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Fair weather fans... So many band wagon bama fans that you should expect this.
"Bielema: good news we start SEC play next week and we will have SEC official" Dude is so full of excuses.... rofl.
Nashvegas country is what we call it here in texas... New turnpike is out today! Way better.
It really doesn't make much sense to hold on to that old flag.. Fly the state flag or something. You can show your southern pride without pissing off the locals in a much more civil way. BBQ and Texas flag is all we need. I also have a big SEC aggie flag too.
Vols gave them the game.... and they have tons of injuries. Figures bob would act like it was special.
No doubt.. Vols lost to a higher ranked team that they had dead to rights.... Their own mistakes in the final seconds and OT cost them the game. It is not like OU was vastly superior or some other bs....
hogs favored after toledo? by 10?? I wouldn't bet a hog's money on that one.
Should be suspended for at least 1 game... Better start setting precedence now.
So insensitive.. Coach Mac should say he is sorry and give the kid a participation trophy to help build his confidence.........
No problem here... Taylor was 100% in the wrong. Not like he fumbled or something he couldn't control.
auburn is terrible.. who saw this coming?
not our fault the texans stadium is so small.
Good.. Why pretend to like another coach. Tell the fans how you really feel and move on.
My school is getting a lot better thanks to the SEC, but texas doesn't tailgate... they hardly go to games. Austin is too busy 'keeping it weird' to worry about football.
laughable. UGA, A&M and Mizzou at the middle of the pack. This is obviously a trollpost.
No doubt, they hold all the time and hardly get called for it. That pushing off for the 60 yard throw was terrible.
No doubt.. SEC refs are terrible....
I like the helmets for one game.. Dislike the jerseys also. Half ass. They should have made it look exactly like the originals.
I won't give Jerry Jones a dime... He ruined my cowboys. Home and Home please.
4. FSU??? After last night's poop show? Good but not last year's team.
Did anyone notice how badly ECU beat UNC and VTech after hanging with Scar? At the very least, A&M is better than average.
good call.. Helmet to helmet. Not shoulder.
We *could* have a female yell leader eventually. No big deal. I've always wondered what our female yell leader will wear if/when she gets elected.
That A hole took just as much advantage of the same cheating back in the day. He has no room to judge.
My aggies playing lamar is more like having a bye week... Furthermore, SCAR's failure to dominate ECU doesn't help. I think this was expected really.
I agree... brent sucks. I like Vern better.
We are going to be at 109k and we've sunk our field like 6 to 10 feet. We designed it to be super loud and somewhat like Oregon's stadium. Time will tell if it makes the stadium more difficult.
This is because the overall phase 1 expansion is the student side. When we do the Former student side, it will increase the box seats and reduce general admission. This is kind of standard around big stadiums. You drop seats for the high dollar suites.
"Isaiah Golden withdrew from school following his arrest." Isaiah is already back in college station. He posted on twitter a few days ago. Good news for a kid that has had a very rough year so far from a personal standpoint.