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This Creighton game will tell the tale for the Hogs today. So far they are beasts...
Me too. His lake house is about a mile from my home. Great guy. Loves the state.
This feels so familiar. When AR fired Bielema we also lost the AD. Before they hired what maybe the best AD in the country, the interim people hired Chad Morris . Good luck AU. Y’all deserve better’n this.
If they’re going for 2nd chances go for the best offensive mind out there. One BMFP.
He definitely is no RC Slocum. Hell, he's only one game better than a K Sumlin.
Winner of the internets this day.⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
I think y'all misread him. He said unthinkable in 3 weeks which is beating bama...who we haven't beaten in the Saban era. I think there is a chance...
BK is a carpetbagger. He can coach but I don’t see the appeal. LSU is a lot of things but inauthentic isn’t one of them. He doesn’t fit IMO.
I have a hard time pulling for Bama but today, with a orange-bleeding-brother saying “Texas is BACK my friend, I became a Bama homer. Well done y’all.
Sumlin, for all his faults, was at least a likable dude. Granted my kid won’t play at a collegiate level. But I’d rather he play for Sumlin than a dude named Jimbo.
Gather round chillen and I’ll tell you the tale of how my 456,090,453 million million dollar team lost to a little school from the hills.