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That’s right, the ORANGE is everywhere. Best fans in the country.
The Vols are way down Cody but we still live in your head rent free. How HILARIOUS that you bring up the Vols. GBO
Sure you would 30014.. let’s see if you have the same take when it’s your turn to win or lose the N.C. game and a player sits out
And Bama lost NC game due to our HC was not there to pull them from the hole they were in.... what i see her is making me so happy
So true Bob loblaw.. you see Fla, Ga & Bama trolls showing up worried. Bama just got walloped, Ga fans loved the fake field goal due to there fake punts... Fla, well there just bored because it’s so quite on there end
Talk about dum and stupid , or better yet just call them obnoxious ga fans. Say what you want but CKS did NOT want Chaney to leave. You see us coming and your skeered. Wait till Pittman joins Chaney and it will be that CKS wanted him gone, we wanted him gone. Geez just get over yourselves
Clemsontime or Clemson beat our a** time... still mad you did not have a D coordinator that new how to come back and shut down Clemson like CJP would have... poor baby
Yea, Well I’m not sure which is or would be harder to swallow. Being from rock bottom or having as much talent as LSU has had in the past only to be wanna be’s.
Ok, so that was the offensive players,Saturday the defensive players are coming out
Sec Looks now to be 1- Vols 2- Gators 3- Dogs/Wildcats ( tied )
Should not be allowed ! Not in this setting. If they were signed I get it. This was about keeping them committed and ncaa should not allow
And of course we have a Ga fan worried about what’s going on at UT
Yea, there over here trying to poke a lion. Go to Bama’s side and there sucking up like there about to get punched in the nose. WAIT, they did they did get punched in the nose.
It’s easy to jump in a Ferrari and go fast ie bulldogs roster when CKS got to Ga and have sponsors ie rich get richer, but when you have to build your muscle car from scratch while working an 80 hr week and getting your parts from junk yards or friends it just means more ie CJP. He is having to build his team just like CRB did with b-ball team. How’s that working out.
Why’s it a stretch boxster355 ? I mean we’re you not paying attention this year ? Sure we took some L’s but also got some W’s that were not predicted. And why are you all so up tight that we have not hired an OC ? I’m sure as soon as we do there will be more crying about it not being a good hire !
Curious but Tee has been out west for how long ? Yet his son Amari plays at Clemson, then I just read he has a son in Mobile that is a freshman I think, that the tide offered as an 8th grader. Bro.....
Problem is Ga isn’t taking many 3* so Cooper may not be an option there even if big brother is. Big brother is the one that there is NO LOVE LOST with. Coop should be able to write his own story and I for one would like to see him in a Vol uniform. Gatorboy14 is exactly that 14 teen ! GBO
My goodness Volnation, chill out and let CJP find the right OC. I for one want it to happen but crazy reporting like this is just SILLY ! If CJP hired an OC the day Helton left the story would have been how it was rushed, should have taken more time. Good things happing on the Hill so just Chill.
See ya later Kirby, moving North and gonna bring a receiver with me. Bye Bye