UF "80-'84

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Nooooo! Let's not settle for 2 losses, keep the run going! Go Gators, btw.
Florida pounds Ole Miss, Ole Miss convincingly beat Bama, Bama crushed Dawgs. If you believe week 4 poll #s, Fla can be in the top 10.
Butch Jones is the Matt Williams of College Football.
That chant is still relevant for Gator fans...Always thought coaches who are alums from SEC schools coaching opposing SEC teams as awkward. Muschamp (Auburn) coaching UF, Spurrier (UF) coaching SC. Has it ever worked?
...and the UT Band played the "Psycho" theme. Doesn't get lower than that game...
Given that both DL's are up against suspect OL's in this game, I get the "PUSH" reasoning...
"I really like our game plan," said Peyton Manning 4-years in a row vs Florida...