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BYU was all over the place last year getting hammered by Utah and U. Washington then beating UT and USC. They've got a far better team this year and my bet is they would be more than competitive with any team from the BIG, the PAC 12, and yes, the SEC.
Pruitt is a dead-man walking. Hugh Freeze is the man. No fake pretenses. Honesty and integrity are for losers. Just win baby!
Does anybody in the SEC really care what Reggie has to say and if so, why? Yeah, he was a very good running back, but the guy went to USC. It's about as relevant as saying what Jim Harbaugh thinks about the outcome of the Tiger's/Gator's game. Who really cares?
Both sides should get a grip. Roughing the passer calls happen all the time and benches don't clear. Why this time?
What exactly is a former newspaper veteran anyway? Aren't you still a newspaper veteran? Let's say by chance you go back to writing for a newspaper, would you be known as a former, former newspaper veteran?
Not a Harbaugh fan but really, Paul just can't stop kicking the man when he's down. Bravo
The fact that Wisconsin, as per the Predictor still has a 47% chance to make the playoffs, tells you how much stock you should have in the Predictor's predictions.
That's not even close to what went down. But whatever gets you through the night. Still hope the Tigers beat the Aggies. Still think your team is in the wrong conference. Time to move on. Good luck.
Well then as long you went there: The BIG wouldn't have you. Then the SEC appeared. I still think the Tigers belong in the BIG. It doesn't have a thing to do me getting over me.
Mizzou is considered to be an interloper in the SEC and always will be. They belong in the BIG and I say that respectfully to all sides. Can't wait for the game.
Interesting to see how much rust the Gators have on em after the lay-off. Mizzou is an overachieving squad. Razorbacks aren't a flash in the pan. Should be a good contest. The game between the Tide & Miss St could get real ugly, real fast. Leach better have some of that quirky, good-ole-boy humor queued up.
Gimmee a break. If any team can withstand the loss of a topflight WR/return guy, it's the Tide. Talent-wise, they are by far, the most well-stocked team in the country. Now the Badgers,(a team from Wisconsin), on the other hand, are in a world of serious hurt.
Not to pile on UT or anything, but I'd be willing to bet they won't be taking cheap shots on Tide players tomorrow after the play is over. Probably won't see that game plan in action again, until they face Vandy.
Firing a coordinator during a game is a scuzz move.
Is Conner gearing up to take back what he took back, or is he holding off for now?
At this rate, if Michigan can figure out a way to not play at all, they could finish in the top 10.
National Enquirer newsworthy. Saturday Down South doesn't need it.
You could see Fickell in the SEC right soon. He'd be a great fit.
Pruitt seems honest in his game assessment. He had available what he had available. The announcers for this game were clueless. They attacked Guaratano for his interceptions, the next guy comes in, throws an interception, they praise the defense. Go figure.
UT was good at one thing anyway- cheap shotting after the tackle. Is anybody even watching?
Horn was fantastic but Harris was da man. Loved seeing him run over Smoke. What a great team win.
Even in your America, you can't force people into nursing homes. Not even in New York. Get a Grip.
He has the right to say what he wants and you have the right to disagree with him. He said what he said but really what difference did or does it make? Time to move on from this. Still some good games this weekend.
Those darn scientists say you're going to need a vaccine with at least 70% efficacy to attain herd immunity.
What you're are saying is totally and unequivocally untrue. Every single bit of it is fabricated BS.
ESPN had the FPI for Florida over the Aggies at 70.7%.
Hey darth get a clue. I don't answer for the BIG anymore than you do for the zero D SEC.
Kellen Mond is an under the radar winner. Not sold on A&M but this guy has talent & heart.