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It’s funny that your “moderators” police every post of fans but don’t police these scam bots like Jane at all. How much do they pay you?
Ehhh…. Ok as a coach but the shirt thing is straight up creepy. Put your shirt back on grandpa!
This is all you have isn’t it? You’re not a barn fan, you’re an anti-bama fan. It’s not Bama’s fault life gave you a small one.
His family lost everything in Katrina. They lived in a car. DJ had a good career. He was always one of my favorite players. I loved how he’d be all fired up in the huddle to get them to run his way. In the SEC championship, he was telling Jarvis Jones and John Jenkins when it was coming and they couldn’t stop it. I wish him the very best.
Or knuckle dragging barners who have thousands of posts on Bama articles but nothing on auburn’s.
Wow! Hadn’t heard about this. Thanks for letting us know!
Just another late night 12000 word drunk rant from Matt Hayes. “How I hate Bama”. How does this guy have a job? Does his grandma own the company?
Isn’t it just terrible that Bama gets away with so much and nobody can stop them. Good thing you’re on the case though. Weren’t you a Hardy boy? ?
Isn’t it just awful. It’s only going to get worse for you and the barn. Maybe you guys should drop down to D2.
The only difference in Matt Hayes and Negan is the Ga/Fl thing. You shouldn’t write these late night Bama hate screes when you’re drunk Bro.
It's always someone else's fault, isn't it? That @#$ Kirby is making all the Georgia players do dumb/dangerous things. He's got to stop that. Surely it couldn't be the player's fault! We know that can't be it. You genius's came up with the idea that what the players really needed was money! Now they have it. Gee! Wonder what happens when young men get tons of money? I'm sure it won't end up being fast cars, drugs, and women. That'd be crazy talk. But just keep beating the drum that somehow, it's someone else's fault. The last thing this world needs if for everyone to answer for their own behavior. I'm gonna go yell at kids to stay out of my yard now.