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The reason Mizzou was brought in was money. WV cannot bring in TV viewership like Missouri with its Kansas City and St Louis DMAs
Yes geographically WV makes more sense but the fact is Mizzou was added not because they were a power team. Pinkel's record was a mirage as he was in the B12 North and did not face Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma or even Oklahoma State regularly.
So if you want to be serious here's a what I'd put up there, with no coaches included. James Wilder, RB, 1978-80 (What he did to Nebraska, he's just got to be in, Chase Daniel, QB, 2005-2008/Brad Smith, QB, 2001-05 (Or maybe even Phil Bradley) Flip the coin. Kellen Winslow, TE, 1976-78 (College & Pro HoF) Roger Wehrli, CB/PR, 1966-68 (College & Pro HoF) Other's for Honorable Mention, Jeremy Maclin, WR/KR, 2006-08 for sure! And Justin Smith, DE, 1998-00. What he did on a, to be kind, not very good teams was incredible. Was a founder of DLU (and coming back to coach). As for coaches, there's no way Pinkel shouldn't even be considered. He's an average coach at best. Seriously, if you look at the final rankings there have been a couple of good years here and there but even if you take out his first five years and call it the building years his team have been OUTSIDE the Top 25 as much as they've been in. He was very fortunate when the Big 8 became the Big 12 he got to pad his schedule against the likes of Iowa State, Kansas, and Colorado, (real powerhouses) and caught both Nebraska and K-State in what could be considered some of the worst teams/coaches they've had in 20+ years or more. (Do you seriously think he'd have near the record he has if Mizzou had been in the B12 South or SEC West? Not a chance.) What's his record against ranked teams? What have the final scores been in the B12 and SEC Championship games he's coached, ouch!