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In the end, the alumni are who matters. It's why B1G gets the big bucks. Even when no one attends the game, the alumni will be there or pay for the season tix. Everyone else needs these playoffs and tournaments. About 65% of B1G money are from TV. I don't know how much SEC's money are from TVs but it should be at least 50%. Both conferences will prosper with or without the extra eyeballs.
The ND, NBC, B1G & NFL. NBC basically just put ND in the B1G. ND plays basically B1G schools every year with a few others thrown in to give them a few cupcake win. If the SEC doesn't destroy the ACC, ND will just wait until the grant of rights runs out.
This deal is to side step the ACC's grant of rights. Once the ACC is dead, ND will be in the B1G. The SEC should be careful also. Texas is not in the SEC yet and B1G wants the Texas and Florida market. Who would not want to be on TV along side the NFL? This is a major earthquake when it happens. It's more than the UCLA and USC news.
I think these schools are just a head fake. The schools I'll be watching are Texas, Texas A&M, Florida and Georgia Tech. B1G wants a slam dunk of all the major markets. The only two it doesn't have are Texas and Florida. These schools have the academics B1G wants and market to ad value to B1G. The schools mentioned don't meet the criteria.