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That was team 120.1's first home game. This will be team 120.3's first home game. (sarcasm intended)
It's humorous to me that you have created an account for a team you dislike just so you can make stupid posts like this in an attempt to make our fan base look foolish. I hope others see you for what you are. And seein' how there is no more BCS, I guess you can go ahead and get yer bag of charcoal...
Since my affiliation with the Big Arnge started in 2001 there has always been stronger animosity towards UF (*spit*) than Bama, IMO. I understand & respect the history... However, I have an obsessive & unhealthy hatred for UF (*spit*). I would entertain going 1-11 if we could put a complete shellacking on them. Its been tough decade or so to be a UT fan of late. We are always an optomistic, but fickle, fanbase. I'll take the hype but I can't trust anything until I see it done. But hey, we're currently undefeated! GBO!
As a Durhamite I didn't learn football til I went to UTK. It has always been college basketball around these parts. There was even talks of discontinuing the football program at Duke b/c it had fallen so far out of relevancy. What Coach Cut has done here with Duke is nothing short of amazing. There is no doubt that Duke's football program is making moves. I suppose some folk would like to be a part of that progress instead of just filling a spot on a roster for an already established powerhouse. And like V@ls points out, for the kids that don't find success in the NFL, a degree from Duke will certainly provide him with other opportunities. GBO! Let's go Duke!
Kill me now! I can't hardly stomach the thought of that happening...
I guess we'll just hafta wait and see. I'd be willing to guess that you have zero clout & have no real clue what's going on in the UT offices as far as Tennessee football is concerned. You're merely a rabble-rouser with too much free time.
The fact that NSD is so far away this entire string of posts is kind of a joke to me at this time. I certainly do not keep up with recruiting as much as most of y'all probably do but, correct me if I'm wrong, don't most of the top star recruits wait until the last minute to announce their decisions anyway?
I know what color I bleed but let's get some W's! Cause in the end, that's all that matters.
Hind-sight being 20-20 and all- Dooley was there to do one thing... put out the dumpster fire that was Lame Kiffin. Although he had pedigree, he was never going to bring UT to any type of respectable level. He was there to play a transitional role and allow the following coach a better chance. I'd be curious to know how things would have played out if today's Butch would have been hired in place of then Kiffin or Dooley. Life is cyclical. It's good to be topside. GBO!