was content going on half with 7or lead instead of a 10 or 14 lead.and the whole 2me half he didn't trust his quaterback.2nd the penalty for hitting quaterback was worse call in changed the game.and Paul is right flordia not going far trask looked good against some freshman 2star defensive backs but what going to happen when he throwing ball at 5star seniors they going to make his day long.flordia got the win and deserved it cause stoops.the players for UK done there part
Couldn't said it better myself.I'm glad the media is writing about the play calling maybe stoops will take notice.for the first time in a long time UK had the better team against Florida and still come away with a loss.silver lining is this team is good and going get better when lot of people thought this team may not win many.if stoops corrects his play calling no reason this team can't win 10 games.GO CATS!
Stoops has showed he can recruit and build players at ky.and that's half the battle in this conference but his play calling is mediocre at best.I like stoops and Eddie but at end of day this loss is squarely on his and grans shoulders.I would fill lot better about rest of season if he would take responsibility for the conservative play calling in 2nd half and the last drive of first half when he knew his offense was getting ball after half could have sealed the deal in 2 series.and myself I would have went for the 4th and 1 instead of having my unproven freshman kicker with deer in headlights look in face go for 30 yard fg in front of 50thousand people.but I'm not the coach and don't know Jack but that I like this team and they were the better team out there it just didn't show on scoreboard.these kids are good and going get better.Go CATS!
Got to give credit were due.CATS fan here and really don't like gators much but I'm a fan of coach Dan and no matter who they were playing against 10 sacks by these guys were huge and is very hard to do against any opponent.
He is awesome! Will be huge if cats can sign him.I just hope it not like the western hills kid going to Nebraska.but congrats to him and coaching staff for working there butt's off
The issue you have with it is that you know the gators will have to see his face for next few years when playing ky.I bet if he had transferred to gators you be just fine with him playing right away
Not taking nothing from tennessee they good team but not battled tested like the young CATS when you play easy schedule only 2 top 25 teams up till now you really don't know how good or bad you has had one of toughest schedules in country and coming off a week were they just played 3 ranked teams in a be the best you got to beat the best.don't see tennessee winning at home either as long as ky comes to play.bad part for Tennessee this year is there only shot.not much young talent on bench like ky has.congrats to the gamecocks too they balling .coach Frank one of the best
When you don't play but 2 ranked teams this far it's easy to look good try playing 3 ranked teams in a week.cats make this one look easy
It pains me to say this but Paris has made a point in that does UK gain ground in recruiting when we coming off one of best season's ever and we got 12th best class out of 14.I know that they always some studs and dudes in everybody's class but we have a year like this and we still at bottom.I Gove stools and other coaches credit tho for taking them kids and developing them in to 5 star players but it just makes you wonder how can we ever compete with the dawgs and Bama like this?
Hate to see Missouri next season they are going to be great.they finished season strong.
I would liked for UK to got both these guys but if had pick one Casey would be the man. Guys emerge all the time on offense side of ball but you need to recruit four star defense players to play in sec.
Don't look good on him or Nebraska they just recently accused the cats of paying him to get him but now he flips.hmm maybe they paid.i think he just got thinking about what he getting in to.UK is in sec and I just don't think he would turn into the next Randal Cobb may be wrong but he picked right school he will look a little better and play more in that conference.
He played great game.wish him the best.the future is bright for him.
Can't blame Snell heck of season.Allen is a man among boys out there he in my mind best defense player ever play for BBN#
Well said brother huge ky fan but you never know what team you showing up to watch.the team that punched miss st in the mouth or team that let Tennessee make them look like high school team.but end of day proud of team.
I'm tickled he coming home he is great player if we just had someone that could throw him the ball
I agree of all the years for UK to have great offense and no defense this be year we have no offense at all.if we had any other quarterback in the sec on this team we would be finishing the season 11-1.we wasn't beating Georgia even with drew lock.
I would just like to see Terry throw some balls up for grabs.give these receivers a chance at least.we got couple play makers out there that would come down with a few.and if not and it's intercepted well it's just like a pint and better then a sack or no gain on a long 3rd down.
Slump not word for it.we got figured out weeks everyone knows how to play against them.offense stop the run. Make us throw deep.defense run ball right at us till we fall asleep then start airing it out.the boys just not getting any better since first game of season all other sec teams each week learn and get better
I say bring in gunner goal for next 2 games and the bowl game and stick with him like they have Wilson and start building on something good for next season.yes! Wilson does has upside but I just don't see him as a leader or a true pocket passer.and when he scrambles its bad cause turnovers going to happen.just saying give gunner couple games to play knowing good or bad he still the man and I think something good will come out of it
Yeah after what BAMA did to LSU....wait didn't LSU smack that booty.oh yeah BAMA going out UGA in there role.make them remember who has real football school the team that won one championship way back in 80something.or the team ..well that wins it every year.ha good luck brah
UGA might as well go liberty bowl as well cause when time comes play BAMA they going to expose the whole UGA team.i got one better for you I bet UK I' still finishes season with better record then UGA cause auburn is desperate for wins and UGA always chokes
You are foolish any of them teams beat the other on any giving night.besides BAMA Nobody beating them.ha ha I love it putting UGA in same class as BAMA and LSU.Didn't the tigers thump yall ? Then they got thumped disrespect but UGA no were close to BAMA .y'all have one championship way back in 80 and y'all act like y'all a powerhouse.maybe some day if saban leaves BAMA.but no time soon.