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There's really no point for him to risk getting hurt in this meaningless bowl. He isn't abandoning his teammates, his college career is over. NFL teams will love the fact that he takes being healthy seriously, and won't risk getting hurt in stupid things like the Pro Bowl. We've already seen he is willing to take to the field and play when it matters.
Just move Missouri to the West, and split the teams in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee into East / West Those 3 states are in the middle of the map , they can go both ways. Rotate cross division games to every 3 years, home one year, away 3 years later
The problem isn't who gets picked, its literally with someone picking. The NFL dosent have these controversies over who plays in the Superbowl. Win your division, win your conference, no arguments.
Or we could just respect the fact that conferences have champions, based on games won. And there's no reason to ignore that with a popularity contest. Leave out the weakest of the power 5 champions, based on w/l , sos, overall conference w/l, and sos, and the only ranking of an opponent that should matter is their rank after the season is over. Just because some votes off the field said a team wasn't ranked, or number 1 in the opening week doesn't mean that's where they deserve to be.
Ohio isn't a conference champ. Ohio isn't even a division champ. There is no reason to give them a shot at being National Champions.
It should be 4 of the 5 conference champions. Determine which one gets left out based on out of conference wins vs losses, and OOC strength of schedule (based off those teams wins and losses after the season is over) . Conference sizes should be standardized, with 2 divisions each. Didn't win your conference, sorry. Didn't win your division, nope. Played a bunch of OOC cupcakes, maybe next year.
The problem isn't the committee getting it wrong. The problem is having the committee itself decide. Conference games should be respected. This just as dumb as the 2012 Championship. NCAA Football needs to learn from the NFL, where 2nd place in a Division doesn't get to play in a Championship game against or over a division rival.