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King Negan cracks me up with the books he writes in his “ comments” good to know that the bulldogs were actually or should have been the NC that year and that the refs were cheating for Bama to win... whew, that must hurt ?
Sad puppy fans acting like they have accomplished something other than winning at recruiting. Trolling other team sites yet can’t beat Bama, can’t hang with LSU and oh yea.... Cocks even popped them last year. In other words, y’all not done sh** yet !
Welcome to THE HILL Mr Brooks ! Excited to see more of this coming in the future I hope. GBO
No doubt it was not renewed by CJP because this was mutual parting. That’s why CJP moved so quickly to hire the Colorado St coach ? Also, CTR was the coach responsible for pulling in the DL prospect from Chattanooga and we all know how that worked out.
It’s pretty obvious as to what happened to the offense at GA. But no one there wants to admit losing Chaney was actually a big deal.
It’s just really sad that your not able to “ as a fan “ enjoy your championship, You sober up to find most of your coaches are gone or rumored to be gone.
dOs, I bet you HOPE jawja wins the east and you hope jawja wins a natty don’t you ? Or is that pOs ?
Probably not, but not winning one at Jawja either is he... ?
What do you mean, “ If it’s true “? You think there just making it up for the story then ?
Vultures would be correct in naming reporters of all kinds now a days. They just want to be FIRST to get the news out there while asking for forgiveness over permission. Why did he not immediately apologize to Joe ? Instead he waited until the backlash started.
Jimbo should get less credit than Muschamp at SC. Jimbo is not this offensive guru that he’s made out to be. Reminds me of a wannabe Jimmy Johnson. Much like Muschamp he has recruiting ability but lack luster coaching at best
Or just want coached up and play for NC’s at Clemson today, not tomorrow. I get it and it sucks in every way as a fan of one of those teams like SC and getting the great players by the boatload, not just one or two each signing class. No depth once the stars are hurt and back down we go.
But has he come out and said, I’m committed and I’m shutting down my recruitment ? SC should be concerned if that is not the case. Good luck to them in holding off the powers of the SEC.
I was sure hoping the Vols could steal him away but should have known better. Gators pulled the one they wanted, looks like Auburn May do the same but as usual we strike out with kids in our back yard that were Vol fans growing up and then dad pulls that s***. Tate May have been wanted but Dad burnt his bridge. NEXT
Not gonna lie, this is a hard pill to swallow. Young man down the street so to speak that spurns an opportunity to play almost immediately AND help get the program back on the rise. We’ve lost enough talent from our own state to be in a much better position football wise than we are today. Cade Mays, Tee Higgins, Amari Rodgers, Von Bell and list goes on. Geez, I’m at a loss for words. Congrats to Auburn on winning this recruiting battle. GBO
Yea, well he SMART a** only named him captain vs the Vols to try and help recruit the brother to be a bulldog. I guess it sorta worked because BJ is no longer committed to UT. GBO
All night ESPN kept showing the hallways trying to get a glimpse of Tua, while not once showing Maurer after his conversation with CJP. We had Bama’s on the ropes but again ESPN was star struck with gloating for Bama’s and it regime. Sabin has absolutely blasted players and even his coaches in a much worse way without the type of response that ESPN threw at CJP. the 2nd string QB Jones made Bama’s look average and shows you what an elite QB can do for a program. I for one look forward to LSU’s beat down of Bama. Tired of there fans much like I’m tired of the Ga Bulldog fans. Easy to cheer when your winning but as Ga found out in booing there team vs Ky that bandwagon fans are everywhere. We Vols have supported our program for years albeit not always the best light but hard to find a better fan base. GBO
As a Vol fan it Brings back nightmares of when we to lost a game to KY where there QB was a WR. Fired our coach and we been stuck in the mud for YEARS ( we were not going anywhere though with that coach ). Coach Pruitt appears to be making progress though if our crazed fans will give him time. Feel Your Pain !
Sadly Smart will eventually get over the top but going undefeated year after year is not possible due to the Bama’s, Clemson’s ,LSU’s and oh yea Gamecocks of the football world.
I absolutely Love S.C. winning this game ! S.C. did not get lucky from a missed FG although it helped. S.C. flat out played more physical game and won it. Oh, by the way what song was Fromm singing today as he left the media room ? Way to go S.C.
That’s right, the ORANGE is everywhere. Best fans in the country.
The Vols are way down Cody but we still live in your head rent free. How HILARIOUS that you bring up the Vols. GBO
Sure you would 30014.. let’s see if you have the same take when it’s your turn to win or lose the N.C. game and a player sits out
And Bama lost NC game due to our HC was not there to pull them from the hole they were in.... what i see her is making me so happy