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" it’s difficult to say he’d be an upgrade over Fromm." Seriously??? Franks can go chunk rocks, he ain't coming to Athens. Carson Beck with experienced players 2018 Att 356 Comp 209 Yds 3546 TD 39 Int 8
Yo x, while everything you say is stoopid, i just have to pick this one out. EVERY thing that Trump did with the flag was in EXACT accordance with the flag code and any applicable law. But, I don't expect a leftard to understand or know that any more than you get the Constittution.
Anyone else get the message "the media could not be played"? This has been happening since just before new years, I have no problem playing video anywhere else
Just admit it, you're hoping to see UGA fall
This slime lizard got burned and inured on a slant....anyone can throw a slant...but not everyone can defend a slant, huh, Chauncey?
Florida is Toast....Dawgs are the Butter
Wasn't sure if anyone saw that besides me!!!
They probably wanted to see if they could catch him eating boogers like the cameraman did in the Peach Bowl
I should clarify that Robert Nkemdiche not playing in the Sugar Bowl wasn't his decision. — Ben Garrett (@SpiritBen) December 20, 2015
What a bunch of idiots. Look for Mark in Miami.
While Nick Satan says to the local police...ya damn well better not arrest my boys if you value your job...Mark Richt says...if you respect the law and your job you dang well better arrest my boys when they go wrong.
11th in SEC? How ridiculous is that? If he wasn't such a fine person he would have been gone on his own already. He should be at least in the top 5. Nov 2014
no, nO, NO! Bloomgren or Sanders only way to go. No Gators!
Not! I've seen ten better signs than these in one show
But will it remain at #3 after the promises of hotrods and hot blondes from other schools?
Yes, squeaking by is the only thing that got you that championship
Hey SDS, when I click on a story about Muschump being fired I expect the link to take me there. I should not have to scroll through 50 videos to find the title. If the link says "view article" that is what I expect by clicking! Get it? That's why I don't spend much time here and don't recommend y'all to my friends.
Gary's voice sounds EXACTLY like Terry from the scumbag Lex and Terry radio duo!
Gary and Verne are consistently the goofiest, most frequently wrong, and just generally the worst in any sport anywhere.
I always get scared when Bobo is in charge.....nah not against Ky, he turns them loose against everybody but SC and Fl, sometimes Tenn. Plays them way too conservative and when they get up on us it's too late.
Give it a rest, fairweather fans. Mark is the best coach, in many more ways than one since Dooley and if you're older than 20 you know that. Fire Bobo, he always plays this game way too conservative until it's way too late. Same with SC. Bobo gotta Gogo