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Actually, Disney/ESPN won't. My previous comment is lost somewhere in the outer rim of moderation, so forgive me for the doubleton. A mixture of FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Amazon will decide what happens. Money Talks.
Making political statements on a sports website is beyond stoopid. Sankey has also floated a 16-team playoff, along with several others. The sixteen-team format has been around for quite some time.
Notre Dame is contracted to play 5 ACC teams in football, through 2036. You are right, they are not a member of ACC in football. Still, I think if they could maintain this relationship with a successful ACC, they will. It's all about the jack and their semi-independence.
if Notre Dame can shake enough cash out of NBC, or Amazon, or anybody else for that matter, they won't join the Big 10 or the SEC. They want to be the Big Dog and they can be that in the ACC. With several up-and-coming teams, there is no reason the ACC can't compete with other leagues for the big prize. Hope they can stick it out.
Indy Star "BLOOMINGTON – The Big Ten wasn’t actively seeking expansion this summer, but when USC and UCLA approached the conference about coming on board, they were impossible to turn down." From SI "For the Big Ten, it was an easy decision. Much like Texas and Oklahoma, USC and UCLA approached the Big Ten with a message: They were planning to leave the Pac-12 and wanted to know whether the league was interested in accepting them." KU sports Nearly a year after Texas and Oklahoma shook up the college sports landscape by deciding to leave the Big 12 for the SEC, UCLA and USC have done so again. The two tradition-rich Los Angeles universities are leaving the Pac-12 for the Big Ten beginning in 2024. "Big Ten presidents and athletic directors met Wednesday to discuss the matter, according to multiple reports, after the schools approached the conference about applying for membership." CBS Sports "Big Ten university presidents voted Thursday night to accept the applications of USC and UCLA to join the conference, marking a seismic shift on the collegiate athletics landscape." Want to talk about scum? Go look in the mirror. Your timeline is a total lie. The Big Ten has approached Notre Dame numerous times over the years. There is no shame in that. The SEC on the other hand, recently got involved in chasing the Irish. You just keep The SEC/Skankey, and set this all in motion.
Read what people who worked for him and with him, have to say about him. The scum thing is juvenile at best. The Pac 12 stabbed itself as did the ACC It's known that UCLA and USC approached the BIG 10. Warren did not make the decision to let this happen, that was done by the executive board. Got to go, it's beer time.
Continually calling Warren scum says more about you than him. Those that believe this nonsense might want to read Warren's bio. As is typical, the loud mouth comes off as a fool. Time to grow up.
There was nothing signed between the Alliance Agreement teams. College football is fluid because it must be. Sankey most recently made that painfully obvious for the majority of D-1 football. Unfortunately, the ACC didn't get the memo and ended up getting swindled by the grifting nework, ESPN. Blaming Warren is nothing more than intentional ignorance.
I love the anonymous quote glorifying Sankey. My goodness, what a load. Sankey and the SEC created this mess when they poached OU and Texas. The Big 10 reacted to that move and poached the two PAC 12 teams. That doesn't mean the Big 10 doesn't shoulder any of the blame, but trying to paint this in another light is from the Alternative Facts movement. No way the world's greatest conference commissioner can clean this up. Those horses are out of the barn and they aren't about to come back. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sankey overplayed his hand and his greedy power move(s) have forever changed college football. Praising him, won't change any of that. Que the midget Darth.
Notre Dame does not want to join the Big 10, but it would have more of a say-so in that league than the SEC. I think if they tried any of that in the SEC they would grow tired of being told to shut up and sit down. Fact s are, that worm has turned and neither league needs them. Regardless of what happens, ND's inflated ego is going to take a hit.
Top 12 watched college football games 2021, USA Today/Stewart Mandel 1. Michigan vs. Ohio State 15.9 million 2. Alabama vs. Georgia (SEC Championship) 15.3 mil 3. Michigan vs. Iowa (Big Ten Championship) 11.7 mil 4. Alabama vs Auburn 10.4 mil 5. Michigan vs. Michigan State. 9.3 mil 6. Georgia vs. Clemson 8.9 mil 7. Alabama vs. Texas A&M 8.3 mil 8. Baylor vs. Oklahoma State (Big 12 Championship) 8 mil 9. Alabama vs. Florida 7.9 mil 10. Notre Dame vs. Florida State. 7.8 mil 11. Ohio State vs. Oregon. 7.7 mil 12. Auburn vs. Penn State. 7.6 mil
The SEC backed itself into this corner. This talk of an SEC playoff is because they totally over-bid & misplayed their hand. If you think an SEC-only playoff is some sort of a victory for the SEC, well then, good freaking luck.
You're still lying about what I said. You appear to be good at that. I never said any such thing. I said it was reported that it could be and the BIG decided to go about it, the way they chose to go about it. I didn't find fault with the SEC. The truth thing is always hard for weasels.
The SEC's vision of their self import is wildly out of wack with reality. Talk of them choosing to take their ball and go home is nothing more than hollow, petty bluster.
The SEC is not telling or pressuring the rest of P5 colleges to do anything. The power scheme of things is shifting. This isn't an anti-SEC rant either. The SEC is still king but it won't be much longer. Sankey by his comments and his actions is in full-blown desperate mode.
Big changes are afoot. Right about now I'm willing to bet Texas wishes it hadn't been so quick to sign with the SEC, opposite of what you think. It's got too much money, a great location, and a ton of pull. It's not just Texas though, every team will be looking out for itself,(like say A&M). Talk of an SEC-only playoff is a smokescreen.
No doubt they will but unless something weirdly wonderful happens, Illinois is gonna be a bottom-of-the-pack MAC, (Mid-American Conference), team. Hold the jokes.
Sorry Booches, a few years ago this might have been true but it isn't anymore. The middle teams of SEC and the middle teams of the BIG, just to name two, are going to go down. Money, bright lights talk. Sankey, believe it or not, sees the writing on the wall. He's trying to stop something that he is powerless to stop.
Yeah, you're right but that horse has already left the barn. This is going to be hard for some people and some conferences and will alter the landscape of college football.
Regionalizing yourself in the time of the NIL would be profoundly stoopid and that's putting it mildly.
League commissioners should have been far more involved with the implementation of NIL long before now. The NCAA is indeed lame, but placing all the blame on them at this stage is nothing more than a CYA move. Hey, Paul riddle me this, in the long run, which team will fare better if the current rules regarding NIL remain in effect, Alabama, or USC?
Upper-end D-1 football is going to turn into the Wild, wild west without some tighter NIL restrictions. Good luck with that.
Brian Kelly is an unapologetic used car salesman. He's also very bright, shifty, and disarming, but at his core, he's a winner.
First, you actually make the comparison, and then you hope it doesn't continue. Yeah, that makes sense.
Did this team choke in each of its losses or just this one? Calling out a group of young men for "choking", after this great season, is cheap. Plain and simple. It's disrespecting the effort this team took to even get here. You, my friend, are a clown.
The biggest separator is just starting to play out. NIL. It is what it is and without some sort of actual enforceable regulations,( if that's even wanted), the playing field will become even more whacked out. It's inevitable.
Agreed, but Finebaum is also infatuated/possessed with all things Harbaugh.
Good. O'Brien's style and mentality are built for the pros.