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People should be able to disagree without childish name calling. Making it petty, personal and partisan, helps nothing. 120,000 deaths and climbing is about as real as it gets and winging it, shouldn't be considered a viable option in fighting this killer. How about if we try and keep it together and start with saying civil toward each other.
OSU generated 57 million dollars last year off their football program. Yes, I think they should stand up and stand behind the players in this instance.
OSU wants their student athletes to man-up because "The Ohio State" won't. Nice!
Paul's obviously infatuated with Harbaugh. The small man complex, pick your context, is eating him alive.
After talent and mental capability, it's durability. Toughness comes someplace after those 3 in the equation.
Depending on how the flue season evolves, October can be a peak month. It differs from one year to the next. The college football season would have to run August to mid-September. Could that happen? Maybe, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
Herbie is guilty of stating his opinion but Reece isn't. Imagine that? I get it. Nobody likes bad news but the likelihood of cramming thousands of people into a petri dish, err... stadium, before a vaccine has been developed, just doesn't seem that likely.
What the NCAA did is taking place all over the world in all walks of life. Time to handle things in a proper manner passed a few weeks ago. Finebaum is such a sorry tool.
H1N1 had a mortality rate of O.02%. Conservative estimates now place the Covid-19 mortality rate right around 1%. Last year's seasonal flu had a mortality rate in the United States of 0.1%. Somewhere around 34,000 people died. As of today, even the most conservative estimates believe at a minimum, 10 million Americans will get Covid-19. Yesterday in congress, the congressional doctor, Brian Monahan, estimated that between 70 and 100 million Americans will get Covid-19.
Bummed out now? Well then, there's a good chance you'll be really bummed out this fall when & if part 2 arrives.
Right, Leach rated above Malzahn and Stoops. Drank that kool-aid right fast.
An overrated showboat. Won't win you anymore games but he's great for off the wall quotes and post game interviews. Should be fun.
Need to contact Finebaum for direction. His history in building a successful college football program is amazing.
Gee, Do you think the Gators have a ghost of a chance?
Whatever happens Tua deserves at the very least, a really huge statue.
Is anybody out there listening? Paul wanted Moorhead fired, not Matt Luke. Gees people, get a clue.
How many mea culpas does this guy get anyway? He's good at stirring the pot and then either falling on his sword or claiming he held the high ground all along. Just another flim-flam man.
Loved listening to the chairman & Kirk explain away the importance of winning in figuring placement in the Playoff Rankings. Maybe this will be the year it will carry over into the championship game and the loser will be declared National Champion because after all, winning is just part of equation.
Things are going to get real messy. Per usual a couple of teams will be left out and it looks like one, will be put in, due to some voodoo logic known as the eye test or an inane formula. Expanding the playoffs shouldn't be that big of a deal with all the weeks taken up by all the nondescript bowl games. Need to go to at least 8 teams. Eight teams out of 125 is at least somewhat more representative. Sixteen would be better.
Those 535 yards Alabama gave up last Saturday leaves them with the 16th rated defense in the nation. That's with a stregnth of schedule, depending on your favorite publication, ranging between 40 and 60. Finebaum can cheer-up though, because they are rated 4th in something, team defense in the SEC.
Don't want to overreact or anything like that but Alabama has only played one good team and they lost that game. I guess strength of schedule only matters with some teams.