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I don’t think it’s going help Mussleman much if you not seen what this Uk team looks like now and not even mention the monster class Cal working on for next season. Don’t get me wrong I like Mussleman and he a fine coach but no matter what he says once the blue bloods come calling he GONE!! Who knows couple years from now he may very well be in Lexington coaching.
Go cry baby your just upset Tennessee not had two 10 win seasons in last four years. And y’all call yourself a football school
I agree not that I would want to see stoops leave or Cal but stoops has built the foundation and showed you can win at Kentucky and also showed that the AD will give you time and resources needed .It also helps that even know we now expect to win games and make a bowl game but you don’t have same expectations here as you do at 90% of other SEC schools. I do like what Mitch had to say about the turnovers at other schools and how we been able to retain our coaches longer then just about any other school in SEC . That means something!
Your crazy coaches that was not considered for the job say that. Let Mitch call a few of the up and coming coaches in college basketball and see how fast they on a plane to Lexington. You really don’t know much
Tennessee needs to stick to country music and delivering cash in McDonald bags they really good at that
I’m sure ready for season get here so we can shut up bunch of these people funny how you start winning and lot of these people don’t come around no more so they can eat there crow. After how the defense looked over weekend I’m really excited for this team. Our DBs were biggest question and they looked really good and our big boys up front even better. Lots of freshman getting playing time they to good to keep if field. Lots of Tennessee fans going eat crow
Flordiadale you would normally be right but this is not your typical ky football team. So for last couple seasons we have been on other side of that where we will for sure beat either flordia ole miss or Tennessee. Now your still right about having a loss to someone we shouldn’t. But this team will get over that hump. It will be a bad year if we lose to gators we feel we should win that game as much as winning at vandy
Wait fuzzyvol your all about the numbers. Always talking numbers until they don’t look good for Tennessee. Nobody for sure puts much stock in what you have to say either
Your exactly right we all here at Kentucky wish for that to play out like Bear said but in reality we know how far fetched that dream is. But there were no other schools fans on here we play this season but one talking it down and mad because it was not there school but Kentucky. To all them other SEC schools I wish good luck to and hope they do well but cannot bring myself to do the same for Vol fans they are by far worst bunch in SEC. Flordia LSU and Auburn and especially Georgia andAlabama fans could really rub in there success and accomplishments they have all had but none not even there worst fans come close to being a typical Tennessee fan
I’m thinking 9 as well! For sure Dawgs will be one the other two could be any givin Saturday. But if I had to pick I would say ole miss gets us down there and we take a early hit with gators on the road. Sure hope I’m wrong but there still a few positions that we are questionable at. The good news is we are favored to win in rocky top that’s a win in itself.
Nice!! Anytime you can pick up a commitment from a kid that has Bama recruiting him it’s a big get. You know they don’t offer just anyone. The best part is we got him over the Vols that’s a couple this past week.Go CATS!!
It would be nice and there is a chance. But doubtful. Tennessee I’m not worried about it’s ole miss and South Carolina more likely to ruin the parade.By the way if you not noticed this is not your normal Kentucky teams lately. The only thing Tennessee can really play for is spoiler be at or likely to be competing in any bowl games
This will end up being a major pickup! This kid will no doubt be one of the best linebackers in SEC in a few years. Stoops is really getting it done even with Kentucky not being a major player with NIL$$$. He continues to work his butt off to get some of the best players to come play at UK.
Bet hooker is top QB in country? Right? Nobody pays you no attention anyway
Just listen to Gwhite and fuzzyvol. Them guys know everything they can tell you for sure what punishment if any that is coming down. Gwhite said Vols will finish in 1st maybe 2nd or possible 3rd in east so I would for sure listen to what he knows
Just when I think this guy can’t get no dumber. 1st or 2nd? So they pretty much going undefeated? I don’t see them knocking off Georgia for sure and the game with ky going be lot tougher then your thinking . I wonder how old you must really be to go on with some of the stuff you do
VFL your the best Tennessee fan ever if only Gwhite and few others were like you.
You have lost your mind!! Really? If there has ever been a home field advantage for sure it is playing a game in Death Valley under the lights. If it was in Knoxville I might give a slight edge to Vols but in Baton Rouge go ahead and pencil in a big (L). You got to stop smoking that stuff
Yeah for sure Cal is walking and talking different tune these days. I honestly think he signed that lifetime contract and thought he was guarantee to be in Lexington till he decided he was done. Until he felt the wrath of the BBN these past two seasons and seen that what he been preaching all these years is really true.That us Kentucky fans are some kind of different crazy about our basketball. So besides that I don’t think he really wants to end his career with results of last couple seasons. I really think that you going see different coaching and playing this season. Go CATS!!
Welcome to BBN# young man. That’s 3 in top 20 two in top 10. And Cal not even close to being done for sure going land couple big men. Looking like going be loaded class next year
Finally a legit good Tennessee fan. Your right about it all especially that fuzzyvol
Yeah keep telling yourself that. But we are talking about Tennessee so your probably right seems like they all ways get by like that
Agree! even know it’s gone in Vols favor more then I care to mention we still look forward to that game more then any other and by far our biggest rival
I’m big fan of Levis but I thing his eating habit is more for attention then satisfaction. Just hard believe that coffee and mayo is good together.
I know we do not need him injured but I really think if they designed lot more running plays for him to keep defenses on toes that our season could go from decent to SECCG but is it worth a possible injury. But he built like a fullback and runs like a deer. Defenses would have lots of break downs if they had to account for him running 10-15 a game it would open things up down field for he is automatic 10yards plus every time he ticks and runs. Can’t wait for season to get here
I have praised Beamer for what he is doing at South Carolina but until he can accomplish what stoops has done you might want to shut that hole you call a mouth. Honestly I still don’t see gamecocks winning no more then 6 games