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Sheeesh. Derek Mason? I says lets scrap that, do one better than that and let's book Ron Zook on a one-way trip to Columbia off of Marylands current assistant staff.
What a waste of a hire. If you recall, the WHOLE nation lit up chat board with Ben Affleck-Batman hired type laughable memes! To sum it up in a few words, newbie Athletic Director Ray Tanner took CliffNotes (ie, read Wikipedia coach bios) on how to hire a coach. And Muschamp was bargain-basement "you-gotta-start-somewhere" material. As I stated last summer, if we were a mid-tier program or better? He would've been fired after the bowl game lose last year!
You better believe it! And on all counts. You see some 'people' are none other than 'career' assistant coaches. Despite the hype of their hire ANYWHERE. The prove to be no more than that 2 - 3 years into a program! They'll never clear that last hurdle of success because they unconsciously continue to shoot themselves in the foot; losing big time games against big time teams but more glaringly lose to less-than-mediocre homecoming opponents because they don't have IT. The don't have what it takes. For instance, here's a short-SHORT list of coaches obviously no more than career assistant coaches who have no need of being a Division I Head Coach ANYWHERE: Mark Richt, Brad Scott, Mark Dantonio and namely, laughing-stock, Will Muschamp.