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I tend--from beginning to end--to agree with Armydawg's analysis. Coach Richt is truly a great man! And, i think the caliber of athletes he has drawn to Athens during his tenure is largely reflective of his character. (In fact, i'd love to see him kept on in some kind of recruiting role). That notwithstanding, these repeated big play errors have become too common. (And to me you might add starting a running QB and never really utilizing his running ability.) Even more important (for my thinking) is the unimaginative offense over the years. There is next to no mystery for the defense facing our Dawgs! That makes it very difficult to beat those programs who have (at least) equal talent, which may well explain success against weaker foes but failure against top competition. I am rather confused what happened between Bowden's version of the greatest show on turf to our Bulldogs' dullest show on turf, under the leadership of the same coach. Quite odd! Whether Coach Richt (or any of our staff) stay or go, we must infuse into our offense some mystery (misdirection, motion, pic plays like the ones that got UT into the end zone TWICE against us, etc.). MUST! Stellar example for me is that, even after getting burnt by BAMA's fake bubble screen for a forward pass earlier this season, somehow we couldn't figure to do the same to an opposing defense who was totally selling out against OUR bubble screen. Slip the blocker out, send him down the sideline for crying out loud. Perhaps we'll be crying out loud if we dismiss Coach Richt then return to the level of mediocrity that marked his predecessors. Perhaps. If we get almost anyone who will try to confuse the defense a bit, i bet i'll be less likely to throw something through my TV screen when watching the offense of UGa. UGh!
Nice list, but one question: Next to #1 Ohio State, did you mean to type, "until somebody PLAYS them!?"
Amen and amen!!
Here's a hypothetical: If you took the top 8 right now, who would make it to Round 2? Happily, Ohio State and Michigan State still play one another (and nobody else, really), TCU and Baylor face off, and Notre Dame eventually plays one or two competitive opponents. I'm neither surprised or outraged that UCLA--after it's impressive weekend--leapfrogged my Dawgs, and at least they play a demanding schedule. Still, the SEC schedule (like the Pac 12 and arguably the Big 12) offers consistent challenges that i just don't see in the Big 10 (and whatever nebulous special status the Irish enjoy). Ultimately, i suppose the AP is held hostage to the pre-season rankings: Otherwise, i see no real reason the Buckeyes have earned the top spot. Oh well, it's just a game.
southforkdawg1 expressed it well. And i'm definitely in no position to be critical of our excellent coaches. i do, however, question the reasoning behind keeping anything "hidden." i think we should've utilized the first two games against inferior opponents to have real game speed seasoning of our passing, particularly longer passes. Perhaps proving our ability to do so would've dissuaded opposing coaches from loading the box. i've thought this from the start. i also thought that if the QB competition was--as they suggested--essentially too close to call, why not let each of the top 2 start (and stay on the field) for one of the first two games? Ultimately, i see no real great value in "hiding" a passing attack...unless the QB competition was so close that they're planning on reviving a "single-wing" attack, or something. As southforkdawg1 said, it "makes one wonder."
strongly agreeing with cclausen71 . LOTS of CONCERN about PASS DEFENSE! This was a QB in his first start behind a line that shouldn't be able to protect anyone from our "good as advertised front 7" throwing to a SINGLE GOOD RECEIVER (who was often remarkably and alarmingly open). Certain teams that start with T could shred our d backs if they don't improve. Often, defenders looked confused about where to be as the play was beginning. Lotsa work needed before October...
Sure hope "Batman" & "Barefoot" (undoubtedly the Dynamic Duo of college coaching) are eating crow come December. Meanwhile, they can eat something else...!
Though no fan of individual awards in the consummate TEAM sport, i think the writer did well, though i could see Trippi replacing Bailey. OR, put ERK RUSSELL up there, on a VOLCANO to represent his bloody head! Better yet, leave the 4th spot blank, and hope that Jacob Eason comes in and leads us to a National Championship...!
Wish we Dawg fans were actually a bit MORE LOUD and LESS OBNOXIOUS: leave that to the professionals from UF! I must admit, however, that i like the Gators' stadium singing of their alma mater, and wonder why we don't play and sing along with Ray Charles' "Georgia on my Mind" between the 3rd and 4th quarters...
True. And THEIR Men's Room still has the trough, i think.
Indeed! And the flip side of that record is "Sandstorm."
Oh, Thomas, my fellow Dawg fan, please try to avoid the "r" word, which might even be turned back on one who uses "theres" instead of "theirs." I apologize if i seem critical, but that's an ugly word, and we need to up our game--in terms of sensitivity, as well as academically and athletically--if we want to be taken seriously. Our staff sets the bar high for class, so let's do likewise...!
I like the comments from stobyjoe and love Chubb (as great as his running and endurance are, his humility and team concept are even better), but Medicjimfla has me a bit worried with his comment about another Prez from Arkansas...! (Of course, the one from GA wasn't too great, either!) Still, wonderful win for our Dawgs, and here's hoping the New Year brings an Offensive Coordinator who uses shifts, motion, and more imaginative plays...
gwardlaw seems very accurate in his assessment. As another 57 year old diehard Dawg, i had the very same thoughts (though i would add to his rhetorical question, "How does a team that destroyed Mizzou lose to UF!?" For the ANSWER, REFER to gwardlaw's comments regarding line play. Please understand, i really like our linemen and our Head Coach, but yesterday was a pooch--oops, poor--performance by each of these yesterday. As for the season, lesson #1: Take care of business by yourself, then you won't have to rely on some Hogs to do your dirty work! (Then again, Arkansas MAY have saved us the unenviable task of trying to tackle Bama.) Alas, one final question that maybe someone out there can help me understand: Why hasn't Jameis Winston received any NCAA sanctions regarding HIS signing autographs for money by the NCAA who extended UGa's self-sanctions against Todd Gurley for this...?
Is it reasonable to expect FSU to be in the playoff? Even if they win out, won't the NCAA make them vacate wins and/or play without Winston, since he apparently did the same thing another player did whom they suspended for four games (even though THAT PLAYER's university took the initiative to suspend their player indefinitely)? If the NCAA does not fully investigate Winston, and, in turn, take action, they will have a serious credibility problem.
At the risk of upsetting my Bulldog Brethren TexDAWG, there's at least 3 good reasons why we can't use a tactic of using "just...the winners of each conference...:" 1) There are 5 "power conferences" and (at least at this point) only 4 playoff spots. 2) The Big Ten. 3) The Big Twelve. (In other words, winners of these weak conferences--and, at least this year, i'd add The ACC--have little right to be in the championship picture above SEC teams who have had to face real competition on a regular basis! Just my opinion. There's no perfect system. I could see this being enlarged not to 8 teams like everyone seems to want, but 6 teams, with the top two teams--usually unanimous--getting a bye in the first round. Just a thought.)
Hey Bsums, hopefully this year's egg bowl will also be WARMER...!!
Armyguy007 got it exactly right, i think (and i'm a Georgia fan), especially about Auburn (that school who takes players and coaches regardless of what they've done). I could easily see a rematch National Championship.
You may be right about Oregon and Stanford, but i believe Louisville showed all last year that they are for real! Bridgewater is real good. I think they'll go undefeated, but be bounced from the National Championship because their schedule is horribly weak. Honestly the same could be said for the Buckeyes! Other than those two teams, all the other Top Ten teams play other Top Ten teams, especially my Georgia Dawgs, who play South Carolina, Clemson, and UF...and hopefully cheap-shot Bama again...!!