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Will write for food. Or golf balls. But I won't eat golf balls. 25-year journalism veteran, national award winner, and lover of all towns SEC (except Fayetteville ... Who likes Fayetteville?)

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Y'all are nothing if not EXCELLENT proof-readers!
Y'all had a Saban-like figure in SOS. Unfortunately, you got the older version... the Florida version of Orr did the many of the same things for a perennial laughingstock (the Gators were the dregs of the SEC before 1990) that Saban did for an Alabama program that was near rock bottom.
Yes, again, a mistake I made. I get my StarkVegas and Groves confused now and then. I'd tell you what school I actually graduated from, but then again I'd almost bet you couldn't say the same. ;)
Perhaps you'll notice that the article doesn't break down EVERY victory among the 30 on the overall list.
Good catch. I know my Starkville exit from my Oxford one. ;)
Good call. Will incorporate now that Barnett is done for the season.
I don't like them *or* dislike them. When you do this for a living, you expect comments of all kinds. Ignoring the comments seems to discount the interaction with the writer some folks like. As I am green-lit to respond as I please, I choose to engage opposed to ignore.
I tend to see certain responses from the same jackballs saying the same inane things. #JustSaying
Yes. Brand new. How many yards for a first down, again?
D'oh! Methinks you might be right on that one...
Did I leave out that they're undefeated and haven't really been tested defensively yet?
Associated Press Sports Editors' Top 10 Game Story, 2001. Been doing this a while. Aloha.
Opinion noted. A Monday night article that gets cycled into its place by Tuesday. In other words, simmer down. :)
I had to come up with three concerns. Didn't say they were *huge* concerns.
Yeah, not exactly sure where I thought Mariota is from when I initially wrote that line. SMH
I have no idea. I only know my writing schedule, not the entire budget for SDS.
Sorry, writing for tomorrow as we speak. So to answer your question ... no.
Good. Because I have seen nothing to indicate you could do the job. :)