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I know I'll get roasted for this take, but we are lucky to have lost by 3. Refs blew at least 2 calls that should have gone SC's way. I know they missed one in our favor, but the gamecocks got the shaft on penalty calls tonight. Just callin' the way I saw it. Oh, and I wish we would have gone for 3 to end the 1st half. GBO!
Doesn't matter. Vols shooting themselves in both feet with stupid penalties for the entire game. KY keeps turning it over to TN... Ugly game all around.
Yes. There were a few interference & a targeting call that A&M got away with, but UT shot themselves in the foot with a ton of silly mistakes. It was quite an exciting game, regardless. GBO!
If Tennessee is a second tier team, what does that make the cats?
I can't respond to your post, Frank. I'm with you all the way. There's some folks talking like Jones should be on the hot seat... I ain't happy with tonight's outcome but I see where we're headed & realize we have to be patient. Emotions get the better of even diehard fans sometimes.
Not many vol fans expecting a perfect season, but when you watch your team squander a 17 point lead its quite disheartening. On another note, Mason has VU's defense looking much better...
I felt the same way after that pick. You can only claim moral victories & say "Wait til next year." for so long
Man was that disappointing. I don't understand what happened. I realize depth plays a part, but it was like they just laid down after getting up by 17. Also, you can't bring down a 190lb QB by slapping his thighs & ankles. Fundamentals & inconsistency cost our beloved Vols this game.