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&@#%! Let’s break out the flags or play touch. Good grief. “Well Bill, it looks like Smith got his feelings hurt.” “They’re taking him into the trainers tent.”
How about some details. $15M ok, who gets what? Everybody get the same? That won’t work. QB get $4 million and backup centers get $15k? That really won’t work. Maybe we just drop it out of a helicopter onto the practice field and let them fight for it. What do you guys think?
I’m concerned about your knowledge of guys units. You sound like an expert.
Ehhh, they tried to do it for Georgia last year but they had to play Bama in the SECC and got beat. Eventually you can’t hide in the SEC no matter how hard the conference office tries.
I love how the media, who was all in on “the players deserve millions of dollars” don’t understand why giving an 18 year old a million dollars is an awful idea. What do you think they buy? Drugs, Cars, Women. It’s like a create your own disaster kit. Congrats morons. But let’s blame someone else anyway. Hang on, my 12 year old can’t get the safety off on his AK47.
PSU is Georgia under Mark Richt. All hat no cattle. Just good enough to sneak into a major bowl here and there and make the fan base afraid that if they can him they might get worse. If you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch. PSU is FIRMLY on the porch.
So I guess we can play as Arch? Does the controller have a button for get a Gatorade? Sit by the fan? Check out the stands?
So they’d get eliminated in their first game.
It’s more like Bama in Doug than Doug in Bama. Rent free baby.
Pretty sure Bama vs NC was a sweet 16 matchup. Bama beat Clemson to advance to the final 4.
Hate to break it to you Doug but those 1980 “jokes” were what we call facts. If they made you angry it was because they were true.
If you’re a Georgia fan, why do you spend all your time on Bama articles?
So Derek. Instead of telling us how you’d bet, why don’t you just bet it and spare us the info. Or is it just talk talk?
What if some actual journalists showed up at SDS and wrote stories based on facts instead of fantasies?
12 pts 4 rb 4 ast a game and <6’2” is the number one pick? This must be the weakest year in history. Where would he be drafted if his name was Bob Smith?
Not breach of contract. The whole reason for all the ncaa lawsuits is because they weren’t employees and couldn’t sign contracts. My guess is that this turns into a She said- She said bag of nothing. Verbal agreements can’t be proven. More like a drunk Miami booster came up with a bogus 9.5M number and a drunk FL booster said how about 13M. Nothing in writing, he never played for either, drama queen behavior.
Excellent! You can start by working on your Ingrish.
They weren’t very good last year and I doubt they’ll be any better this year. Day is turning into Jimbo 2.0.
There’s actually a Saturday out west site. They were so bad that now there’s no conference there so the dregs of their writers are now writing here. Thus the articles about what some columnist said on some podcast they listened to.
Important tip. That long line for sure is not all the guys who got rich betting on Arizona football.
I doubt any of these guys even get a vote. They aren’t long shots they are no shots.
The top half of the conference has a ceiling of 12-0. All you have to do is look at 2010 Auburn, 2019 LSU, 2023 Michigan. Teams have miracle years. I’m not sure you know what ceiling means.
I agree. All these teams want to draft their QB then build a team later. It just doesn’t work that way. By the time you get a line and some receivers your QB has turned into David Carr. Shellshocked.
“ Milroe showed off some of his improvements as a passer.” He was 3-9 for 100yds. That sounds exactly like last year.
Gotta think that eventually boosters are going to get tired of giving Bobby Joe millions of dollars only to see him portal out the moment the check clears.
(a) Knowing involvement in offering or providing a prospective or an enrolled student-athlete an improper inducement or extra benefit or improper financial aid