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And worth every penny. good luck with old Lyle.
Naw man, not angry at all. More like DISGUSTED!
Yeah, he was never going to win a championship at ND, so he went there where they pull them from their A$$ES.
If Coley was truly offensive coordinator, surely he would have been calling the plays. The bottom line is, it seems that most UT and UGA fans got what they wanted. Good luck to you and your Dawgs.
Justafan, you, I, and everybody else in the country knows they tried to keep Chaney. Everybody except UGA fans.
I read the article. Coordinator and co-coordinator are not the same thing. The co-coordinator usually does things like get coffee or wash the coordinators drawers.
I support all Vol sports. I am proud of the a$$ whopping the basketball team put on Georgia. I just think it's lame to pull that out of your a$$ when we are clearly talking about football. It comes off as desperate.
He was NOT the offensive coordinator. How can you promote a guy from OC to OC?
He had multiple 1000 plus yard backs at Auburn and Tennessee.
Dude, lets not talk basketball scores on a football thread.
It doesn't matter what they were interested in him for. He is not going to UGA.
That’s funny. He just gave a big middle finger to UGA.
Do you have a clue how SEC scheduling works?
You are correct. If the players can't execute, it really doesn't matter who's calling the plays.
Lets see how bad Sam Pittman wants to stay in Georgia.
He looked good against Bama in the first half, until that defense $hit the bed.
Well your gonna have to pay that for somebody or promote from within.
When you say "you guys" you mean Butch Jones, who is no longer here?