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My favorite part of Herbie’s MO is the ole “I’m Ohio St.’s biggest critic...I’m not a B1G homer...I’m a legit, unbiased media personality”. Umm...if Herbie is neutral, then I’m 8 feet tall
Hillbilly hell?!? Florida is absolute trash. The armpit of the a South. Gainesville is literally littered with WHITR TRASH everywhere you go. The campus is the only nice spot in town. People from Florida making fun of anybody else. Smh
He literally said ‘disappointing’ twice in a long quote. Jesus
Shrout didn’t throw on his first play. Stop rewriting history to fit your narrative
@davycrockett Yesterday was a train wreck, for sure. But worst performance in 30 years?? You must not remember November 8th, 2008. That was the worst and it’s not even close
Same here. Been listening to CBS games on mute for about 10 years now...Verne was the worst (stick to golf) and Gary, his little lackey. Somewhat amusing to me that the mainstream college football fans are just now picking up on this crap. The worst was our 4 game IN A ROW steak on CBS back in 2016. Good grief
I remember that the year after Spurrier said that...Vols beat UF and guess who went to the Citrus Bowl that year...the Gators.
Yeah. Bummer for sure. Glad he came to UTK. I’m sure he’s enjoyed spanking USC last season after losing in his Freshman year. Best of 3...
Ha. Agreed. The other day, an ESPN anchor said Tom Brady hadn’t thrown “multiple INTs in the same game since 2003”. He seriously said that. Obviously that’s not true. And yet nobody on set pushed back. They just accepted it as “fact”. It’s sad. These “journalists” and “reporters” don’t actually research anything anymore, even though researching information is easier than its ever been before. These millennials can’t remember anything that happened longer than 6 months ago
This whole article aged very, very well. Although I agree with you on the Kiffin point (we prob would have had some incredible years with Kiffin, both on the field and off), I can’t help but point out that Pruitt did an excellent job of righting the ship mid-October. I do think he’s the right man for the job. Just give him 2 more years. If entering season 5...and we’re still at this level...then okay...move on. But I think he’s made GREAT strides this season! GBO!