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Are you serious? UT has not been good in a long time. Last year they collapsed. And who are the elite quarterbacks from UT in last ten years? You know nothing
I watched him when he played here in Kentucky at EKU. I think he a really good ball player and hope he stays in SEC so can continue to watch him. I think auburn has a good point guard coming but would been great to had both
So to make in the NFL now you got to play great against UT defense? Ha UT fans never disappoint
And that’s why you don’t have a job in the NFL. Hooker will not be drafted and Levis and AR will be taken first round both will do ok if with right team but Levis will be better of two sooner. UT fans gotta put hooker in there even his name not mentioned
Poor rick Barnes he could have twelve seniors on team with and still not get out of sixteen .
Hate to break it to you VFL 88 but UT fans are by far the most hated fan base not just SEC but country.
Agree K-State is a really good team . Cal had a pretty good game plan but he cannot get out there and play for them. Face it if UK hadn’t turned the ball over so much they probably would of won the game. Im not biggest fan of wheeler but this is one game I would of liked him to play because his defense is really good and think he could of done better job on the Nowell kid but end of day K-State made the big plays and wanted more.
He not wrong thou! He right they had several players step up and make plays when all CATS had was Oscar and Wallace. I really hate it for Oscar he played his heart out today and gave his all but besides Wallace nobody eles would help. I’ve been against wheeler playing much all year but CATS sure could of used him to guard the little guard that kept making plays. Wheeler lot better on defense and faster but CATS still had plenty of opportunities to put game away but turnovers ruined it.
Heck of a game I was pulling for the Hogs to beat KU. That was a great game to watch! Arkansas refused to lose they just kept coming at KU. Mussleman is best coach in SEC and one of top four or five in country. Sure wish UK find some way to lure him to Lexington. Good job Arkansas hoping y’all keep on rolling.
I agree this is a special year for Bama. And like said since he arrived and has had Bama playing as well as any other SEC team during that time I think a final four is due. With a team as special as this one there is pressure to deliver. At the same time I think Bama can do it this is a talented team he has assembled. The only team I think that has more talent then Bama that could challenge them and beat them is Duke. It hurts me saying that being a UK fan but Duke is loaded with talent and beginning to play there best ball. They also dealt with lots of injuries and are fully healthy now. They are 16-1 when fully healthy. I hope I’m wrong about Duke and right about Bama. Roll Tide!
I don’t think it wil matter who they match up well against or don’t there play has been to inconsistent all year to think they make a run. I’m no duke fan at all but bad as I hate to say it no matter what they going be tough to beat. That group of freshman have put it together. And are 16-1 when they all healthy. Won 9 in a row. They long and athletic have two seven footers that can play. Shoot three well too. I won’t pick them for simple fact there Duke but lot of people over looking them and I won’t be surprised if they in final four
Just ask jimbo about the almighty Nick and how many championships he has bought for Alabama. Or the coach that will turn blind eye to a kid that helped murder someone.
Probably got lot to do with non conference schedule UK played teams like Gonzaga ,ucla.Kansas Michigan etc. while Mizzou played costal Carolina, MS valley and played one tough game against Kansas but got thumped in that one. One of worst teams Cal has had at UK in my opinion but still im confident that CATS will go farther then Mizzou. This also Mizzou one great year that comes around only ever 20 or 30 years.
He done great and will do great! UT fans not got much to be happy about right now. Lmao
I know the kid has a different attitude or maybe more confidence then some of the others and he doesn’t come from Bama or UGA but why all the hate on the kid? He has worked just as hard as any other player and showed real toughness playing most of season hurt or injured. I say support the young man and see if he the next best or a bust. Time will tell but I’m pulling for all the SEC players to go high in draft and do well in league.
After that beat down UK just gave Auburn its shows you know nothing.
It won’t matter #2 or #5 seed they will be out by 2nd weekend as usual. No different then any other year.
??? But you come to Kentucky page to hear some more?
That’s funny but you come to Kentucky page to hear more. UT fans are some weird people
Typical UT fan there always a reason why they lost. Usually it’s the ref’s. It’s same way every year. UT fans think they have a final four team until they get knocked by 2nd weekend.
Once maybe UT still better but twice no doubt UT overrated and not very good!
Yeah he is playing with confidence for the first time this season. Sure glad he found it in time to sweep the Vols.
They beat UT in Knoxville that’s all that matters.
Volman, your wrong as always. Bennett wasn’t arrested in Georgia he was arrested in Dallas. Typical UT fan.
Agree Cats Fan in the Ville. Let’s see if they can keep it going for few more but with all the talk UT fans talking this past week it sure good to see them off the UK page.
Hey fuzzy where is the rest of the UT trolls at? They been on here all week but as always after they are disappointed they go back to hiding
Congratulations UGA!! Unbelievable season I don’t see nothing that would suggest otherwise. I think a third is very possible. Lots of people was counting them out at start of season saying it wasn’t possible to repeat! I don’t see none of them around tonight. Smart is a heck of a coach. Congratulations DAWGS!!