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Would that game be against the first-tier team from said state? Asking for a friend...
Totally. Watching it live at W-BS was like few things I have ever experienced.
One day I am a homer, next day I am tearing down the program. Tough to pin me down. ;)
A much larger TV market, yes, which should translate to more advantageous kick times. 11 am on ESPN2? Puh-leeze. 3 pm on the SEC Network? Samesies.
No, I am not an idiot. I don't know Dave Hooker, but I'm relatively sure *he* isn't an idiot either.
One day I'm a shill, one day I'm a clown. The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle. :)
Nah, not anti-Alabama at all. The point was that Alabama players have no control of who shows up to play them. They just beat the bejeezus out of whomever it is. All teams work 24/7/365 to be as good as they can be. Having experienced some of the darker times in Alabama history from a VERY CLOSE perspective, I can certainly relate to the level of excellence to which this team currently plays. Thanks for your note. :)
Coach Smart, hey there! I literally wrote this *before* Coach Saban addressed this in his postgame presser ... and basically said he wished they could play more Power 5 teams in the non-conference schedule. Alabama has trouble finding teams to play them. Can't imagine why?
The Rebels (not Ole Miss) refer to all the actual competitive opponents down the road. You know, like aTm, LSU, TTDTR...
Well hey, Bamalicious, I write about Alabama. So I focus on the team in front of me.
I'm curious as to what part of this piece you deemed negative?
100 articles for $100? Shoot, I'm cheap ... but not THAT cheap!