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Ok... so name two teams right now who are better than Bama or Georgia? Here's a hint... you can't.
The biggest concern I have in this game is the loss of Metchie. That's a huge threat the Dawgs don't have to plan for. One of Bama's greatest strengths this season is the ability to not become one-dimensional. Whatever you try to defend, Bama can burn you with the other. Metchie was a big part of that. I'm hoping Robison being back at 100% makes up for that. Roll Tide
Exactly...this expansion talk from the media benefits who exactly? You guessed it...the media. More coverage/revenue in more geographical areas. We already have a "12 team playoff".... we call it the regular season.
Lots of grumblings about Kirby...fair enough. Hey Kirby, if UGA lets you go Bama will make you the highest-paid DC in the country the next day. :)
If you do we would make him the highest paid DC / HC in waiting ever in a half a second...
Flame me all you want, but Georgia is the most dangerous team in football right now. This was a wake-up call and there is a lot of pride and bruised egos in Athens this morning. Michigan is good, but this is going to be a slugfest and I'm calling the Dogs to be standing on wobbly legs as the bell rings in the 9th.
They can take the whole school back and TAM with them as far as I'm concerned, I don't have anything negative about either one of those schools/programs. Just don't think they should be in the SEC, for the same reason I think Bama doesn't belong in the Big 12... Meh
I know right, the arrogance of this guy. Why can't he just suck, take a knee and sign multi-million dollar NIKE endorsements like a REAL football player.
If were going to add teams for the sake of expanding the SEC network like Oklahoma State and Oklahoma we might as well stop calling it the SEC. Adding Mizzou was a huge stretch in my opinion as was TAM. That's not bashing those programs as many I have spoken with from their fan bases didn't want to join anyway.Especially Mizzou. Call me old school and bash all you want, but I like the geographical resonance of teams belonging to a conference.
It's not a big deal, LSU won and they are having a great season. I'd probably release some frustration too.