David Wasson

An APSE national award-winning writer and page designer, David Wasson has almost four decades of experience in the print journalism business in Florida and Alabama. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and several national magazines and websites. His Twitter handle: @TheSharpDW

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Y'all are nothing if not EXCELLENT proof-readers!
Y'all had a Saban-like figure in SOS. Unfortunately, you got the older version... the Florida version of Orr did the many of the same things for a perennial laughingstock (the Gators were the dregs of the SEC before 1990) that Saban did for an Alabama program that was near rock bottom.
Yes, again, a mistake I made. I get my StarkVegas and Groves confused now and then. I'd tell you what school I actually graduated from, but then again I'd almost bet you couldn't say the same. ;)
Perhaps you'll notice that the article doesn't break down EVERY victory among the 30 on the overall list.
Good catch. I know my Starkville exit from my Oxford one. ;)
Good call. Will incorporate now that Barnett is done for the season.
I don't like them *or* dislike them. When you do this for a living, you expect comments of all kinds. Ignoring the comments seems to discount the interaction with the writer some folks like. As I am green-lit to respond as I please, I choose to engage opposed to ignore.
I tend to see certain responses from the same jackballs saying the same inane things. #JustSaying
Yes. Brand new. How many yards for a first down, again?
D'oh! Methinks you might be right on that one...
Did I leave out that they're undefeated and haven't really been tested defensively yet?
Associated Press Sports Editors' Top 10 Game Story, 2001. Been doing this a while. Aloha.
Opinion noted. A Monday night article that gets cycled into its place by Tuesday. In other words, simmer down. :)
I had to come up with three concerns. Didn't say they were *huge* concerns.
Yeah, not exactly sure where I thought Mariota is from when I initially wrote that line. SMH