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The rubber has finally met the road for the likes of UT, Michigan, Nebraska, Arkansas, UCLA, and many other schools with proud football traditions. The really special talent has been gravitating to a smaller and smaller number of schools over the past 10 years or so and that number has shrunk even more over the past few years. The hype machine churns it out for the select few 24/7. Tune in to ESPN or listen/read national sportswriters and podcasts-they can't possibly get anymore centric-team driven than they are now. Schools like UT now get noticed when a coach gets canned, hired or something bad happens, after that it's pretty darn quiet. Sure, UT has botched it with its hiring and firing but it's a lot more than that, just look at all the schools stuck in the same, dreary place.
You need BS to get you through. Go with it. 5&5 is what it is.
You got a mediocre SEC team. Numbers don't lie with or without your made-up numbers.
Ole Miss won because of two reasons. Indiana was missing its QB and Indiana tackled like a bad JV high school team. Tackling with your eyes closed just isn't going to work if you wanna win.
I just want to see a competitive game. I do think Alabama is the better team but not nearly to the degree that many Alabama fans believe. OSU is coming into the game with a huge chip on its shoulder and the talent level on these 2 teams is pretty darn even. If Fields is healthy, this should be a good one.
The 4th down call decided the game. Get 2 yards and the game is over.
The CFP is killing Division 1 football. 4 teams chosen out of 129 teams with subjective biases as part of the process, isn't representative of the best teams. Case in point, why ND over A&M? The number of teams chosen & the methodology for choosing them, are a joke.
Good article in the AP this morning about the discrepancies that have come about in 4 & 5-star landing spots, since the CFP came about. Time to either scrap the entire thing or open it up. Make a selected number of bowl games part of the format. Say, 16 games-32 teams. Start it the week after Thanksgiving. College football is the only major college sport that has a ridiculously limited amount of teams vying for its championship. What is the logical explanation for that?
Way to stand behind the guys that took the field Coach.Time to break out the Darth Vader costume.
Dabo's just covering it in case his team loses. This way he can't lose.
Yeah, reminds me of Dabo calling out FSU. Then he turns around and his team doesn't play in its last regular-season game. How about the Ohio State calling out Michigan, after they, OSU, called off their game with Illinois.
So instead of a 56-52 game, we get a 56-50 game. Still, be fun to watch.
Until they at least get their feet wet nobody really knows how a college coach will work out in the pros, or vice versa for that matter. From the supposed world's greatest Coach of anything of all time, St. Nick, who managed to crack 400 in the pros, to Charlie Weiss, who brought a whole lot of smoke before he slinked away to Kansas. Heck, look at Harbaugh. His 49er's got within the 7-yard line twice in the last 2 minutes of Superbowl XLVII, only to lose. Now, he's about to get run out of Ann Arbor. Nobody really knows.
Notre Dame got its as handed to them and people are still justifying that they got in. Line up the same 5 to 7 teams for next year. Sorry Coastal, but if the current CFP selection process continues, your team could never qualify.
"Believe what you want to believe but Coach Harrison was our first choice all along."
I hate to be that guy, but I will. If your team gets curb-stomped during the season, you don't deserve to be included in the CFP. Selecting A&M would have been wrong but choosing ND, is laughable.
Well, you're in this deep. Why not take a swing at Luke Fickell?
If CU is in do you think Coastal and San Jose State belong in the CFP, or not?
The minute percentage of teams that have qualified out of the number of teams that have participated, tells you how sorry the CFP actually is.
Sorry but your take feeds right into what's wrong with the system. Most colleges don't have the budget to compete with the likes of Alabama or OSU. The problem is the number of teams that are allowed to make it in and the subjective criteria used to choose them.
Only 11 different teams have qualified for the CFP since its inception 7 years ago. The system is beyond flawed, it sucks. The current process is horribly unfair, grossly inadequate and it's in the process of destroying the competitive balance of upper-end Division 1 football. The BCS may have been a joke but it was far better than this despicable charade.
This could end really embarrassing. What's the upside for the Bulldogs again?
Too bad the Wolverines aren't available.
Everybody gets a juice box, a star, and a bowl invite.
Yeah, you sound pretty objective. Northwestern would be more than competitive with all but 1 SEC team. Clue up. I hate OSU but the only team on the same page with them in the SEC is Alabama. OSU would walk over Tamu.
Dan, your 2 loss team just lost to a 3-5 team. The CFP made a joke out of the entire process by only dropping you one spot. Some teams pay the price for losing, some don't. It's a sorry-as sham.