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I think he had his head so far up Butch's a$$ it cut off his oxygen, or he was one of the two people from the state who actually wanted Schiano.
I don't know if Coach Barnes will leave or stay, but I do know he has won with class, lost with class, and will be missed if he leaves.
UT is a football school that can sellout a 22,000 seat basketball arena. Some basketball schools that can't do that.
So tell us all, GATORPLAYSINSH*T, how far did Florida make it in the tournament?
Why don't you come back and trash talk when YOUR basketball team is actually worth a $HIT.
I agree. They had a heck of a season no matter what, I just wish they could have made it all the way, after all they are good enough to play with anyone. Rick Barnes is a class act, and I wouldn't trade him for anyone in the country.
Until you decide to transfer, and the fans talk about how crappy a player you turned out to be.
You are correct Clayton, I cannot disagree with that.
That was my point. This is a sports site. Besides, nobody gives a $hit about your assessment UofA outside of football.
Last time I checked SDS didn't have an academic or economic forum to post to. Also, don't act like you people from Georgia are better than everyone else. After all, I'm sure some outsiders will find Georgia equally as crappy.
Trey Smith was at practice, but will not participate this spring. Maybe Fall camp if he gets cleared. He could also red shirt this year.
I wonder how many straight up ballers have been over looked by the NFL scouts because they may be 3/4 of an inch too short or 10 pounds too light? If you can play, you can play.
UGA football is a relevant program, most people will agree, but most people will also agree some of your fans are classless turds.
I don't see he had any reason to lie about being offered the OC job. He simply feels comfortable at KY. He certainly doesn't need UGA to build any credibility, he already gas plenty. I did take a dump in GA one time, so I guess that gives me credibility.
I think we are still a year or so away. Pruitt is having to totally redo both lines and try to recruit depth, as well as, change a toxic culture left by the non coaching Botch Jones. I do think given time we will be able to hold our own.
Tennessee football is also used to being trolled by Dip $hits like you.
It would be wild if he ends up playing in the championship game against Bama.
Do you actually know what a troll is? Nowhere in this post did BamaTime troll anyone.
Maybe he will discuss how when he was in Knoxville he had to flush the toilet so people in Athens can get a drink.
Yeah, Kirby is so classy he signed Eli Wolf from Tennessee.
Tennessee, or any other school can't "poach" anyone who doesn't want to leave. It's the players choice. All you hypocrites in Georgia who thinks Kirby has class, let us know how Eli Wolf works out for you.