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For whatever reason McCarthy doesn't show up all the time. Last year in the semi game he came unglued and gave the ball away for 2 touchdowns. In fairness, this year, he got dinged up mid-season, and his run game since then hasn't been any type of a threat. If he's healthy and the good JJ comes to play, we've got a game.
Teams giving 2.5 points win less than 48% of the time. Alabama playing the underdog in this case, is motivational and nothing more. Michigan will have to play its absolute best to get close enough to even smell a victory, let alone win the game.
Michigan won last night but that was the worst 26-0 game I've ever seen. Yikes. Bring that O game to play the Tide and it won't be pretty.
Total kiss-up move by the committee. FSU is not good enough to be in the top 4 but they are good enough to get destroyed by the Dawgs. Here's your pay-out SEC, Sankey, and Dawgs. It's lambs to the Lions and the Committee gets sort of vindicated as the Dawgs beat up on a 3rd string QB. Classy move by the powers that be.
By its very nature, the four-team format was blatantly subjective from the beginning. Yes, there will be moaning next year from the 13th and 14th-rated teams but it won't carry the same weight. My favorite from a so-called expert last night was about the eye test. She said people in the decision room don't necessarily see things in the same way. Really?
Don't cry, Desmond. Michigan will have an injunction slapped on any Big Ten punishment handed down. Too many planted distractions this week anyway. Pen State going to win. The Vacuum Gate thing is just more nonsense thrown on the pyre. Watch Paul & ESPN run with it.
This clown will never learn. He's had a heart-on to destroy Harbaugh since Harbaugh dissed him a number of years back. It's the little man thing and Pawwyl suffers from it real bad. Looks safe now, so he hops on the pile and the thing is, he's about as reputable as Harbaugh is.
Actually, it's a great place, given his circumstance and where the Lions are QB-wise.
I always turn to Stephen A. or Finebaum to show me the way on class. They turn it on whenever it suits them. Two unbelievable hypocrites.
It doesn't really matter if we/you or I like it or not and "To the victor goes the spoils." Sportsmanship went the way of the Pet Rock a while ago and besides, Caitlin dished it out plenty.
On Friday Night Iowa was the better team and that was only by the slightest of margins. SC is a no-nonsense, lunchbucket team and they come to play every night with a physical edge. In a ten-game series with Iowa, SC would win most of the games. Got to move on, this afternoon's game is gonna be great.
Wow, "virtue signal and woke fool" in the same sentence no less. You're a bright one.
Lucky for you recess and a cookie are just ahead. P.S. Be sure and watch out for the wayward spaceship-fired lasers when you're on the playground.
You nailed it above. 16 now makes sense more than 12. It just does.
"Florida’s independent NIL collective." Gee, what could go wrong with schools having Indepent NIL collectives? Big-time college football is a flaming mess.
In the end, the BIG did a poor job of sizing Warren up for the job. Doesn't say much for those making the hiring decision. On the other hand, this was a celebration of the Dawgs and their great accomplishment. Weird time for the commish to be going after Warren.
Not trying to rain on anyone's parade but a Statue? Okay then, how about a statuette next to it of Noah Ruggles? Party on!
Talk about perversion. How does this post remain on this site? ^^^
Herbie makes his point by doing the same thing the kid did. He can say it, Saturday Down South can print what Herbie said, but I can only reference it. Got to love the hypocrisy on every level.
I think LSU would have won no matter what, but missing 4 starters, including your starting QB who threw for 3,500 yards, and your Head coach, takes the shine off this game.
Hey Matt why didn't they have Georgia play Alabama in the first round last year after they were blown out? The Dawgs already get to play, for all intents and purposes at home, and that still isn't enough for you. The Dawgs will handle Ohio and stop your incessant moaning.
They reward Ohio State, Alabama, Tennessee, and in effect, USC. Penn State, not so much. Got to love it.
Rushing the field for a victory over LSU, pretty much shows you how your program is perceived by your own university.
This information and 6 bucks will get you 2 Whoppers at Burger King.
Well, Math is hard. Especially when dealing with larger numbers. I had it in my head that the score was 33-18, but still, that doesn't make me any less wronger.